Doctor Gore

Year Of Production: 1973
Running Time: 83 Minutes
DVD Released By: Something Weird Video
Directed By: J.G. Patterson Jr.
Writing Credits: J.G. Patterson Jr.
Filming Location: Charlotte, North Carolina, Various locations in Kentucky

Starring: J.G. Patterson Jr., Jenny Driggers, Roy Mehaffey, Linda Faile, Jan Benfield, Jeannine Aber, Candy Furr

Tagline 1: Welcome to the body shop!

Tagline 2: A love story...ending with blood and guts!

Tagline 3: The doctor is out...of his mind!

Alternate Titles:
The Body Shop
Shrieks in the Night (USA: video title)

Interesting Bits of Trivia:
J.G. Patterson Jr., aside from being a talented magician, also had other talents. He wore a lot of hats during the making of this film as he was not only the writer, but he produced it, directed it, and did the make-up and special effects for it as well. He was sometimes credited under the names of Don Brandon and Pat Patterson. J.G. Patterson Jr. died in 1974.

Cast Of Characters
Dr. Brandon: This is none other than Doctor Gore himself. His wife who was a pin-up model died and so he decided to piece himself together a new wife. A wife made of the perfect parts of several other women. Aside from being totally nuts, this guy's ok. He's pretty good to his lab assistant Greg, at least until the end when he kills him in a fit of jealous rage. There is one good thing to say about him though. He does this really sweet hypnotic googly-eye thing on the ladies that would make Fuad Ramses proud.

Greg: Sorry about the aspect ratio on this one, but I just had to get the whole head in and it was an extreme close up. This is Greg. He's the doctor's lab assistant. He's also a hunchback and a mute who can only seem to manage grunts and weird noises. He likes booze, cheap cigars, and long romantic walks on the beach. And for all you lovely ladies out there...he's available this Saturday night.

Anitra: She's the bride that the doctor pieced together from several other women. He wiped her mind completely clean using a hypnotic technique that looked more like he was trying to wave flies away from her head than anything else. She's a sweet, simple girl who ends up becoming a total slut because of what the doctor taught her about how men and women interact. See, she was never supposed to see another guy. So when she started seeing them, she just did what he taught her to do. She was a pretty girl, but not as pretty as one of the girls he killed. He should have kept that one and just did the googly-eye thing on her to keep her in line.

The Plot

A famous doctor's pin-up model wife dies tragically. The doctor, failing in his efforts to resurrect her, strives to create himself a new bride by combining the perfect body parts taken from various other women. He along with his hunchback assistant Greg, start abducting women and murdering them in order to harvest their perfect body parts. Once the doctor's perfect woman is completed, the doctor finds that he may have ended up with more than he bargained for...

What The Hell???
1. I'll start this out by saying that I just love watching the opening trailer mix segment on these Something Weird Video DVD's. No matter how many times I see it, I can't pull myself away from it. I have to watch the whole thing before I get to the movie. Something Weird Video DVD releases rarely disappoint. With that said, let's get on with the show.

2. First we get some bizarre music with the opening credits. This isn't unusual for this type of movie, but what is unusual is how the starring actor is credited. For some reason, J.G. Patterson Jr. who wrote, directed, and starred in this movie, took the stage name of Don Brandon and credited himself as being "America's No. 1 Magician". I'm not really sure what that's about, but I'm sure someday when I get around to watching this movie with the commentary track, it'll make more sense. These credits are just slates with text on them that are being held in front of the camera. Very cheesy looking.

3. The movie opens with some ducks in the pond in a park. There's something sticking up in the camera lens from the bottom but that disappears after the first couple of cuts. A man sits down on a bench next to the water and sets his radio down on the bench beside him. Ad he's throwing bread to the ducks, a voice comes over the radio. The newscaster is reading a story about a car crash which happened earlier that day, which took the life Anitra Brandon, wife of the famous plastic surgeon and scientist, Don Brandon. She was a beautiful pin-up model and the darling of the social scene. But she's gone now, so I guess they'll just have to have their parties without her. At least, I think they will. This is one of those kinds of movies where they might just end up digging her up, plopping her down on the sofa right in the middle of the party, sticking a drink in her hand, and then they'll all have a good laugh about how clever they all are and how nice she looks. Tell you something right now. I've seen enough of these movies that if that did happen, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. I don't think it will though, so let's get on with the movie.

4. We go to the cemetery now where her funeral is taking place. Everyone looks all sad and...uh...even the woman with the chicken hat looks sad. There's this fat woman there who has on a really stupid looking chicken feather hat on. Anyway, Don is there standing next to his wife's casket. We hear him thinking his goodbye to his wife and pledging that it won't be for eternity. Gee, right about now I'm wishing something goofy would happen. Aren't you?

5. It's nighttime now and the good doctor's assistant Greg, just helped the doctor dig up his head wife. Greg is a short, creepy lookin', balding, hunchbacked little freak with a red 'fro and a beard. His hunch makes his shirt ride up and I know that at any moment I'm gonna get to see his butt crack. He also likes smoking cigars apparently. So the doctor and Greg take his dead wife into his lab where he lays her out on a slab and prepares to do something to her, but I'm not sure what yet. HAHAHAHAH!!! What the hell??? Greg is helping the doctor put on his lab smock, but he can't quite do up the buttons so he has the doctor do it himself. Then the doctor helps Greg get his lab coat on and the way it rides up over his hunch is just hilarious. Greg doesn't say anything either by the way, he just makes a lot of weird noises. For instance, when the doctor helps him gets his coat on he makes happy noises. The doctor's all, "You have your little problems don't you?" Now, excuse me for just a sec...HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Man, that was funny, and definitely a candidate for video clip and best quote. I'll have to keep that in mind. Anyway, for some reason they showed a rabbit on the floor during this whole scene. I wonder what the hell that has to do with anything?

6. The doctor opens up the wrapping on the body and he's like, "Beautiful specimen, so healthy." Um...dude? SHES DEAD!!! What the hell are you talking about, healthy??? She's dead!!! Well apparently they figured that out because in the next scene, they're wrapping her in aluminum foil. What the hell are they gonna do? Stick her in the fridge now and save her for sandwiches later? This is funny. I've never seen anyone wrapped in aluminum foil before. Oh...wait, what the hell??? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! He's duct taping the aluminum foil down to the table! Oh my god this is hilarious! This movie is just brilliant. If it keeps up like this, it's gettin' five bees all the way.

8. So they turn on all the equipment and after a long, goofy and very psychedelic sequence of bizarre camera shots where we get to see plenty of Greg, the body actually twitches several times. Well it kinda twitched. Actually, it looked more like someone hit it with the ol' heart paddles. You know how the body jumps when you do that? Well that's what it looked like. Anyway, I guess the body's finally done cookin', 'cause it's smoking now and it just lit on fire. I guess maybe they will be using it for sandwiches later after all. Anyway, the doctor doesn't seem too awful concerned by any of this. He just lights up a cigarette and tells Gregory to clean up the mess. So Greg goes over and picks up the body. He carries it over to this stone coffin lookin' thing that turns out to be full of acid, and just drops it on in. Now this my friends is what's called foreshadowing. Greg throwing the body in this stone coffin full of acid is a plot device which foreshadows the fact that at some point later on in the picture, the same thing will probably happen to either one or both of them. I only really mention this because my friend seems to think that I don't know what foreshadowing is. Let me pause here for a moment to give you a little back story on that one. He and I got into a pretty heated, albeit friendly argument about a god awful movie called Q: The Winged Serpent. It's is the kind of a movie that you would torture someone with. Like, you'd tie them in a chair and prop their eyelids open and make them watch it until they gave you all of their most secret information just to make it stop. Anyway, he insists that that insanely stupid film is just chock full of foreshadowing. I think he's full of crap personally, but then again I disagree with him a lot on movies, so that's no big surprise. So anyway, that's the story. I'm sure you'd like to get back to the movie now as much as I would.

9. The doctor sits down at his desk now and starts agitatedly looking through one of his books. He opens up this piano shaped music box that's sitting in front of him and it starts playing the same tune that was playing during the opening credits. I swear I've heard this tune before. I think it was in Carnival of Blood. It's one of those tunes that just burns itself into your head and sticks there like a booger on a finger. He starts stroking the flower he got at his wife's funeral and mumbling about how they'll be together again.
10. It's the next night now, and Greg is sleeping on the floor in the lab. The doctor comes in and tags him with his foot a few times to wake him up. He tells Greg that it's time to get up and then tells him that it's a very big night for them; the one that they've worked for. Greg's got a terminal case of pillow head and looks like he's not even sure what world he's in. My wife looks that way when she wakes up too. Thank god for coffee huh? So now that Greg's up and semi-coherent, there's a knocking sound like someone banging on one of those big metal door knockers. The doctor's all, "Get that, it might be the door." Gee, really? The door? Ya think? So then there's a pause and then he says in just the greatest voice, "And put your coat they don't knoooooow you're a hunchback." No that's not a typo. He actually said it like that. That's probably the funniest line with the best line delivery that I've ever heard in a movie.
11. So Greg comes walking back in making his happy little "Greg" noises and there's two delivery guys following him. They're carrying a big chest like it's got something really heavy in it. After they set it down and the one delivery guy gives the doctor a clipboard so he can sign for the chest, he says, "Whatcha got in there doc? A body?" and the doctor's all, "Ha ha ha ha... You might say that." Again...foreshadowing. There is a body in the trunk, and that's why they had that little interaction they did between the doctor and the delivery guy. To foreshadow the probability that there's really a body in the trunk. So the delivery guys leave and Greg and the doctor bust open the trunk, which is sealed up with duct tape by the way. Man, they sure got a lot of use out of duct tape in this movie. Anyway, there is a body in the trunk! It's a beautiful young girl that is bound at the wrists with what looks like masking tape over her mouth. Her eyes are wide open in an expression of shock and horror and there's blood on her front. Yes my friends, she is quite dead. Unfortunately, she's also quite stiff. The doctor and Greg pull her out and she stays all curled up in the same position she was in when she was in the trunk. They put her on the table and start straightening her out so she's laying flat. Creepy music and crunching sound effects abound as they do this, but they finally get her straightened out and covered up with a blanket. Just as they do though, she suddenly jerks upright into a sitting position. Greg totally freaks out and in a hugely comical moment, he leaps up onto one of the pieces of lab equipment and holds on for dear life. I don't blame him. I'd probably be pretty damn freaked out by that too. Especially after seeing the look in that girls eyes when they opened the trunk. Very creepy indeed... Anyway, the doctor tells Greg to get down and quit clowning and that it's just the body muscles tightening up. The doctor cuts the girl's dress straps off so that we get to see her black lacey bra. We also get to see her breathing under her slashed throat makeup. She does a good job keeping that look in her eyes though and keeping her eyes still.

12. Now we cut to the next scene. The doctor is standing behind Greg, and he suddenly reaches up his hand and plants it squarely on Greg's hump. Makes me cringe just thinking about how that feels. Is it soft? Squishy? Hard? Bumpy? Oh man, ick! Anyway, he says to Greg, "You want to be normal, like other people, don't you Greg?" I'm not going to get into the whole dialogue here, but basically he cuts a deal with Greg. He offers to make Greg normal again, if Greg will help him with his experiments so that he can have a mate. He not only offers to make Greg normal again, but also says that he can have a mate too. Greg's happier than a monkey with a banana over this whole proposition, and eagerly agrees.

13. Apparently the doctor is not satisfied with dead bodies anymore. He's with some chick on the beach now and they're making out and gettin' it on and the whole nine yards. Oh, now they're running along the beach like a couple of teenagers on their way for a swim. Well, they were going for a swim, but I guess the doctor had other ideas. He just drowned her. At least he was smart enough to get some pookie out of her before he killed her. It's a little more sick when you do it after.

14. They got the drowned girl back in the lab now. Her face is covered with a towel and they're rolling her over on her belly. This girl's got big legs. At least she did have. He just cut them off with a hacksaw. That was goofy lookin too because the fake skin got hooked up on the hacksaw blade. Anyway, they get her all cut up and the doctor sends Greg to dump the leftover parts in the acid vat. Poor Greg, always gettin' bossed around.

15. So they got the arms and legs cut off this girl now and her torso and head are laying on the table in a bloody heap. Oddly enough, a bloody towel is covering her butt. Could it be to cover up where she's going through the table? The effects here are really nice and they did a great job making it look realistic. Ewwww... There's a really quick scene of him moving the meat on the girls shoulder and you see it sliding back down. Basically it was a meat adjustment shot that probably shouldn't have been in there in the first place. When the meat is pushed up, you can clearly see her arm going through a hole in the table. The overall effects in this shot though are really nice and pretty sickening. So they cut off the arms and the legs and the doctor says, "Now Greg...we have the perfect torso." And in all seriousness, they had to cut off at least the legs, 'cause this girl had a lot of junk in the trunk.

16. So now they head out to find the next parts for his perfect mate. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! They're driving along and Greg is hangin' out the window of the car like a dog. They end up at this steak house called The Drawbridge. They got a live country band playing a very 70's sounding country song. I wonder who this guy knew that he got to sing a whole song in this movie? Now there's a magic act goin' on, and we cut to probably one of the absolute cheesiest conversation scenes between two people that I've ever seen. Not only is the acting horrible but they cut back and forth to each one with a face shot each time they say something, and they're looking right into the camera. It's a young couple. She wants to dance, and he'd rather just sit there and talk. Right after he says that, he gets up and says, "Excuse me, I'll be right back." Um...duh. Anyway, the doctor is sitting at a nearby table. She looks over at him and he gives her the ol' hypno-eyes routine. Once she's in a trance, he wanders over to her table, whispers something to her, and then walks out of the restaurant. When her boyfriend comes back, she says she's leaving and shoves his plate of spaghetti in his face. She comes out and they leave together in the car with Greg driving.

17. Back at her place, the doctor is standing with her outside her door. They hug and he jabs her with a syringe of god knows what. I sure hope he sterilized that needle. Wouldn't want his new Frankenstein woman coming down with hepatitis or something like that now would we? So Greg grabs her and carries her back to the car, and in the next scene we find her strapped down to his lab table with a blanket over her. She's still unconscious and he's telling her how beautiful she is and how perfect her hands are and how she'll make a wonderful addition to their collection. He's taking her stockings off now. I don't know why he's doing that when all he really wanted was her hands. Ok, he just cut off one hand and she just woke up and saw it. She started screaming and he ran over and stabbed her with a scalpel and killed her. Now she passed out again right away when he stabbed her which doesn't make sense, but what makes even less sense is the fact that her arm with the severed hand off of it wasn't squirting blood all over the place if she was still alive. Anyway, for those that are keeping score, that's Doctor Gore - 2, Helpless Women - 0.

18. In the next scene, we see two super cute girls. One is in a schoolgirl outfit and the other is in a really cute mini-dress. The one in the mini-dress is working in a photographic studio and goes inside while the other one walks on to wherever she's going. He does the googly hypno-eyes on her and then we cut to the next scene where she's strapped down onto his lab table. Her mouth is taped but she's still awake and freakin out. The doctor pulls the blanket back to expose her arm, which is covered in really fake looking blood bladder makeup. He grabs it and cuts into it with his scalpel. The arm is removed and Greg takes it over to the fridge and shoves it in. they remove the other one and stick it in the fridge as well. The make up on the girl where her arms were supposedly severed is really fake looking. Now we're going in rapid mode. and we see him pulling the eyeballs out of another chick. So what's he still need now. I think he just needs some legs and he'll be all set. Unless he pulled the legs off the one he took the hands from. I'm finding myself pondering a question at this point. If he can hypnotize these girls so easily, then why the hell didn't he just do that and score a really nice one rather than going through all this trouble?
19. So it looks like all the prep work is done now, and they're starting to assemble the new body. They're starting with the left leg, which Greg takes for freakin' ever to bring over to the table for some reason. I just realized something else. This whole thing would be so much easier if girls were just made out of Legos.
20. The assembly continues. Next it's the arms, then the head. He's not even really doing anything except sewing them together, which doesn't really make much sense since the parts all came from different women and they were all different sized women and they wouldn't fit together right anyway. I just noticed something else too. These body parts look awful fresh for not only having been dead for ages, but also having been in the fridge for so long. Anyway, the body is assembled now. That's our cue to cut to the next scene.

21. In the next scene, we find gregory sweeping up the lab. We also see the bunny on the floor again. I'm still trying to figure out what that's all about. Especially since that bunny is in the same place as the last time we saw him. Greg opens up the body part fridge, pulls out a bottle of booze and downs a big swig off it. We then cut to the doctor coming home. He yells at Greg to bring him a drink, which Greg does with his usual weird sounds that he makes. Then there's a knock at the door. Greg goes to answer it and then calls the doctor over. The doctor comes over. Turns out it's the local hick sheriff. There's a string of dialogue here that's just too funny for words...

Sheriff: "What's goin' on in here? I got a report that some strange things are happenin' around here. You're not makin' any shine are ya?"
Doctor: "Uh...noooooo."
Sheriff: "Well, you're not doin' anything illegal are ya?
Doctor: "No. I'm a doctor.
Sheriff: "Well I hope I didn't bother ya then."

Oh my god that was hilarious. The scenes were shot totally separately and just cut together.

22. The doctor walks downstairs to the lab now and starts cutting some of the bandages off of his creation. That creepy little tune is playing in the background while he does it. He's checking the flexibility of the foot and examining the stitches on the leg now where it attaches to the body. Greg is sweeping up something broken off the floor too. Not sure what that is. Oh cool, they're juicin' up the ol' electrical equipment again. More zapping and buzzing and psychedelic shots of Greg. The body's twitchin' now. And this time the equipment didn't fail! They open up the chamber and remove all the electrodes. I don't know why, but the legs look excessively thick. He's checking the body for signs of life now, and apparently not finding any. No, wait! He lifted up her hand and the fingers were twitching. She is alive!! Now she can marry him, divorce him, take all his money, and he'll end up killing himself behind some tattoo parlor in Tijuana.

23. So they stand the table up and cut the bandages away from her face. She looks pretty wigged for a sec but then goes totally catatonic. Apparently, he needs to re-teach her everything from scratch. He kisses her, and she just stands there with no response. See doc? It's just like being married already, isn't it?
24. Now we cut to the next scene where he's hypnotizing her. Can you hypnotize a catatonic person? You know, I notice that in this scene she doesn't have a scar around her neck where her head was attached either. He must have rubbed aloe vera cream on it for her or somethin'. He's telling her that she'll remember nothing of her past life and that she won't even remember what a glass of water is. Then he asks her if she understand him. She nods yes. Now, if she forgot everything, then how does she know what he's saying? So anyway, basically he just wiped her clean so he could start fresh and teach her everything from scratch. He takes Greg aside and tells him that he wants to isolate her in his world and that means that she can't ever see Greg...not ever. He threatens Greg and makes him stay out in his area. Greg goes out into his area and gets all depressed and starts drinking. He's got the rabbit sitting on the table there with him while he's drinking too. Everyone needs a drinking buddy!
25. Now we go through this long segment where's teaching her all about stuff. After a long diary type narration about all the stuff he's been teaching her, they go through this segment where there's just music and he's sitting on the couch with her and letting her smell various things and what not. Now he's teaching her how to read. She's sitting there in a slinky nightie while he teaches her the ABC's. HAHAHAHA!!!! He's teaching her from an ABC's popup book!
26. Oh man, now we see them hanging out together in the outdoors and them making love and him carving "I love thee" into a tree and all the while while this stuff is going on, there's a stupid love song playing in the foreground so that's all you hear. This chick is really pretty, but this segment is getting way too long and way too boring.
27. Now we cut to the lab where we find Greg cleaning. Anitra (the girl) comes walking down the stairs and sees Greg. She's all, "You're a man!" and grabs him from behind and starts feeling him up. The doctor comes down the stairs then and goes ballistic. He grabs a vial of acid and throws it in Greg's face. He stumbles around and eventually stumbles over to the vat of acid. The doctor axes him in the back and shoves him in the acid. All the while, Anitra is just standing there playing with the bunny. She hasn't got a clue.
28. So the doctor leaves and leaves Anitra home. He makes a call right before he leaves and asks whoever's on the other end to send a truck out to pick up some stuff. So he takes off and the truck driver arrives. He came to clean the furnace and haul away the ashes. She's all, "You're a man." and he's all, "Well you sure ain't." Then she says, "A woman is made to be loved. Do you wanna love me?" Now what guy would say no to that. He takes her out for a ride in his truck. Isn't that nice of him. Apparently they got it on and then she bailed, so we see the truck driver sitting in a bar now all depressed talking to the barkeep about it. Now my question is, can you really expect a woman that easy to stick around after? I mean, grow up dude.
29. The next scene we find the doctor in a jail cell trying to sweet talk the cleaning girl. Some guy comes up just as he wanders back to the other side of his cell and starts talking to the girl. Apparently the doctor and Greg have been in jail all this time and it was all just a fantasy??? Man I'm confused. So this guy and the cleaning chick are talking, then the scene changes. Someone's holding a slate board out from the inside of the cell. They smack the bar down and the chick starts talkin'!!! What the hell was that? Who edited this thing???

30. So the doctor is laying on the bed in his cell now listening to that crappy country song on the radio now. I am so freakin' lost. Was this all some kind of a fantasy or something? How'd he end up in jail??? He's got a couple of visitors now. It's the chick he blew off outside the restaurant. She just came in and blew him off and then left. Man, I don't get this at all. This movie has lost all sense of coherence.

31. Anitra is hitchhiking now and she gets picked up by some other guy and they drive off together. That's where the movie ends. I am so lost and confused right now, there aren't even words. So I guess it wasn't a fantasy. The doctor is in jail, but god knows how he got there. Never mind, I just give up.

Best Quote

"Get that, it might be the door. And put your coat they don't knoooooow you're a hunchback."


- The doctor telling Greg to go answer the door. - (Reviewer's Note: He's not a hunchback. He's just posture impaired.)


Video Clip
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Doctor Gore
The doctor asks his assistant Greg, who just woke up by the way, to answer the door. He also gives him a little fashion advice along the way.

The Conclusion

Well the first three or four minutes of this movie were boring and they pretty much made me dread what was ahead of me. This film looked like it was going to be a total bore and just super lame. Then suddenly, things changed. I spent about the next hour with a smile on my face that you couldn't get off with a hammer and chisel. This movie is an insanely funny laugh fest that any fan of cheesy movies would absolutely love.

There were only three real characters in this movie, which is rather unusual, but they made it work. There were side characters here and there but they were all just filler really, and until they finally completed Anitra, the doctor and Greg were about the only real focal characters in this film.

I always love doing these types of films from Something Weird Video, because you never really know what you're going to get. Most of the time, you'll find yourself pleasantly surprised. And the great thing about Something Weird Video DVD's is that they load them with extras and short subjects and commentary and trailers and you name it. Each one is it's own experience, and this one is no exception.

J.G. Patterson Jr. played the doctor and he did an outstanding job of making the character not only psycho, but very purposely funny as well. What really bummed me out was when I discovered that his assistant Greg, who was played by Roy Mehaffey, never appeared in any other films. He played his part to the hilt in this one, and obviously had a great time doing it. He also added a human touch to the character that many actors probably wouldn't have been able to accomplish with the anywhere near the same deftness that he did. Roy Mehaffey could have had a phenomenal career in these types of films, but failed to do so for whatever reason. Jenny Driggers played Anitra, but unfortunately, she was just a bit of fluff to give the guys something to play with at the end of the movie. I know her memory was supposedly wiped, but she played the part just extra vacant, and when she did speak, her line delivery was pretty bad.

Now I have three complaints about this film, and it's these complaints that dropped a whole bee off the final rating. The first complaint is that the beginning of the movie really doesn't grab you, and it's not until about four or five minutes in that you really get to the fun stuff. My second complaint are the long drawn out parts with Anitra and the doctor at the end. These were overdone and obviously it was because they ran out of stuff to do in the script. My last complaint, is that the end of the movie made absolutely no sense and I felt completely lost. Suddenly the whole thing just fell apart and the doctor was in jail and Anitra was hitchhiking and none of it made any sense. Any cohesiveness that was left in the film just vanished and left you feeling like you were cheated out of a real ending. But even in spite of these problems, I still absolutely loved this movie. There were things in this movie that had be laughing so hard I could barely breather, and I had a really great time watching it. In fact, I really can't remember the last time I had such a great time watching a movie. So whatever you do, make sure you add this one to your collection. As an added bonus, there's a 78 minute second feature from Herschel Gordon Lewis on this DVD called How to Make a Doll. And you know that if it's from H.G.L. it's definitely going to be interesting. As I mentioned above, I had to drop off one bee for the problems with this film, but I'm very happy to be able to still give it...

B-Movie Central's Rating: 4 Bees

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