Blood Feast

Year Of Release: 1963
Running Time: 67 Minutes
DVD Released By: Something Weird Video
Directed By: Herschell Gordon Lewis
Writing Credits: Allison Louise Downe, David F. Friedman, Herschell Gordon Lewis
Filming Location: Miami, Florida

Starring: Mal Arnold, William Kerwin, Connie Mason

Tagline 1: Nothing so appalling in the annals of horror!

Tagline 2: More grisly than ever in BLOOD COLOR!

Tagline 3: A Weird, Grisly Ancient Rite Horrendously Brought To Life In Blood Color!

Alternate Titles:
Feast of Flesh (1963) (USA)

Interesting Bits of Trivia:
All of the interesting bits of trivia are covered in the commentary sections of this review.

Cast Of Characters
Fuad Ramses: This Is Fuad. Doesn't he look like a nice happy guy? He wants to cater your next party. Just think. You could have yourself an authentic Egyptian feast! Wouldn't that be lovely? Oh and by the way. If you run into anything that looks like say, um....eyeballs or um...human hands or uh...well whatever, don't worry. Those are just for uh...decoration. By the way, Fuad is the only creepy Egyptian caterer in town that can limp a three minute mile. I wonder if the olympic committee knows about him?

Pete Thornton: He's a smart cop, a snappy dresser in his high-water pants, a chain smoker, a good actor, and he drives a convertible. He's also a student of Egyptian culture which I have a sneaking suspicion he only got into so he could meet chicks. Unfortunately for him, he did meet one. He and Suzette are an item. I think he'd have been better off hangin' around the police station chain smokin'.

Suzette Fremont: This is the idiot, um...I mean girl that is kind of the key to this whole movie. She's Pete's girlfriend, but she's also the lucky recipient of a surprise party from her mother. A real Egyptian feast catered by Fuad Ramses. Unfortunately for her, he wants to use her as the final sacrifice in his ceremony to bring his goddess back to life. Too bad she was too much of an air headed moron to go along with his plan. I think she'd have made a good sacrifice.

Mrs. Dorothy Fremont: This is Suzette's mother. I don't think there exists a word in the English language for what a moron this woman is. Aside from her complete lack of intelligence though, she does have one quality that cannot be denied. She does have the ability to choose for herself the most god-awful hats known to man. Somewhere, there must be a sweatshop full of blind workers that are getting paid three cents a day to churn out hats like that.

Frank: This is the police captain Frank. He can't really act and can't remember his lines. He's also the master of the magically appearing hat trick. He's a good cop though and he and Pete make a pretty good team in their quest to find the killer. Now if he could just learn to tie a windsor knot, he'd finally get that whole "shirt and tie" thing down cold.

The Plot
Fuad Ramses is hired by Mrs. Fremont to cater a party for her daughter Suzette. Fuad suggests an authentic Egyptian feast. A meal that has not been served for over five thousand years. Once the arrangements for the feast are made, Fuad starts killing off beautiful young girls one by one and harvesting various body parts from them in order to prepare the ancient feast of Ishtar. His plan is to serve this grisly feast at made of human flesh, at which time he will make Suzette the final sacrifice to his goddess Ishtar. Once the final sacrifice is made, Ishtar will be able to rise again. Will Pete and Frank be able to stop Fuad in time? Will Mrs. Fremont ever get a clue? Will Suzette ever get some real acting lessons? Will Pete ever get any action out of Suzette? All this and more is awaiting you just ahead.

What The Hell???

1. I'd first just like to say that I'm re-writing my original review for this film because I didn't feel that my first review did it justice. The first review was done when the site was still new and I hadn't really developed my reviewing style yet at that point. I hope you'll enjoy the re-write even more than the original. So without further adieu, we open the film with a nice looking blonde walking into her apartment. She walks over to this small dresser and as she looks at herself in the mirror, she turns on this really spiffy Zenith AM transistor radio and by some magical coincidence, she happened to turn it on just as the news announcer on the radio was doing a special report. He says that they found another girl murdered and that the body was badly mutilated. He then says that the police request that all women stay inside their homes after dark and that if they must go out, that they should have someone accompany them. So after making this really fake look of shock and concern, she turns off the radio and walks away from the table. She starts taking off her dress and...OH MY GOD!!!! SHE'S WEARING GRANNY PANTIES!!!! Must be that time of the month or somethin'. Anyway, she gets all wrapped up in a towel and goes over to the bathtub, which for some reason is already conveniently filled with hot water and has bubbles all over in it. Now, who did that? This chick just got home and she's the only one in the apartment! What, does she have the bathtub on a timer or something so it's nice and full for her when she gets home? Oh well, we'll let that one slide for now. She's got a book with her that I guess she's planning on reading in the tub. It's called "Ancient Weird Religious Rites". Unfortunately, she doesn't get a chance to read it, because good ol' Fuad Ramses just showed up and stabbed her in the eye with a big knife. They show her laying there dead, but it's hilarious, because she has a bunch of bloody meat laying on one eye. It doesn't even look like she was stabbed in the eye. They just laid them nasty chunks of meat on there for effect. Just because it doesn't look real, doesn't mean it's not sweet looking though, because it is. So now that she's dead, Fuad sets to work on hacking off her leg below the knee. They show him from the back hacking with his machete, but the funny thing is, that every time he brings the machete back up in the air for another stroke, you can see that there ain't no blood on it. They should have at least bloodied it up before they shot that scene. Once he gets the leg hacked off, he puts it in his bag and is probably thinking to himself that he should have brought a chainsaw along and saved himself a lot of work. The hacked off part of the leg that he just stuck in the bag actually looks quite real, as does the stump that's left on the girl in the tub. The blood doesn't really look like blood though. It looks more like red paint. It's way too thick and sticky to be blood. They should have watered it down a bit more. Fuad heads off on his merry way at this point, and the last thing we see is the dead girl's hand smearing some of her own blood on the outside of the tub. Now I was just thinkin', it's a good thing she was already in the tub when he killed her. I mean, how embarrassing would it be to get murdered and then have the paramedics show up and find you all hacked to bits with your granny panties on? I mean, she's dead so she probably wouldn't care anyway. But still... Sorry this first entry is so long, but I figured I'd just get the whole scene in here since it's like, the intro to the whole movie. Also at this point, I'd like to mention the music in this film. It's mostly a slow kettle drum beat with some organ, piano, a slight bit of violin, and some kind of a wind instrument mixed in. There's usually only about one instrument at a time playing over the kettle drum, which makes for a very spartan soundtrack. That's the way the music is throughout the movie, and it really just couldn't be more perfect. It fits the whole mood and feel of this movie flawlessly, and I think that having anything more or less music-wise in this film probably would have ruined the whole experience. I also need to mention here, that Herschell Gordon Lewis himself wrote the music for this movie. Good job Herschell!

Interesting Commentary Notes: The commentary is from Herschell Gordon Lewis and David Friedman. David was the producer. David was the voice on the radio in this scene. They're talking about Scum of the Earth now and how they made it before Blood Feast and it was the first of what was known as the roughies. Now they're talking about how they did the titles and that Bob Sinise, their editor, is the father of the actor Gary Sinise.

2. Once the credits are done rolling, we're taken to the office of the chief of detectives for the homicide bureau. His name is Frank, and he apparently has a memory like a goldfish, but more about that in a sec. He's talking to one of his detectives Pete Thornton about the string of grisly murders that have been happening around the area. Frank couldn't remember his lines, so he spends most of his time in this film reading his lines off his hand. It's so blatant too! He's got his hand palm side up in front of him with his fingers spread out and he keeps looking down at it every time he has to say something. Pete just had a great line. I'm not gonna use it as the quote but you can see him saying it in the trailer montage of every Something Weird DVD. "Well Frank... This looks like one of those long, hard ones." Frank tells him to make sure that the radio station is playing those warnings around the clock. Pete walks out and next we go to...

Interesting Commentary Notes: The editor who had just gotten done cutting together wanted to know where they were gonna show this movie. They told him not to worry about it and to just get it put together. He's all, "We don't want it good. We just want it Thursday." Scott Hall, who played the police captain, actually got the part because the guy they hired to do it didn't show up. He wasn't an actor, so they told him to cover his lack of acting abilities by shouting his lines. They're talking about how the shadows are so high on the wall because they only had an eight foot celing. Had they had a higher celing, they could have had the lights higher and the shadows would have been on the floor. Apparently when the scene closes, they did the fade out in the camera itself and saved themselves $75.

3. Fuad Ramses Exotic Catering. Yep, that's what it says on the sign outside his shop. Fuad is about to get a visit from Mrs. Fremont who's coming to him to arrange catering for a party she's throwing for her daughter. I need to say right here and now that Mrs. Fremont is vacant. I mean really vacant. She's such an airhead, that you could tie a string to her and sell her to a little kid at a carnival. With that said, we now follow Mrs. Fremont into the shop. She comes walking in with her fur wrap and her ugly as hell hat that looks like she got mugged by the ugly hat monster. She introduces herself to Fuad and he doesn't even say anything. He just stares at her with his hairy eyeball look like he's picturing her on a platter with an apple in her mouth, which makes for a really creepy and awkward moment. She recovers from that pretty quickly though and goes on to explain that she wants to have her daughter's party catered and that she wants something really exotic. He says to her, "Have you ever Egyptian Feast?" and then he makes the serious bug eyes at her which is equally as cool as the line he just delivered. I mean the look he gives her after that line is like the cherry on top of the sundae. It's just perfect. She says that would be fine and that it would be perfect because her daughter Suzette is a student of Egyptian culture. Fuad goes on to tell her that things will be arranged, just as the feast of the goddess was served five thousand years ago. Mrs. Fremont gives him her card and tells him that she wants it two weeks from Saturday night at 6:30 sharp. Now, why the hell does this woman have a card? She doesn't do anything. She probably got her money by marrying her husband and hasn't ever really contributed anything to the world except for her totally hot daughter. Maybe she carries them around to remind herself what her name is. She's so stupid, she probably forgets quite often.

Interesting Commentary Notes: Fuad's shop was actually a real delicatessen. It was actually a Syrian grocery store and they shot it on a day when it was closed. You'll notice that Fuad has more gray in his hair in this scene than in others. The amount of gray in his hair actually depended on the day and how much gray they had left to use. They found Mrs. Fremont at some little theater group. She took her part very seriously and they say she knew her lines, which is bogus because she reads them in a bunch of places during the movie. You can totally see it. Maybe they were just talking about this scene. They're talking about her hat. Apparently, that's her hat. She brought it to the set because they told her to dress matronly. They say they shot this using only two lights and a flashlight if they needed it for lighting. During the day they had no lights and when it got dark, they'd use their cars headlights. They only had a few people on the crew, and the actors had to do their own slap sticks and toss them aside before the scene started. They had no idea they were creating such a milestone picture when they were making it. They're amazed that Blood Feast is still around when you look at all the big budget stuff that's come since.

4. So with the arrangements made, Mrs. Fremont leaves and Fuad limps on back into the back room of the shop. Did I mention he had a limp? No probably not since we haven't seen him walk until now. He's got a gammy right leg so he limps pretty bad when he walks. It actually creates a funny situation towards the end of the film, but I'll cover that when we get there. Something else I'd like to mention is that Mal Arnold who plays Fuad isn't all that old in this movie. They got his hair all colored gray to make him look older, but it really doesn't help. He looks like he's in his mid to late 30's or maybe his early 40's at the absolute oldest. I tried to locate his age on IMBD but they don't have his personal info on there. Anyway, so now he's in the back room now and he's got somethin' cookin'. There's a bunch of pots on a stove full of human parts and after Fuad lights up this big tiki torch, he starts praying to his golden statue of the goddess Ishtar. He's all talkin about how her feast will be coming soon and how he's her slave. You know the sort of thing. He's got that whole creepy, insane, wacked out Egyptian caterer vibe happenin' here. The only thing missing is some incense, a bunch of lava lamps and an iguana hangin' off the curtains. God, you almost half expect to see Yoko Ono pop in here somewhere as the re-incarnated goddess. Thankfully, that doesn't happen.

Interesting Commentary Notes: Hahaha. David is talking about his snake and Herschell is all, "You and your rotten snake." David's talking about how he was bathing the snake one night in his hotel room and the maid came in and saw that and ran out screaming. David says that Connie Mason was his greatest find. They kinda rip on her acting skills now. They say she was a model, not an actress and she insisted on modeling her scenes instead of acting them.

5. We cut to an outside scene of Suzette Fremont now. She's grabbing this newspaper off a stand outside of some shop. I notice she didn't pay for it. That's pretty bad behavior for a rich girl. Anyway, she's looking at the headline. The headline says, "Teenage Girl Found Slaughtered - LEGS CUT OFF!". Now, when Fuad hacked the bathtub girl up, it only showed him cutting off one leg. The headline says both legs were cut off. I would say that was a continuity mistake, but we never actually saw him leave after the first scene. He may have cut both legs off. Maybe they only had enough budget for the one leg effect? Anyway, there's some other funny headlines on the paper as well which I just noticed for the first time. I'll tell you what they are since the casual watcher of this film would probably miss them completely. The other headlines on the paper are...

"12 Prisoners Beat Me Up, Nazi Charges"
"Dry Pipes Bring Flood Of Revenue"
"Beer Sipping Horse"
"Free Film Ticket Bait"

The name of the paper is "The Daily Chronicle" and below that it says, "A Fearless Independent Newspaper". At the upper left, it says "48 Pages - Price 10¢" and over on the right top of the page it says "Final Sports". The big photo on the front page is of three little girls in bikinis on a city street corner with about four women and one man standing near them. I have no idea what that photo has to do with the rest of what's on the paper. Anyway, after we see Suzette looking at the paper, we see some nameless guy looking at it as well, and then we jump back into the police captain's office where he's got a copy of the paper too. Actually, he just slammed his copy of the paper down on his desk and started yelling about how there's a pathological killer on the loose and they don't even have one clue. Not one fingerprint...nothing! He ain't none too happy. So Pete's sitting on the edge of Frank's desk and he starts telling Frank about the latest murdered girl. She was a waitress, no boyfriend, belonged to a book club, and everyone liked her. Frank starts reading his lines off his desk now. I guess he finally ran out of space on his hands. Anyway, he's telling Pete to stay on it and that they have all the police for two hundred miles around working on this. Frank gets up and heads off to the morgue at this point.

Interesting Commentary Notes: David found Connie one night when Herschell sent him to the Playboy Club to find a girl with a large mouth for the tongue scene. While he was there, he found that girl, but he also found Connie. He was impressed with her beauty and asked her if she'd like to be in a movie. She asked him if he was there with Herschell and he said yes and then she asked him, "Well don't you guys make all those nudist colony things?" and he said no we don't do that. This is gonna be a big picture. So he came back to Herschell and told him he found a beautiful girl and Herschell said ok she looks great, but that was about the end of his favorable comments about her.

6. It's night time now and we find two lovers on the beach. The girl wants to go home, but the guy convinces her to stay a little longer. If he had taken her home, she wouldn't end up dead. Unfortunately, he was thinkin' with the wrong head, and with all of their fartin' around, Fuad manages to limp on up and conk the guy on the head, knocking him cold. He conked the girl on the head too. Unfortunately for her though, he conked her on the head with the sharp side of his machete. So after a gratuitous shot of him holding her bloody brains in his hands, he stuffs them in his bag. I notice he didn't have a lot of brains in his hands, which probably says something about the girl, but we won't get into that now. Anyway, then we get a shot of the girl, who's head is covered in gore and fake, paint looking blood. Now there's something I always wondered about in this shot. When they show this particular scene, there's a boa constrictor right next to her head. Yes, a real live snake. Now where the hell did that come from?!?! They're on a friggin' beach for Christ's sake! Fuad didn't bring it with him, so what the hell was it doing there? Anyway, after we see that shot, we go to another shot from behind the top of her head that shows us even more gore and blood. They messed her hair up in the gore too, I guess to make the damage look even worse. There's something at the base of her skull, but I'm not sure what it is. It almost looks like a snakeskin that had been shed. Man, don't even ask, I don't have a freakin' clue. Maybe it's supposed to be the skin from her skull. Yeah, that must be what it is.

Interesting Commentary Notes: The girl in this scene is Ashlyn Martin who actually had her hair done for a scene in which they rip her brains out. The guy's name is Tony who's family owned a beauty salon there in Miami. They shot this scene at the Suez Motel and David's snake got loose. They had four lights and the snake quickly slithered out of the light. Now Boas hate sand and the snake was getting pretty nasty, so they finally captured it by throwing a box over it. They got it out of the sand and started petting it and rubbing it so it would calm down. Apparently, the manager of the hotel invited all the guests out on the beach with lawn chairs to watch the filming that night. So they were the entertainment for the evening. It was so dark out there. The Roy Colloti assistant cameraman opened the magazine of the Mitchell camera, and there was a thousand feet of unexposed film and they went bonkers because that was half their budget right there. It was so dark there that there was no exposed film at all.

7. A shot of a rotating police light and a few sirens, and we find the cops all over the beach. Well, there's actually only five of them. Anyway, the guy the girl was with is blubbering on Frank's shoulder about how she wanted to leave because she was scared and how it's all his fault. The schmoe's name is Tony by the way. I bet this schmuck never has sex again in his life after this thing. I could see this sort of thing haunting you basically forever. He's telling the cops that he didn't see anything and that it all happened so fast. He's telling them that he saw this shadow, and after that, he can't remember anything else. The guy is blubbering and just falling apart as they take him away. Pete and Frank start talking about the whole thing now. About how the killer always kills the same way. He kills his victim and just takes one part of the body. Frank says it's a pathological killer with a sick, sick mind. They send an officer off to get a stretcher so they can get the body to the morgue. I wonder if when they pick the body up, if a bunch of goo will come pouring out of the head? They better put a shower cap on her or something. At least crazy glue the skull back together. Otherwise, she's gonna be leakin' all over the place.

Interesting Commentary Notes: There were a couple of real cops in this scene. They're talking about the stage blood now and how they made it. They compounded their own stage blood. What they didn't tell the actresses is, that it was mainly composed of Kaopectate, which is an anti-diarrhea medicine. They just told the actresses that it was edible, and that's all they told them. They seem to think the blood had the right consistency, but I would have to disagree with that. They're talking about the budget now. They made this movie on $24,500. The movie was made into 75 prints when it was released.

8. We're back in Frank's office now. Frank is smoking a pipe and reading his lines off his hand again. The girl's parents are there and the mother is totally falling apart. Mr. Franklin is telling mamma that she needs to pull herself together because they need to help the police so that no other innocent girls get killed. Pete and Frank start questioning the father. They ask him if she ever dated many guys and he says that she had been dating Tony steady for about a year. Then they ask him if she belonged to any particular groups and he says that she didn't belong to any one particular group. She was friends with everybody. Then he mentions that she had her name on a book club list. Now why the hell would that even come up? Who would even think of something so seemingly unrelated to any of this? It's like, "Oh sure my daughters brains were scooped out of her skull after she was murdered in cold blood, but at least she was a member in good standing of her book club when she died, so that makes it all ok!" Jeez, come on here people. Anyway, Pete picks up on this, but the mother starts losin' it again. After the father calms her down a bit, he says that he'll provide them with a list of her friends and that he'll do anything at all to help them find the killer. Well I should hope so!

Interesting Commentary Notes: They're saying that this film was one of the miracles of low budget film production. No one could believe the scenes they had in this movie because of the in your face gore. This film killed the concession stand business everywhere it played, because it made people so sick, they didn't even want to see food. They say that nowadays you show a film of this type and people go running to the concession stands. Now they're telling the Peoria story. They had a partner named Stan Kohlberg that owned a bunch of theaters around Chicago. Mostly drive-ins. Stan loved the picture. He had very little taste, but he was a showman in a gross sort of a way. He told them that he didn't think they should open the film at the Starlight in Chicago, because if it didn't work then it would be all over the industry and people would know what happened in Chicago. They picked a drive-in theater in Peoria to open the film at. David and Herschell insisted that they weren't going to go down there. They opened on a Friday and by Saturday they couldn't stand it. They threw their wives in the car and headed on down there and here about a mile short of the theater they see this terrible pile up on the highway and they thought, "Well that's all we need is some sort of an accident." Well the accident was their movie after one day. The place was absolutely packed after just one day and there were cars and people all over the place. They even had a state trooper outside the theater turning people away because the place was packed. They went up to him and introduced themselves and he let them in but not after giving them a whole rash of crap about how they caused a huge disturbance in his area and to never do that again. They went up to the concession stand once they got in and this old guy in overalls comes up to them and says, "They sure make it look real don't they?"

9. Fuad's in the back room cookin' now. I guess he only had RED light bulbs when he was putting the lights in the back room, because that's all that's on back there. I know all the red lighting is supposed to make you think of blood, but it is kind of a cheesy effect. Anyway, he's stirring in this big kettle full of dry ice fog, and he takes a large hunk of meat that doesn't really look like much of anything in particular, and drops it into the pot as he's stirring. He looks up at the statue of Ishtar (which is off camera at the moment) and starts saying how everything is nearly ready. The ancient formula needed for the goddess' rebirth. Oh, so that's what this is all about!

Interesting Commentary Notes: None. They were finishing the Peoria story during this part.

10. The next scene takes us to a hotel, where an inebriated couple just drove up and are now staggering up to the girl's room. There's a really twisted version of "How Dry I Am." playing in the background. First on a violin, and then on a cello. It really adds a bit of humor to the scene. They finally get to the girl's room and the guy just says good bye and leaves. The girl goes in and shuts the door. Shortly thereafter, Fuad comes limping along and knocks on the door. As soon as the girl opens it, he pushes her back in and falls onto the bed on top of her. He's got two fingers in her mouth and she's trying to fight back, but she ain't trying very hard. Eventually, after a bit of struggle, Fuad manages to rip her tongue out by the roots with his bare hands. Now first of all, if this girl had an IQ of even 1 she would have just bitten down and mangled his fingers with her teeth. I don't care how drunk you are, that would be the first human initial reaction that anyone would have. Secondly, I'm damn near positive that it's impossible to rip the entire human tongue out by the roots with just your bare hands. I mean, even if she wasn't alive when he did it, I still don't think it'd be even remotely possible. Anyway, we get a shot of Fuad holding up the bloody tongue, and then we get a shot of the girl who's mouth is open with gore coming out of it as she stares blankly in her death throes. Anyone who was stupid enough to let this happen to them deserves what they get in my opinion. I think Fuad did the gene pool a favor by removing this idiot from it's ranks. I mean she's pretty and all, but what a moron!

Interesting Commentary Notes: Now in this scene, the guy that drops the girl off at the hotel is actually the producer, David Friedman. They had Dave play the part because they didn't want to pay an actor to play the part. They're talking about the music now. Herschell's saying that it took him about twelve times longer to score this movie than it did to shoot it. Herschell rented the kettle drum from Dave's Drum Shop but he forgot to hire a drummer. So that's him banging on the kettle drum in the score of this movie. They're talking about Mal Arnold now and where he came from. He had been in a movie they just shot for two other people. They had a VW Bus full of equipment. When it got cold in Chicago, they shot that movie for those two guys and they shot this one for themselves while they were at it. The tongue in the tongue scene was a sheep's tongue. The tongue was pretty gamey because they had it in a refrigerator and the power went off. It was hot and you could smell that tongue about two miles away. Scott Hall, the police chief in the movie came to their rescue. He put a handkerchief over his face and ran in and doused the tongue with pine sol. They didn't have a packing plant in Miami. They had to get it from Tampa where you can't just get a tongue. You also get all the glop that comes off the back end of it. They had that, their stage blood, and some gelatin. The gelatin is mixed with the stage blood to make the glop that comes out of the girls mouth after she gets her tongue ripped out. They were talking to this guy named Charlie Cooper who owned a theater in the ghetto section of Chicago called The Anglewood. And he made the consummate remark about Blood Feast. He said, "Here are these fellas and they're sittin' there slashin' the seats and shootin' bullet holes in the screen. On comes that tongue scene and all you see is a bunch of white eyeballs."

11. Now we're at the Fremont's house. Mrs. Fremont is talking to Suzette in the living room. She asks her daughter if she's excited, and she says yes, but all the murders that have been going on, kinda take the joy out of it all. Suzette rambles on about the murders for a bit, and if you watch her while she does, she's always got her eyes pointing off to the right instead of looking at her mother. That's because she's reading her lines off a card that's out of the picture. She delivers the lines like she's reading them too. Jeez, didn't anyone even try to remember their lines for this picture? Mrs. Fremont says that the police will catch the guy soon and that the party Saturday night will take their minds off all this horribleness. Kinda reminds me of the Masque of the Red Death. Throwing a party in the face of doom, just to pretend that the bad stuff doesn't exist. Suzette says that she's excited about the party and that she can hardly wait. Then she says she has to get going, because tonight is her weekly lecture on ancient history and that they'll be learning about the ancient cults of the Egyptian gods. Her mother says that that's a coincidence, and that there's the nicest little man...but then she catches herself before she says anything more so she doesn't spoil the surprise. Suzette leaves and Mrs. Fremont makes a call to a friend of hers to see if they're coming to the party. During this conversation, we learn that Mrs. Fremont's first name is Dorothy, and we also learn that they ran out of room on the cue cards they were holding up for her to read her lines off of, because she's now reading them off of some papers on the couch. She keeps looking at them and then away from them and then at them and then away from them. It looks like she's watching a friggin' tennis match.

Interesting Commentary Notes: They're saying Connie is always decorative, and that even today, being decorative can overcome a lack of talent. Apparently some places in L.A. edited out the gore, so if you saw it at the drive-in you'd see the real picture, and at the indoor theaters you'd see the edited version. There was a review written by Kevin Thomas from the Los Angeles Times. He said that Blood Feast is a blot on the American film industry, and that it will appeal only to those people who like horror comic books.

12. It's lecture time now, and we open the scene with a cheesy shot of a gold pharaoh's mounted on a wall covered with what are supposed to be Egyptian picture writing I guess. It looks more like some bad 60's wallpaper to me. The construction paper looking sign below the mask says Ramses. The instructor is talking about Ramses the First and Ramses the Second. He says that it was Ramses the Second who's soldiers were drowned in the Red Sea while they were chasing Moses and his people. Now he starts talking about the cult of Ishtar. Ishtar was worshipped by the early Egyptian and Syrian people over five thousand years ago. The worship of Ishtar, or the mother of the veiled darkness as she was sometimes called, was one of the most bloodthirsty religions ever known. Though she was worshipped as the goddess of love and beauty, such as Venus or Aphrodite of the Greek and Roman civilizations, hers was an evil love that thrived on violence. Blah blah blah, and he finally gets to the details about the feast of Ishtar. For six wild days and nights, the priestesses would mingle with the men of the city, and lust would reign over the land. On the seventh day, the crowd would gather at the temple for the great feast...the blood feast that would give the goddess to the people. The young priestesses would be slaughtered on the great alter. Their blood would be caught in silver bowls as it ran from their bodies. Then certain organs and limbs would be removed, and prepared as dishes to serve the people. As the last morsel of this horrible feast was eaten, the high priestess would show herself rising from the tomb. A living incarnation of Ishtar. Ishtar, arisen in in flesh and blood, had become part of the people. Now throughout most of this lecture, they're showing a scene of a girl laying on a slab with the high priest of Ishtar hovering over her holding a snake and what not. Basically acting out what the instructor is talking about. When it comes down to the end where the girl is to be sacrificed, the high priest stabs her with a knife right in the chest. But if you look, and it's really not all that hard to see, at the last second he very blatantly turns the knife sideways. After that we see the girl's chest with blood all over it and him holding her heart in his hand. Again, the blood looks way too thick. Anyway, the flashback sequence is over now, and the instructor finishes off his lecture by saying that this custom of the blood feast went on for another four hundred years until it was ended by Ammon Hutop. (I have no idea how to spell the name he said. That's just my best guess.) At this point, the whole class applauds and then they get up to leave. Pete and Suzette are standing there together talking next to the gold mask of Ramses. This is the first time that we find out that Pete and Suzette are an item. He looks old enough to be her father, or at least her way older brother. She looks like she's in her very early 20's and he looks like he's in his mid 30's. Cradle robber... Anyway, Suzette doesn't understand how a whole race of people could actually follow such a vile cult. Pete says that an idea based on blood and lust could spread quickly in a civilization based on superstition. Suzette says she can't believe how they could eat human flesh, and Pete finally gets tired of talking about it and asks her to talk about something more pleasant. Again, she's very blatantly reading her lines off of a card behind Pete. I just noticed that Pete and Fuad seem to be the only people in this movie who actually bothered to learn their lines. That's pretty sad. They have a little chit chat about him coming to her party and what not. Then they start talking about the murders. Yeah...that's a more pleasant conversation now isn't it. Pete tells her that they have one clue and it has to do with a book, but he can't seem to make it fit. After that it's decided that he'll give her a ride home. I'm sorry about the length of this section, but I thought it important to get the information about the blood feast in here so those of you who haven't seen the movie will know what it's all about. One last little comment here before I go on though. Isn't it convenient that Suzette's boyfriend just happens to be a cop?

Interesting Commentary Notes: The lecturer in this scene could not pronounce the word identified. He kept saying indentified and after three takes which was their absolute maximum, they finally left it in. After the opening in Peoria, they decided to take the film down to Charlotte, North Carolina to an independent distributor named Harry Kerr. Harry laid the picture down like it was Gone With The Wind. The picture generated more than a quarter of a million dollars in rental in the Charlotte area. Now they're talking about the scene during the lecture of the high priest and his female sacrifice. This was one of their very first true effects where they had to create a gully in her chest where her heart would come out. They did it with chicken skin. Later on they used mortician's wax, but in this scene they used chicken skin. The girl in this scene could not hold her breath. They finally had to use a freeze frame which is a laboratory procedure which costs money. They're talking now about how there is no nudity and no four letter words and that's how they caught censor boards off guard. One time, they created their own censorship problem in Sarasota, Florida. They swore out an injunction to keep the movie from playing there, but the injunction stuck. So they basically shot themselves in the foot. They're talking about the heat they caught over Blood Feast and the flood of ignorant letters they got.

13. So it's supposed to be evening now, and Pete is driving Suzette home. Well, he was driving her home, but they took a side trip out to park by the water. I can't tell if it's a lake or if they're by the coast or what. So they pull up and park, but it sure don't look evening. Actually, the way the sky looks, it looks like it's mid afternoon. Only when the scene changes to a two shot of them in the car does it actually look like it's night time. I assume that's because this scene was either shot indoors or was actually shot at night. They chit chat a little, and Pete says that now that he's got her all alone to himself, he don't know what to do. But he has an idea. He leans over to kiss her, but since she's obviously a massive tease, she pushes him away. So they talk a bit more, and finally she kisses him. Man, she's weird. Anyway, the nice music they were just listening to was interrupted in mid kiss by a news announcer. They just found another victim of the serial killer, and she's at the hospital listed in critical condition. Man, finally Pete manages to score a little sugar from this dumb chick, and this had to go and happen. Next time Pete, turn off your damn radio before you start makin' out. I guess when Pete finally gets home tonight, he's gonna be doin' lots of push-ups and some very unmentionable things to the sleeve of his favorite jacket. They take off now so Pete can take Suzette home and then get himself into Frank's office.

Interesting Commentary Notes: They always had a convertible in their movies because they were easy to light. The close two shot was shot in the alley behind the Suez Hotel. They were using live microphones because they didn't have shotgun mics or anything like that. David stuck the mic between the two of them in the car to pick up the sound. They're saying that William Kerwin could always make a scene come off no matter what the other person in the scene was doing wrong. That made him invaluable in the cast. He also knew just where to put the lights as well. He died a few years ago, but they didn't say what he died of. They're saying how they would shoot and then take their dailies because they were never really sure what they had. Almost everything they shot, they used. They bought originally about 8,000 feet of raw film stock and the finished picture was something like 6,800 feet.

14. Apparently, they found this girl with half her face hacked away and her eyes gouged out. Frank and Pete head quickly over to the hospital so they can attempt to question her. They're talking to the doctor now and he's telling them that she has no chance at all. They don't even know who she is. Frank goes over to the bed and starts questioning the girl. Her name is Janet Blake. Franks asks her who did this to her, and she says that he had wild eyes. She was walking and he came out from behind a bush. He was a horrible old man. He said something about Itar! Itar!. Then Janet dies. Man, her whole head was wrapped up except for her nose and mouth. Pretty nasty, but I guess it was cheaper than trying to do a make-up effect for what they said happened to her. Frank and Pete are talking now, and Pete's saying that Itar sounds familiar but he can't put his finger on it. Pete says they should go back and make a report, and then pick up every man over 40 who has even the least little bit of a criminal record for questioning. Lots of creepy organ music now as Pete and Frank leave the hospital and get into the back seat of a patrol car. They're chauffeured away by a uniformed officer. I guess it's true what they say. It's good to be the king!

Interesting Commentary Notes: Herschell and David are shocked that the guys at Something Weird found like forty-seven minutes of out takes. They had long since thought that the out takes had vanished into the sea. They're talking about the score again and Herschell's saying how he used to be seriously into music, but he had forgotten quite a bit by the time it came down to doing the score, so he had to get a book and work on it. They actually shot this scene with the hacked up girl in a real hospital. The car they leave in is a real police car.

15. Back in Fuad's shop now. He's just opening up another mail order for that book he wrote. You remember the one, it was the one the girl was reading at the beginning of the movie, right before Fuad gouged her eye out and cut off her legs. He wrote that book. Isn't he totally cool and multi-talented? Anyway, the letter is asking him to send the book COD and in a plain brown wrapper. It's funny, but the thumb we see holding the letter when we get a close-up of the letter, doesn't look like it's Fuad's at all. It looks like the thumb of a big, fat man. Oh well, doesn't matter. Fuad gets out a phone book and looks up Trudy Sanders' number. She's the one who sent the order for the book. He calls and asks to speak to her. Whoever's on the other end of the phone tells him that she's over at the Fremont residence. He says he has the number and hangs up. Then he starts gettin' weird and telling Ishtar that the time is soon approaching when he will give her life once again. He only needs one more thing, and the formula will be complete. I don't understand why he had to hack up all these girls. Seems like he could have gotten everything he needed from one or two of them. It sure would have saved him a lot of time and trouble.

Interesting Commentary Notes: Talking about the advertising campaign now. David came up with this line about nubile young girls and Herschell told him that it was redundant because nubile means young. Well he wanted to use it anyway, so they did. Years and years later, David came up with a line that said Nubile Starlets Sucked Into a Vortex of Passion. So this guy in Seattle calls him up and says that they can't use that line and Davis asks him why not. He says because of this word nubile. David asks him why not. They guy says, "Well we know what it means." and David says, "Well so do I. What do you think it means?" and the guy says it means naked negroes. So David had to explain to him that he had confused the words nubile and nubian. The guy still wouldn't let him use the line, so they came up with something else.

16. Now we're at the Fremont house. We see Suzette's moronic friends playing in the pool while she sits on the edge working on her tan. They try to get her to come in, but she doesn't. She's reading a book now while she lays in the sun. I'm looking at her friends, and all I can think is, man, they sure knew how to grow big giant natural hooters back then. As Suzette's laying there, we see a shadow of a hand and an arm come up over Suzette. It suddenly disappears just as she notices it, and we see Fuad running off into the bushes. Suzette's friends get out of the pool now, and Suzette is sitting there talking to one of them while the other one leaves. Her friend asks her if she's excited about the party on Saturday night, and she says yeah she is and that even though it's supposed to be a surprise, she has a pretty good idea of what it's going to be. An Egyptian feast! Now my wife Sharon is sitting here next to me, and she's like, "Jeez, it's not something that common. How the hell did she guess that?" Now I have my own theory about that. My theory is, since Mrs. Fremont was reading all her lines from cards and papers around the house, she probably left a few laying around and Suzette read them and picked up on the whole Egyptian feast thing. That's my theory anyway.

Interesting Commentary Notes: Their advertising campaigns would sometimes run into problems. Like some publications would not allow the word blood in the ads. They created a trailer for this film that was designed to run on television. The trade paper Film Daily was warning broadcasters not to broadcast the trailer. Apparently, they would often shoot scenes specifically for the trailers, which later caused problems with collectors because they watch the trailer and see something that wasn't in the movie and they end up thinking that their copy of the film is incomplete or something. Apparently, this kind of thing happened quite often and was only done with the intention of getting people into the theaters. They didn't really think about any problems it would cause.

17. We're outside now, and Trudy is walking away from the Fremont house. Fuad comes running up behind her and conks her on the head. Man, he's sure spy for a gimp. He bends down and picks her up and carries her away, which is no small feat 'cause she's a healthy girl. While he's picking her up, one of her shoes falls off. Not that that matters or anything. Just thought I'd throw that in there. We go back to Frank's office now. Frank goes to check out all the guys they brought in. Pete calls Suzette and tells her he's going to be a little late to her party. She tells him that it's gonna be a real Egyptian feast and that Fuad Ramses is catering it. Then she says something about Ishtar and Pete says that he hopes it's not like the professor described it. He hangs up the phone and says Ishtar to himself a couple of times. It hasn't really sunk in yet, but give it a few more scenes. He'll get it eventually.

Interesting Commentary Notes: William Kerwin in this scene is showing some skin above the sock because his pants are riding up. I'm not sure why this was a problem, but they said they weren't going to shoot the scene again just because of that. I guess it just looked sloppy or something. They wouldn't shoot any rehearsals either. On their pictures, they wouldn't run the camera until they were sure they were going to see what they expected to see. Occasionally they would get a call from the laboratory that the film broke in the tank. Then they'd have to figure out where it broke and if they had a covering shot to fix it up.

18. Back at Fuad's place, we see his book on a stand with a snake slithering around it. He's dropping some more meat into his pot of dry ice fog and stirring it around. He's got Trudy tied up to the wall with her back to him. She's whining, and he gets tired of listening to it, so he grabs a whip and starts beatin' on her good, shouting at her to give herself up to the goddess. He finally kills her, or she passes out or something, and he brings over a silver bucket and lets her blood drip into it. It's funny watching him whip her. They put blood on the whip, so every time he hits her, it puts more blood on her back. He's not whippin' on her very hard and he's kinda aiming it off to the right so it crosses her body completely.

Interesting Commentary Notes: The goddess statue is a department store mannequin in a chiffon dress. They're talking about the scene where Fuad stuck the leg into the pizza oven. They shot that scene in a pizza parlor. Well, Mal puts the leg in the the pizza oven and it caught on fire. So somebody, trying to be helpful, threw it out into the street and threw what he thought was water on it. It turned out to be gasoline. It melted the street in a leg shape, and the only thing they could think of was, "Let's get out of here!" Apparently, while Fuad was whipping Trudy and she was having a hard time because it tickled. They say that they had a problem with a lot of actors not taking their parts seriously, but at least this girl was able to hold her position.

19. Oh my god! Pete's finally put it all together folks! He's got the whole Itar / Ishtar thing figured out. He grabs the phone and calls Dr. Flanders. He was the guy who did the lecture on the blood feast of Ishtar. He asks the doctor to tell him a little more about it. He then asks him if he's ever heard of a man named Fuad Ramses who runs a catering service. The doctor tells him that he wrote that book about the ancient weird religious rites. Pete hangs up with him and calls Frank to tell him that he thinks they got their killer.

Interesting Commentary Notes: William Kerwin was a heavy smoker and he's got a cigarette in many of his scenes. He's also in the bonus feature on this DVD called Carving Magic with Harvey Corman.

20. Fuad is cookin' up the feast now. He just put that first girl's leg in a pizza oven and after a short time lapse, he pulls it out again all cooked and lookin' yummy. Outside the cops just showed up. Pete tells Frank that if his suspicion is correct, he's gonna need a strong stomach. So they go into Fuad's shop, but by this time Fuad's gone off to his catering gig. Pete and Frank walk into the back and all the lights are turned off. They see the statue of the goddess and get a little freaked out, but just wait until they turn on the lights. Well, they just turned on the lights. They found Trudy laid out on the table, dead and all messed up. Looks like he hacked her up pretty good too. There's a really long shot here that pans down her body so you can see everything. There's a part of a human head down by her feet, a hand on the table, and a tossed salad between her legs. Pete just out of the blue remembered that Fuad is catering Suzette's party tonight. So they bail outta there with a quickness and head on over to Suzette's house. Now he knew Fuad was catering their party. The smart thing to do would have been to have some cops over at the Fremont's house while the rest of them checked out the shop. I guess smart is an alien word to these people. I think acting is an alien word to most of them as well, but that just adds to the charm of the movie. Anyway, before they bail out of the shop, Frank tells the other officers to get on the phone and call the Fremont's and tell them not to eat anything and not to make Ramses suspicious until they get there.

Interesting Commentary Notes: Now we're at the scene with the pizza oven. They forgot and left the leg in the oven after they shot this scene and someone found it the next day and ran out screaming. The smoke from the oven is coming out and going down because it's dry ice fog.

21. Now we're at the Fremont's house and the party is in full swing. Well...let me rephrase that. There's a room full of stiffs, no music, and nobody looks like they're having a very good time. This certainly doesn't look like any kind of a party. Suzette walks over to her friend Nancy who's on the phone. She tells Nancy that Mr. Ramses is about to serve, but Nancy says her boyfriend called her long distance and they got cut off, so she has to wait. Now this is about the stupidest thing ever. Why? Because she's still got the phone off the hook. That's not the worst part though. If she got cut off then shouldn't she be hanging up the phone so he can call her back? She doesn't. She's standing there with the receiver in her hand. Now here's the worst part. After Suzette turns away from her, she puts the phone back to her ear and starts talking again! Who the hell is she talking to if they got cut off?!?!? I mean, the whole thing is just a stupid plot device done so the cops couldn't call the house, but jeez!!! This is just ridiculous!

Interesting Commentary Notes: They're talking now about all the exploitation films that were coming out of southern Florida at the time. After that, they talk about the stage blood and how the chemicals were difficult to get off. Frank has a hat in the middle of the scene that he didn't have when he walked into the scene. They didn't have anyone watching for that and didn't notice it till later. They were shooting She Devils on Wheels and they had a fake bloody head and it flew through the air and hit him right in the crotch. He had these brand new white pants on so he decided right then that he had to find a way to get this fake blood of theirs out. Bleach did nothing and typical detergent did nothing. Finally there was this new product on the market called Axion and it took the blood out beautifully.

22. Fuad comes out now and makes an announcement to the guests. He announces that the feast of Ishtar is about to begin. But, to make the feast more authentic, he must ask the cooperation of the young lady for whom the feast is being given. Suzette goes with Fuad into the kitchen. Now this is where it gets good. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! One last shot of Nancy talking into the phone. "Bill! Bill! Are you there???" and she's clickin' on the hang up button while she talks. What a moron! What an ultra maroon! But now we go into the kitchen for what's probably the funniest part of the movie. Not only is it funny, but it's extremely frustrating for Fuad. Suzette asks him where the food is, and he tells her that it's out in the garage and that it would be a desecration to bring it into the house before they blessed it. He starts going into this thing about how in the ancient days, it required a young maiden like her to be offered to bless the feast. She giggles and asks her how she does that. He says that it requires that she lay out flat on an alter. He's cleared off the counter for her, so he puts her up on it and lays her back with a cushion under her head. Then he tells her that she must raise her arms to the heavens and say, "Oh Ishtar, take me unto yourself." Then he tells her that her eyes must be tightly closed. She giggles and sits up and says something about the professor's lecture. Then she's all, and this is just priceless, "Hey, you wouldn't sacrifice me on this altar would you?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! God she's funny. Fuad is starting to get a little frustrated now. He assures her that he wouldn't and asks her to lay back down. Now she's laid back down and she's got her hands in the air and he tells her that she must repeat the sacred words. She's all, "Oh, I've forgotten them." Oh man, this just gets better by the second. Fuad tells her to close her eyes, and then he tells her the words and that her eyes must be tightly closed. She raises up her hands and says like three words of the saying and then starts giggling and sits up. She's all, "This is silly." There must be a pretty severe vacuum in that kitchen, because I swear, every bit of air in there has got to be in her head. Fuad asks her not to break the heart of an old man. She says she's sorry and she lays back down and starts the saying again. She says it, and just as Fuad is about to hack down with the machete, Mrs. Fremont comes in and interrupts. She and Suzette both start screaming and Fuad runs gimps on out of the house like a scared rabbit.

Interesting Commentary Notes: When Fuad and Suzette are in the kitchen, there's a clock on the wall. They had to keep resetting the clock so it would look like the proper length of time had transpired.

23. As he's running away, we hear sirens, and the police finally show up. Pete and Frank come running into the kitchen and ask Suzette if she's ok. She's pretty much hysterical. Mrs. Fremont asks what this is all about. Frank tells her and she says probably the stupidest thing in this whole movie. I won't put it here since it's in the quote. You can read it there in a minute. Suzette asks Pete if they caught Fuad outside the house. Pete tells her that they didn't and that he has some bad news for her. He tells her they found Trudy and that she was another victim of Ramses. She's all hysterical now and he tells her to go get some rest while they go after Ramses. Suzette better stop huffin' and puffin' the way she is. She's gonna lose all the air out of her head.

Interesting Commentary Notes: Talking about foreign sales now and other general chit chat. Apparently the film did well in France and Belgium.

24. A chase ensues. The police catch up to Ramses and then get out of their cars and chase him on foot into a garbage dump. Now this is one thing that's always struck me totally funny. This old guy with a limp outruns four healthy cops, and he's got a pretty damn big lead on them too. Finally Fuad makes it to the back of this garbage truck that's just taking off. He hops into it and off they go. What he didn't plan on was that as soon as the garbage truck took off, they turned on the crusher in the back. Yep, you guessed it. He's now a mashed pile of goo in the back of the garbage truck. A fitting end for a gimpy little man. The cops come running up along side the garbage truck and get the guys to stop. They all go around to the back where they see the crusher blade pulling back up into the truck smearing blood all along the way. Frank asks Pete how he figured it all out. He says he kept remembering the name Itar and blah blah blah. You already know how he figured it out. A few words of pondering from Pete about the goddess and then one last shot of the goddess statue in Fuad's place crying tears of blood and the movie's over. This rewrite has taken me a long time to finish, but it was well worth it.

Interesting Commentary Notes: They had to shoot this chase scene several times and they had to keep the camera still just by holding it. They didn't have any special equipment to hold the camera still during the chase. They opened in this theater in Des Moines, and the guy from the drive-in called them and asked them how their film ended. They told him that it ended with Fuad getting ground to hamburger in the garbage truck. Apparently, the lab had sent the drive-in a print of the film directly. They sent them reels 1-2-3-4-5-6-5. So there was a repeat of real five at the end of the movie instead of the reel 7 that was supposed to be there. They showed the film like that for several days and they didn't get any drive outs.

Best Quote

Frank: "Mrs. Fremont. I'm afraid this feast is evidence of murder."
Mrs. Fremont: "Oh dear. The guests will have to eat hamburger for dinner tonight."


- Frank telling Mrs. Fremont about the feast Fuad had prepared for the party and her reaction to it. - (Reviewer's Note: I don't think I've ever in my life seen anyone as completely and utterly dumb as her. I think the only reason she even remembers to breathe is because her head needs a refill now and then.)


Video Clip
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Blood Feast
Fuad and Mrs. Fremont discuss the catering arrangements for Suzette's Party. Notice how he's got so much gray stuff in his hair that it's like stiff with the coloring. Unlike the screenshot of him in the character section where his hair is more poofy.

The Conclusion

The re-write of this review has been a labor of love for me and I can't believe that it's almost over now. I was just sitting here thinking that it's really funny how there are so many ways to stumble across a great film.  Sometimes it's word of mouth, and other times you'll read about it in an article or a review. Sometimes, it's even from a trailer that you may have caught a glimpse of while waiting for some other movie to start. None of those personally apply to my introduction to this film however. For me, my first introduction to this movie actually came from John Waters. Yes that's right - John Waters, the director. There's a scene in his movie Serial Mom (this is a must see movie by the way with the part of Serial Mom being played incredibly brilliantly by Kathleen Turner), where her son Scotty, who's a horror nut, has some friends over and they're watching Blood Feast. We get to see them watching the infamous tongue ripping scene and the scene where the high priest is holding the girl's heart. This eventually peaked my curiosity to the point that when I was able to find this movie on DVD, I snapped it up immediately. I didn't really know what to expect, and only later did I find out the real specialness of this movie and come to understand its hugely important place in cinematic history.

What's really funny about this film, is that the acting sucks and it was shot for only $24,500, but the low budget and the lack of acting talent made no difference whatsoever. The final result of Herschell Gordon Lewis' and David Friedman's efforts shone with a golden light and changed the genre forever. They had created a new phenomenon and broken new ground by bringing us the very first film that focused on real "gore".  The blood was in your face and all of the gore effects were not only highly realistic looking, but also highly shocking by the standards of the time.  Even by today's standards, some of the effects still hold up really well.

It's really interesting to listen to the commentary track on this film because even though I put a lot of it in this review, just listening to David and Herschell talk about this film with such fond memories is something that you have to hear for yourself.  There's not a lot I can say here in the conclusion that hasn't already been said in the above section.

This is a must have DVD from Something Weird Video. The sound is kind of lacking in some parts of this film, but I think that's only because it's the way the sound was picked up when the original film was shot. The picture quality on the DVD is excellent, and they even managed to find forty-seven minutes of out takes to add as a special bonus. The DVD also includes the afore mentioned commentary track and a special bonus film called Carving Magic that stars Harvey Corman and William Kerwin, who played Pete in this film. Basically it's a documentary about the proper way to slice about every cut of beef, turkey, chicken and fish that you can imagine. It looks like the kind of film you'd watch in your home economics class in high school in the early sixties. The great part about it is, it not only holds your attention, it's really educational as well. They did a great job on it and it's wonderful that Something Weird chose to include it on this very special DVD.

I'm going to wrap this up now because I'm sure you're tired of reading at this point. The last thing I'll tell you, is that you need to have this DVD in your collection. There's no amount of writing that can ever impart the unbelievable feeling you get from actually watching this film. It's a great package and when you watch it all, you'll realize what a true piece of cinematic history you've just purchased. Thank you Something Weird for immortalizing this film the way it deserved to be.

As for the rating, it should come as no surprise after reading through this whole thing. I was helplessly compelled to give this movie exactly the rating it deserved...

B-Movie Central's Rating: 5 Bees!

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