Attack of the Giant Leeches

Year Of Release: 1959
Running Time: 62 Minutes
DVD Released By: Madacy Entertainment
Directed By: Bernard L. Kowalski
Writing Credits: Leo Gordon
Filming Location: Los Angeles County Arboretum, Arcadia, California, Studio City, California

Starring: Ken Clark, Yvette Vickers, Jan Shepard, Michael Emmet, Tyler McVey, Bruno VeSota, Gene Roth

Tagline: "Crawling horror... Rising from the depths of Hell to kill and conquer!"

Alternate Titles:

Attack of the Blood Leeches (1959)
Demons of the Swamp (1959) (UK)
The Giant Leeches (1959) (USA: promotional title)
She Demons of the Swamp (1959)

Interesting Bits of Trivia:
Ken Clark who played Steve Benton in this film, also played in a rather large number of Italian films including several Hercules movies.



Cast Of Characters
Steve Benton: The handsome and straight-arrow game warden who's assigned to stamp out poachers in the swamps of Florida. Refuses to believe the monsters actually exist until bodies start appearing with strange wounds.

Nan Greyson: Daughter of the local doctor and Steve's girlfriend. Not the typical annoying sub-character girlfriend type that you usually see in these movies, but nothing special either. Sometimes she seems more like a prop than anything else.

Doc Greyson: Now there's an original name for a Doctor. He believes there's something bad out in the swamps and wants to attack it with dynamite, but Steve won't let him. Why are people who can see a problem clearly, always restrained by those who can't?

Liz Walker: Why is it that hot hillbilly chicks, always marry big fat slobs? Liz is a complete wretch, unfaithful to her husband, and an all around hideous person. She does make for a good monster snack though.

Dave Walker: Liz's fat husband and local general store owner. Chases Liz and Cal into the swamps with a shotgun and then watches them get taken by the creatures. Hangs himself in his cell after he's arrested for their murders. This guy just has no luck whatsoever.

Cal Moulton: Local swamp stud who's got a thing going with Liz. Nothing redeeming about his character either which makes him a good match for Liz. And like Liz, he makes a good monster snack.



The Plot
Giant creatures that look something like a cross between a leech and and an octopus, minus the arms, rise out of the Florida swamps to grab a snack. Steve, the good looking game warden, begins an investigation after people begin dissappearing and strange tales of some kind of bizarre creature in the swamps begin to go around the nearby swamp community. The local sheriff doesn't believe any of it and will have no part in the investigation, which leaves Steve, his girlfriend Nan and her father Doc to investigate it on their own. The movie has a sub-plot as well. Dave, the fat general store owner has a beautiful young wife named Liz who also happens to be a complete shrew, and an unfaithful one at that. She has an affair with Cal and when Dave finds out, bad things happen.



What The Hell???
1. The film opens with a drunk hillbilly out in the swamps with his shotgun. He sees one of the creatures in the water and shoots it like five times. He's scared to death, but when he's done shooting, does he run? No he doesn't. He hefts up his jug of moonshine and takes a big ol' swig. The only thing missing was the XXX on the side of the jug.
2. The creatures in this movie look more like soft turds with corn all over them than anything else. They're even tapered at the end. Only in the closeups do they have much of any real detail. Even at that they look more like some guy in a giant trashbag with suction cups all over it.
3. Would somebody tell me please why hot hillbilly chicks always find the fattest and ugliest guys possible to marry? Didn't Liz at least have a good looking cousin or something? Every time you see something like that, all you can think to yourself is, "Damn, what a waste."
4. Towards the beginning of the movie, Steve is out in the swamps looking for poachers and destroying their traps. He's got his girlfriend Nan with him! Now a good law enforcement officer would not be taking his girlfriend out with him while he's working. He especially wouldn't take her out when he's looking for potentially dangerous men with shotguns.
5. Later in the movie, Steve is out looking for the creature, and he's got Nan with him again! I know she can be annoying at times, but wouldn't it be better to break up with her rather than putting her in all these dangerous situations where she could possibly get killed? I mean, he didn't even give her a gun or anything. All she did was pour the coffee.
6. Dave goes out to deliver groceries and while he's out, Liz and Cal end up in the swamp together making out on the ground. All of a sudden, Dave is wandering through the swamp with his shotgun and just happens to come across them. Now would someone please tell me, where the hell did he come from???? And why was he wandering around in the swamp with his shotgun anyway when he was only delivering groceries just a short time before that????
7. After Liz and Cal are taken by the monsters, the sheriff has a search party out looking in the swamp for the bodies. Dave tries to tell him about the creatures but he doesn't believe it and has Dave arrested for murder. While he's standing there, two of the local hillbillies ask the sherrif if there's a reward for finding the bodies. He says there is and they go out looking. Now here's the "What The Hell???" part of the story. The two hillbillies go out in a small canoe into the swamps, drinkin' moonshine and pokin' around in gator holes looking for the bodies! What the hell is wrong with this picture??? They know the swamps are infested with gators and yet they go out in the water in a tiny canoe poking around with a big stick??? They finally realize that there's no gators around, or anything else for that matter, but they realize it too late and become giant corn-laden turd food. I have to wonder, when something that looks like a turd takes a dump, would it think that it just had babies?
8. Oh, and this gets even better. When everyone realizes the two hillbillies are missing, they form another search party. This time they got people walking around in gator infested swamps in hip waders!!!! I mean come on, even hillbillies aren't that stupid. Then again, maybe they are. During the search a particularly bright looking one makes the profound statement that there don't seem to be any gators around, but there should be. Somethin' must have scared em' off. Now is that brilliant and inspired thinking or what?
9. At the end when a creature pops up out of the water, the sheriff says casually, "Look at that thing. I been around here for years, and I've never seen anything like that before." I mean, come on! What does it take to get this guy excited? He talks like he sees giant turd creatures popping up out of the swamp all the time. I think this guy's been freebasing valium with Bill and Mary from "The Wasp Woman".



Best Quote

Nan: "Where could it have come from?"
Doc: "I wish I knew. We'll have to make some tests. Maybe the proximity to Cape Canaveral has got something to do with it."
Nan: "The Rocket Station?"
Doc: "Well they use atomic energy in the first stages of launches. Not all of them are successful."


- Nan and Doc talking about the possible origins of the creatures. - (Reviewer's Note: Here's my theory of where they came from. Dave was out hunting gators in the swamp one day, and after a big lunch and a half a jug of moonshine, he took a dump in the swamp. The moonshine was radioactive because it was made with contaminated corn which was harvested near Cape Canaveral. The radioactive moonshine acted upon the food in his body creating radioactive turds, and when the turds landed in the murky, algae infested swamp water, they came to life and grew into giant man-eating monsters. Well...that's what I think anyway.)



Video Clip
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Attack of the Giant Leeches
Apparently, giant mutant leeches like the taste of swamp hillbillies.



The Conclusion
Attack of the Giant Leeches is visually dark through a good percentage of the movie which makes it kind of hard to track whats going on at times. The characters are uninteresting and there's really no one to care about in this movie except maybe Dave, the jilted husband. The creatures are semi-interesting but always look like a guy trapped in a big garbage bag. There's not much of interest in this movie and not a lot to really goof on except the moonshine and the creatures.  Overall though, it wasn't completely horrible either. It would be ok to watch if you were bored, but you'd be better off watching the other feature on this DVD, "The Wasp Woman" as it was a much better, and far more enjoyable film.

B-Movie Central's Rating: 2 Bees

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