The Slime People

Year Of Release: 1962
Running Time: 76 Minutes
DVD Released By: Rhino Home Video
Directed By: Robert Hutton
Writing Credits: Blair Robertson, Vance Skarstedt
Filming Location: Unknown

Starring: Robert Hutton, Les Tremayne, Robert Burton, Susan Hart, William Boyce, Judee Morton, John Close

Tagline: Up from the bowels of the earth!

Alternate Titles:
I was unable to find any reference to alternate titles for this film.

Interesting Bits of Trivia:
Les Tremayne, who plays Norman Tolliver, in this film, has has a very long and varied career. His career spanned from 1948 to 1991 and included television, films, and voice acting in animated features. Les has been married twice and is still married to his current wife. He was elected to the Radio Hall of Fame in 1995.

Cast Of Characters
Tom Gregory: Tom's a pilot. He don't really look like a pilot in this screenshot but he really is a pilot. Actually, in this screenshot he looks more like a big game hunter out of an Ed Wood movie or something, but that's another story. Tom's a pretty smart guy and tough as nails. He also has a thing for the professor's daughter Lisa, which is fine because she has a thing for him too.

Professor Galbraith: He's the father of Bonnie and Lisa and a pretty smart fella to boot. He's not all that tough, but he does manage to spear a slime creature and kill it at one point. Mostly, I think he's just here so that there can be a science angle to their attempts at stopping the creatures.

Calvin Johnson: There's quite a few shots of him where he reminds me of Conan O'Brien. Anyway, he's an army guy who got trapped on the wrong side of the wall when the slime people erected it. He's pretty tough and almost reminds me of a young James T. Kirk with his gung ho attitude. He's got the hots for Bonnie, which is fine because she has a thing for him too. Are you seeing a pattern developing here?

Bonnie Galbraith: Bonnie is really cute and very sweet, but she talks about the slime people like it's some Saturday morning cartoon show. She smiles a lot at very inappropriate times and acts like a giddy little schoolgirl. Despite all this however, she manages to avoid being annoying and in fact is rather enjoyable to watch. She basically throws herself at Calvin and for once in one of these movies, he was smart enough to jump at the opportunity.

Lisa Glabraith: Lisa really doesn't have much of a part in this movie. She's more window dressing than anything else and really doesn't do a whole lot to help out. She has several line deliveries that sound totally out of place and she freaks out a lot. Her and Tom hook up 'cause I guess she has a thing for older men. I have the feeling she was only really put in this movie for that purpose. There's really no other point to her even being there.

Norman Tolliver: He's a crazy ol' coot who lives out by himself in the hills. Yep, just him and his goat. He's actually a writer and according to Tom, a real pain in the butt. I guess none of that really matters though since he wasn't in the movie all that long and he ends up getting slimed so to speak. If he looks familiar to you, read on. I talk about who he is and where you might have seen him before in the What The Hell??? section. I'm kinda surprised he had such a small part in this movie. They probably should have given him the professor's part.

The Plot

A race of reptilian looking slime people emerges from the underground to attack Los Angeles. They use a machine to erect an impenetrable wall of slime around the city, forcing the citizens of Los Angeles to flee or die. A pilot manages to make it through the wall near sea level and meets up with a scientist and his two daughters who were also trapped when the wall solidified. Can they find a way to bring down the wall and stop the slime people's evil plans before it's too late? Will Lisa ever deliver a line without freaking out or making it sound out of place? Will Bonnie ever stop smiling? Let's read on and see...

What The Hell???
1. Oh man, now that's way unusual. The first thing we see in the movie is one of the slime people coming up from an underground elevator and another coming up above ground through a manhole. Now that's just bizarre. Most movies make you wait until at least half way through before you get a good look at the creatures. These creatures are pretty cool lookin' by the way. After we see those two emerge, we see a bunch of footprints on the beach leading up to a guy laying there dead with a spear through him. Not sure what that's about but then we get to watch the opening credits with a catchy Pink Panther cartoon type tune playing in the background.
2. Man, this movie must have a high budget. Right after the opening credits, we see a guy flying a Cessna type plane through heavy turbulence. I say it must be high budget because unlike what they had in the movie Plan 9 From Outer Space, this guy actually has a proper steering wheel in the plane. Anyway, he lands the plane, and as he gets out he ends up with some kind of snot on his hand. Not sure how that got on the wing support of his plane, but I'm sure we'll find that out soon enough.
3. The guy starts walking around looking for someone to check his plane in with. He can't find anyone around at all. There's just no one there. Finally Professor Galbraith and his two daughters, Lisa and Bonnie, come driving up. They introduce themselves and persuade the pilot, Tom Gregory, to accompany them back to their lab. Now this isn't the first movie I've seen this in. I'm detecting some kind of a pattern here. This movie and Reptilicus, both had an older scientist with two hot daughters. I just realized something else too. I really need to get to know some old scientists.
4. The sound on this movie sucks by the way which is another pattern I'm seeing developing here. These DVD releases from Rhino have crappy sound. You'd think a company known for releasing music cd's and such would be able to master the sound properly, clean it up, and give it a decent level. I've got my speakers cranked way up just to hear it properly which also introduces quite a bit of unwanted hiss.

5. So Tom gets in the car with the professor and his two hot daughters and they all head back to the laboratory. Along the way, Bonnie starts telling him what happened while he was up in the air. I'm not sure why, but she looks all happy and excited about it. She tells him how the slime people came, and the whole army came to fight them, but they lost, and then how the slime people built this big wall, but before it could harden, the whole city of Los Angeles was evacuated. They got stuck inside the wall the slime people put up because they were at some cabin and didn't get out in time before the wall hardened. Yeah, that's plausible. So let's recap. The army tries to fight living bipedal creatures, and with all the weapons at our disposal, we couldn't stop them. Then they built this massive wall all the way around the city of Los Angeles and the only people to get left behind was the professor and his two hot daughters. Then we're supposed to believe that all this happened while Tom was flying his Cessna and he not only didn't hear anything about it on the radio, but he didn't run out of gas in that massive amount of time that all this would have had to have taken place in. Hell, he didn't even have to go to the bathroom in all that time. Now don't get me wrong here, I love goofball movies as much as anyone, but at least make it a little plausible.

6. Oh man, the professor's daughter Bonnie has this wild look on her face while she tells all this. She reminds me so much of Anya from the movie Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things.
7. While traveling to the lab, they pass a car with two dead people. Tom starts believing what's happened now and he comes up with the idea to go to the TV station to see if they can find some footage of the slime people. The professor and his daughters have never seen them. You see, Tom had this idea because he just happens to be a TV announcer. Sports mostly. It was also explained how Tom got the snot on the wing of his plane. Apparently, he flew through the dome of slime that the slime people have put over the city. Funny how he flew through that and not only didn't notice it, but it didn't gunk up his motor and cause his plane to crash. It should have slimed his air intake on his engine and caused the motor to stall out. I wonder who wrote this movie?

8. They get to the TV station and find a film reel of all the footage of the news reports of the slime people. Tom sets it up on the projector and they have a look. At one point there's this scientist giving this big theory about where they came from and he's describing them and what not. Now this guy was awesome. He was staring straight ahead and was doing the most obvious reading of his lines that I've seen since I saw the police captain read his lines off his hand in the movie Blood Feast. Actually, there were a lot of people reading their lines off of various things in that movie. You really gotta see it, it was way cool. Anyway, back to this movie. This movie is so implausible that I'm starting to think the same guy wrote it that wrote the movie Robot Monster. Woo hoo!!! I just realized that I've managed to plug three of my other reviews already without even really meaning to. Am I talented or what?

9. The slime people have created this fog around the city. This news reporter is reporting from in the fog and manages to say the word "fog" at least ten times during his report. Then he notices that a guy is standing there in the fog like a deformed statue and realizes that the fog is hardening. He starts trying to get the people around him out of the fog without really trying to get away himself. Man, if it was me and I just saw that, the sonic boom coming off my butt as I got the hell out of Dodge would have blown that misty, snot laden fog right into oblivion. Hey, I just realized something. This is Los Angeles after all. Maybe it's not slime people fog at all. Maybe it's just really thick smog! Well it might as well be anyway, since that theory is about as plausible as anything else I've seen in this movie.
10. Now the reporter guy is talking to some colonel who's saying that the wall has hardened and the army is trapped on the other side of the wall. He doesn't seem overly concerned about it though. In fact, he's talking like FM Bob over here. Now if I just got cut off from my army and any source of help, I sure as hell wouldn't be that calm. In fact, that reporter would have my footprints all over his forehead from me climbing over him to get the hell out of there.
11. Film reel is over now, and just as Tom goes to change to reel two, some bum, pops up from the seats down by the screen and throws something at them. Naturally since he's a bum he also has to be an alcoholic. It's ok though because Tom runs down and beats the snot out of him. He's got a buddy there, but he doesn't want any part of Tom. Finally the professor realizes that they're about to reach the dew point and that the slime people will be coming back soon. They run out of the theater and head towards one of the studios. As they're running, one of the slime people emerges from an underground elevator. Then suddenly two more appear and start chasing them. They run into the studio and meet Calvin Johnson who's standing there with a rifle. The slime people are hot on their heels, so they bust through a couple doors and then run into this one studio. As they try to close the door, a slime person appears in it. Now this is hilarious, because the professor grabs a fire extinguisher and shoots it to drive it back out of the doorway so they can shut the door. What's funny about that is the way he shoots it. Now if it was me, I'd have emptied the thing right in the creatures face, but the professor just sort of gives it a light refreshing spritz up and down it's body. Oddly enough that seemed to do the trick as the creature backed out of the doorway and they got the door closed. Apparently these creatures just create this snotty fog by there meer presence, as it suddenly appeared at the very same time the slime person appeared in the doorway. Oddly enough though, it didn't appear around the slime people outside. So basically that makes very little sense but it isn't the least bit surprising considering how incoherent the rest of this movie has been so far.
12. They rush to another door now and with a few gentle sprtizes from the fire extinguisher and a push from Tom, they manage to push the creature out and get the door shut. Now excuse me if I'm missing something here, but aren't these the same creatures that somehow managed to defeat the US Army and drive out or kill the entire population of Los Angeles?
13. The door they just shut has a big sign on it that says, "This door to be closed during audience participation." Now in my book that means that that door should have been shut throughout the entire length of this movie, 'cause you know that everyone watching it is ripping the hell out of it and having a good ol' time.
14. They're in a TV studio now on the set of some show. Tom tries to warn the two bums in the theater about the slime people through the studio intercom system. The drunken bum ignores the warning and soon him and his buddy are killed by one of the slime people. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Some people just can't take good advice.

15. They decide to get the cameras going and make a plea for help hoping that anyone on the outside of the wall would be able to help them. The power starts fluctuating though after they make their call for help and they have to shut down the equipment. They shut down the power to low levels to conserve electricity. I'm not sure why that is since there's no reason for the electricity to be fluctuating like that. It's either on or it's off. Running the cameras and having the studio lights on shouldn't have made it wig out like that.

16. Anyway, it's decided they'll settle in for the night there in the studio and Calvin takes first watch. Naturally, since he's young and good looking, Bonnie has to sneak out and sit with him for a while. Now how many times and in how many different movies have we seen that exact same scenario? Anyway, she's like totally coming on to him and he actually gets the hint and asks her if she had a boyfriend before all this happened. She says no and he actually takes her hand. After talking for a while, he actually kisses her and they basically decide they're gonna hook up and be together after all this slime people business is over with. Now how come stuff like this never happened to me? I REALLY need to get to know some old scientists with hot daughters.
17. Morning comes and Tom walks into the studio where the rest of the crew are crashed out. Tom wakes up the professor and tells him that there's no sign of the slime people. The professor asks him if it's cooler than it was yesterday and he says yes. Apparently the slime people are trying to get the whole city down to one constant dew point so they can make their snot fog all over the place.
18. The professor gives a shopping list to Calvin of stuff to get at the local surplus store. Naturally Bonnie volunteers to go with him. They're going to try to get the stuff together to attempt to break through the slime people's wall. When the professor hands the list to Bonnie, she asks him if they'll be able to get it all in one car. Tom pipes in and says that it's ok because they have his car out in the garage that they can use too. OH MAN, SOMEBODY MAKE IT STOP PLEASE!!!! Just exactly where the hell did Tom's car come from all of a sudden??? Didn't he fly into Los Angeles??? Didn't he grab a ride from the airport to the TV studio with the professor??? Just how the hell did his car get there???
19. The professor, Tom, and Lisa all head back to the professor's house. Tom and the professor sit at the table in the kitchen discussing the slime people's dome and the nature of it. The professor walks out to his lab for a minute, and Lisa's on a step stool trying to grab something off the shelf. So what does Tom do? He hits on her!!! Successfully too I might add. They end up kissing just as the professor walks back in the kitchen. He smiles and looks away, but they finally break their lip lock and realize he's standing there. I got one serious question about this. Tom looks old enough to be Lisa's father, and the professor looks old enough to be her grandfather. So I guess this is one of those May-December romance things. This movie is so bizarre, I'm starting to wonder if it's all just a dream like it was in Robot Man.
20. Driving back, they almost run into Calvin and Bonnie coming back up towards the house. They couldn't get all the stuff they wanted because they ran into gangs of looters that were getting too close so they had to get out of there. This chance meeting happens right in front of the house of Norman Tolliver. A guy who's a writer and a troublemaker and who just happens to know Tom for whatever reason. Tom can't stand him and I think the feeling is kinda mutual since the first thing he does is rip on Tom's car. Now I knew I recognized this guy. His name is Les Tremayne. He also starred in The Angry Red Planet which I just reviewed recently. Yes folks, I'm going for a record here seeing how many of my other reviews I can plug before I get to the end of this movie. Anyway, while he's ripping on Tom's car, he's holding a goat. Now I don't know how much leverage anyone holding a goat has to be ripping on anyone. Turns out he hasn't seen any slime people, and he doesn't believe what's going on. He's like totally nuts. They convince him to come along with them because they want to protect him, but he says he wants to go so he can write a book about all the lunacy that's going on. He's a lot more interesting in this movie than he was in the other one.
21. The group makes their way to the slime people wall and prepare to try to penetrate it. Tom and the professor go into the fog while the rest stay behind holding a rope that's attached to Tom. Bonnie is watching the dew point on a meter that the professor gave her. After watching Tom and the professor walk past the same tree twice, we find out the slime people are after them. Calvin, Bonnie and Lisa go running into the fog after them because they think something's wrong. They follow the rope that's attached to Tom and eventually find them. While they're all standing there, Bonnie walks over to have a look at the wall and spots a slime person. All of a sudden, a whole lot of slime people start chasing them. They follow the rope back to where Tolliver was holding it and pile into the cars to make their getaway. Tolliver wants to be dropped off at this beach comber's house so he can start working on his book. While they're there, the slime people attack and Tolliver finally believes in what's going on. Some people just need to be beat over the head with stuff before they get it don't they?
22. While they're making their getaway, they run out of gas, so they pull up in front of a butcher shop where they plan to take refuge. Right after they go in, slime people start busting in through the skylight and Tolliver bites it. The rest of them take refuge in the freezer. I'm wondering at this point if that was a real smart thing to do. I mean, where are you gonna go from there?
23. After a bit of discussion in the meat freezer, they realize that Tom made it through the slime people's dome because it loses it's coherence in salt. So basically, he went through the dome low over the salt water where the salty mists from the sea disintegrated the dome. So basically what we're talking about here is the putting salt on snails thing. You know, with what I've seen in this movie so far, that concept really doesn't surprise me. I don't think anything could actually surprise me at this point.
24. While Tom, the professor, and Lisa are working on something in the freezer, Calvin and Bonnie go out to find a vehicle. Bonnie is grabbed by one of the slime people and taken away. Calvin manages to make it back to the shop, but there's no sign of Bonnie. The slime people kidnapped her. Now for about the billionth time, I'm going to explain why something in this movie doesn't make sense. Why would they kidnap Bonnie, when all they've been trying to do through the whole movie is to kill everyone they've come in contact with? I mean come on, a second grader with a crayon could have written a script that was more coherent than this.
25. Man, Bonnie's putting up one hell of a fight. She's kicking and screaming and scratching and clawing, but the slime person just keeps dragging her along. At least we get to see what Calvin's in for if he ever get's her back and they get married some day.
26. After some tracking and an encounter with a slime person in which they finally managed to kill one with a spear, Tom and Calvin finally track down the cave where they live and probably took Bonnie. Calvin climbs up in a nearby tree and Tom hides behind some rocks. After Calvin fires a couple shots to lure them out, they wait for the slime people to wander off and then enter the cave. Actually, it doesn't look like a cave. It looks more like a really big sewer pipe. Once they get inside, they finally find Bonnie. Calvin takes her out of the cave just as Tom is attacked by one of the slime people. After a goofy looking fight, he managed to stab it in the neck with it's own spear and kills it. Just as a side note here, the slime people make a sound that makes me think of what indigestion would sound like if you listened to it through a stethoscope.
27. Now back at the butcher shop, Tom is talking about how he saw the machine the slime people are using to make the wall. First of all, I didn't see any machine in that cave. I don't know what kinda funny mushrooms Tom's been eating but he's obviously seeing things. Secondly, the professor asks him what kind of machine it was, it there were any dials or anything. Now why the hell would some primitive screw heads like the slime people have a machine to start with, and why would the professor even think that it would have dials and levers and stuff. Man this is stupid.
28. So they go out to the wall with two buckets of salt solution and start rubbing down the wall with it. They only make a small dent, so Tom decides to go attack the machine directly. While he's gone, the rest of them are attacked by a slime person. Calvin fights it off, and even at one point manages to get it's spear away from it at which time he manages to pull off a really nifty Captain Kirk pole vault dropkick move. He eventually sends it rolling off down a hill. I think Captain Kirk would have done a far better job in this situation though.
29. Tom and Calvin managed to fight off the slime people, and even the professor managed to kill one. Now my big question here is, if they can be fought off that easily, why the heck don't bullets have any effect on them? Anyway, the professor manages to blow up the machine that's making the wall by throwing a spear into it. The wall disappears and the creatures all die in the fresh air. Suddenly the military is all over the place now that the wall is down, and the colonel from the film reel shows up and takes the professor off to brief the general on everything that happened. The rest of our heroes head off on their merry way probably on some kind of a double date. I would hope though that that date would happen after a nice long hot shower, 'cause Tom and Calvin were filthy and probably smelled like fish or something after fighting off all those slime people. Ok the movie's over now. You when your headache clears up you can go ahead and read the rest of the review.

Best Quote

"Gee whiz. You know, as long as you're sittin' here, I don't even wanna think about slime people."


- Calvin to Bonnie after they get done hooking up while he's on watch at the TV studio. - (Reviewer's Note: Why Calvin, you romantic devil you. I do have to give Calvin credit for one thing. He's one of the only guys I've ever seen in a position like this in one of these movies who actually got the hint and took advantage of it while he had the chance.)

Video Clip
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The Slime People
The slime people emerge from below a TV studio. Don't ask me what they were doing down there. I still have a headache from watching this movie.

The Conclusion

I've watched this thing now and I'm really not to sure how I feel about it. The acting wasn't bad and the monsters looked great, but the plot is what's got me confused. After reading through the rest of this review, you probably understand what I'm talking about.

There were a myriad of things in this movie that just didn't make any sense. At least at the end of Robot Monster, the kid woke up and it was all a dream. No one woke up at the end of this movie. Basically the movie as a whole was an enjoyable experience, but there were a bunch of places where I just kinda threw up my hands and said, "Where the hell did that come from?" One really good example of that was the thing with Tom's car being in the garage at the TV studio.

The part that has me confused about what kind of a rating to give this movie is that despite ripping I did on in the above text, I actually enjoyed this movie. Despite all it's little quirks and all the things that didn't make sense, the movie as a whole had a flowing plot and characters that you actually cared about. One thing that I particularly enjoyed were the monsters themselves. Usually in one of these movies, you see the monster(s) for about five minutes total around the end of the film and maybe once or twice before that you'll get a night shot of them or some out of focus or reaching in from the side shot. The very first scene of this movie showed you the monster and you get to see them quite often throughout the film.

There's one thing I'm going to warn you about right here and now though. The DVD of this film does have some sound problems. When I went to do the video capture for this review, I captured the scene I wanted, but as soon as the scene changed, all the voices were gone. The ambient sounds were there, like footsteps and what not, but the voices were completely gone. While reading through reader reviews on Amazon, I read that one other person had this problem as well. The odd thing is, that the sound worked just fine in my PC's DVD player. I'm thinking it must be some kind of a DVD player specific thing or some kind of an audio setting in the DVD player. I'm not sure at this point, but I'm letting you know before hand that this problem does exist for whatever reason.

This is a classic b-monster film that was quite well done despite some scripting problems and the occasional out of place sounding line delivery by Lisa.  It's a film that's best watched with friends though, as it will provide you plenty of material to have a good laugh with your buddies.

Like I said, I'm really undecided about a rating, but right now I'm feeling like the combination of the cool monsters and the general entertainment value of the film as a whole makes it good enough to get...

B-Movie Central's Rating: 3½ Bees

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