Kronos: Ravager of Planets

Year Of Production: 1957
Running Time: 78 Minutes
DVD Released By: Image Entertainment
Directed By: Kurt Neumann
Writing Credits: Irving Block (story), Lawrence L. Goldman (screenplay)
Filming Location: Unknown

Starring: Jeff Morrow, Barbara Lawrence, John Emery, George O'Hanlon, Morris Ankrum, Kenneth Alton, John Parrish, Jose Gonzales-Gonzales

Tagline: World-Destroying Monster!

Alternate Titles:
Kronos: Destroyer of the Universe

Interesting Bits of Trivia:
Jeff Morrow, who played Dr. Leslie Gaskell, in this film, also appeared in a huge number of other films and TV shows including The Twilight Zone, Daniel Boone, Perry Mason, and Bonanza. In his later years, he became a commercial illustrator while still taking occasional acting jobs.

Cast Of Characters
Dr. Leslie Gaskell: I really can't figure this guy out. He's like part science nerd and part Casanova. He's a very smart scientist, and that part of him often stands in the way of his romantic side. And yet, when that romantic side does come out, this man can kiss like a demon. He and Vera have a thing going, but most of the time, he ends up letting his science get in the way of that. I don't know why, but looking at this screen shot, I suddenly just pictured him with hair like Animal from The Muppet Show sitting there saying, "Want woman....wooooommmaaaannnn....ha ha ha ha..."

Dr. Arnold Culver: Golly gee this guy's a nerd. Look at his really spiffy bow tie and his nifty keen pocket protector. I think the only way this guy could be more of a nerd is if he actually had tape on his glasses. He's a smart scientist, though not overly observant at times. He'd rather spend time with his computer S.U.S.I.E. than he would with a real woman.

Vera Hunter: She's kind of a cutie and she's smart too. She didn't do or say anything annoying in this film at all, and she went out of her way to help out and do the smart thing at all times. She's got this thing going with Leslie, but if I was her, I sure as hell wouldn't put up with this crap of him always putting his science first. I mean come on now, there has to be some kind of a balance there. I guess though, after seeing the way he kissed her, he makes up for it off camera.

Dr. Hubbell Eliot: This guy was the director of Lab Central. At least he was until the aliens took over his brain and made him help them. He can do the buggy-eye thing pretty good, and he's pretty good at kickin' butt too when the aliens have control of him.

Dr. Albert Stern: This guy was the doctor that was taking care of Dr. Eliot while he was in the hospital. He doesn't have much of a personality, but as soon as I saw this screenshot, the first thing that came into my head was him sitting there playing with the tape recorder mic saying stuff like, "Pilot to bombedeer...pilot to sighted...." I could kinda see him locking the door and singing Bing Crosby tunes into it too when no one was around.

Kronos: Now isn't this thing stupid lookin'? I mean seriously folks, they must have had a non-budget to have to resort to something that looks like this. I mean, I could have come up with something cooler looking than this when I was in the second grade playing with a bunch of Legos. Anyway, this is Kronos and he absorbs energy and gets bigger. It Isn't that nifty? Yeah, real exciting huh?

The Plot
An alien race has discovered how to convert energy into matter, but in doing so, they have depleted the energy resources of their world. In an effort to replenish those resources, they have sent Kronos to drain the Earth of all of it's energy resources so that it can return them to it's home world. Two astrological scientists however, discover what they think is an asteroid headed for the Earth and bring it to the attention of the military. The military fires three atomic missiles at the object but they only manage to deflect it off course a bit. Once the object strikes the Earth somewhere off the coast of Mexico, Kronos is unleashed upon the world. Can the Earth stand up to such an indestructible creature? Will they figure out Kronos' weakness in time? Will Leslie and Vera ever get to see that damn movie he was supposed to take her to? Let's read on and see...

What The Hell???
1. Oh my god! I don't usually do this before I watch a movie that I'm going to be reviewing, but I just watched the trailer for this one. This movie's gonna be a doozie. It looks like something Ed Wood would write and has probably the lamest looking baddie I've ever seen in one of these movies. The funny part is, that as it moves along, it's legs, and possibly the whole thing (but I'm not sure from seeing the trailer) are animated. I was kinda not looking forward to reviewing this one, but now I think I am. So let's get on with it...

2. Upon starting the movie, we're treated to a cheesy looking lightning effect followed by some pretty sharp looking titles with a distinctly fifties look to them. After the credits are finished running, we see a really stupid looking UFO out in space. And when I say stupid, I mean it's really hokey lookin'. As it reaches the Earth, it comes down near where a man is driving his truck through the desert. Suddenly his truck's entire electrical system dies. He get's out to check the motor, and is suddenly hit by some really stupid lookin' animated lightning. He looks hypnotized now, but at least his truck started running again. He takes off and heads right into the next scene.

3. So he drives his truck up to Lab Central which is government property and there's no admittance to the public I guess. It says there's no admittance to someone, but the bottom of the sign is cut off. And no I didn't make up that name. The place is actually called "Lab Central". Anyway, he's greeted at the main gate by a guard who tells him that the base restricted territory. The guy in the truck gets out and says that he's lost and that he's made a wrong turn somewhere. When the guard tries to help him, the guy in the truck cracks him in the head with a pipe wrench and wanders on into the base. He goes to Dr. Hubbell Eliot's office. Doc Eliot is the lab's director. I'm seriously wondering at this point how an alien intelligence would not only know where to go, but also who to see when he got there? Oh well, such are the questions that make life interesting.

4. Dr. Eliot asks him who he is and what he's doing there. The guy just stares at him and doesn't say anything. Suddenly, the guy's face starts glowing and a light blobby thingy jumps from his face to Dr. Eliot's. The guy collapses as the guards come running in. They take the guy away to the morgue and leave the now possessed Dr. Eliot in his office. On their way, they pass a geeky looking scientist who's walking into the lab's computer room. He get's the results he was waiting for. His name is Dr. Arnold Culver, just so you know, and he takes the results into another lab room where he meets up with Dr. Leslie Gaskell. Man, someone was high when they came up with that name. Anyway, they had the computer calculating the coordinates and orbit of this big asteroid they found. Only, it's not really an asteroid. It's a really stupid lookin' UFO.

5. Back in Dr. Eliot's office, we see ol' skippy lookin' out the window up into the sky. Somehow he's seeing the UFO and it's shining signals at him from space. Back in the lab, our two doctors are watching the "asteroid" on the scope. The UFO starts moving all over the place and wiggling around and what not and Dr. Gaskell says, "Look, it's changing course." Dr. Culver is all, "What? It looks the same to me." Now excuse me for a second, but HUH?!?!?!? That UFO was moving around that screen like some kind of a late 70's arcade game, and Dr. Culver says that it looks the same to him? Dude, Leslie...bitch slap him for me please. Yeah, right up the back of the head. Nice and hard...

6. So the two doctors go down to the dark room to see Vera who's going to be developing the time lapse photos of the object. While they're doing that, Dr. Eliot goes into some kind of a control room. Not sure what he's doing there. Now here's something I don't get too. By the time they get down to the dark room, the sign is lit saying not to enter because the dark room is in use. They wait about eight or ten seconds and suddenly the sign goes dark, they walk in, and the pictures are done. Now I'm no photography expert, but I think it takes a hell of a lot longer than that to develop pictures. Especially a series of them. Now I realize we have machines that can do it pretty quick nowadays, but back in the 50's, doing it by hand had to take longer than the five or so minutes it took them to walk down to the darkroom. Five minutes is being generous too. I don't know where the dark room was in relation to where they were, but I'm assuming it was in the same building.

7. So the two doctors and Vera are in the computer room now. Vera is all upset because her and Dr. Gaskell were supposed to go out on a date tonight, but with all that's going on, it don't look like they're gonna make it. Dr. Eliot just walked into the computer room and the computer went dead. Dr. Gaskell walks out of the room with Dr. Eliot and he was trying to tell Dr. Eliot about what they found, but he was just blowing them off like he didn't really believe that he found what he said he did. Did that make any sense? I hope so, because I'm not really sure what I just wrote. It sounded good while I was writing it though.

8. Vera and Leslie were supposed to go out on a date. Now that the computer is dead, they have time to go out on that date. So they go out and get in the car, but then Leslie starts talking about how they should get confirmation from other sources on their findings and how he should go back in and see what Arnie's doing. Now, I gotta say right here and now that I understand why he feels this way. I always feel like that when I feel like I've left something unfinished. I just can't bring myself to leave it. But that's where my defense of this guy ends. I mean, here he's actually found a chick that is stupid enough to want to date him, and he blows off the date!!! I mean, this guy is not only not that great looking, but he's a big freakin' geek as well. I know damn well he couldn't be meeting up with so many women who want to date him that he can afford to blow one off. So Vera, for me please baby, just reach on over and bitch slap the taste out of this idiot's mouth.

9. Back in the photography lab, Leslie and Vera are talking about the variance in the orbit of the "asteroid", and then...OH MY GOD!!! THEY KISSED!!!! Man, he just planted a seriously major kiss on her. I bet he can tell us what she's had for dinner as well. Unfortunately, the phone rings, it's Arnold calling from the computer room. He got the computer back on line and he's finally got the results they've been waiting for. Apparently the "asteroid" is headed straight for Earth and will strike within sixteen hours. They go to Dr. Eliot's office and tell him about it and suggest that he call in the military to send up missiles to destroy it. So that's what happens. After a very long and drawn out sequence of scenes in which nothing really happens except that we see them prepping for the launch, they finally get around to launching three missiles at the thing. During the countdown however, Dr. Eliot comes walking out of his office with the whole bug-eyes thing happenin'. He goes into where Leslie, Arnold and Vera are, and as the missiles are launched, he stands there making serious bug-eyes at them. They're tracking the missiles as they fly into space, but after they hit, nothing really happens except that Dr. Eliot's eyes roll up in his head and he passes out. The thing is still coming at the Earth just as it was before the missiles hit it. Leslie tells Arnold to go get Dr. Eliot. Arnold turns to walk out and sees Dr. Eliot laying unconscious in the doorway. He goes, "Les!" and he points at Dr. Eliot. Yes folks, that's all he did. Stood there...and pointed. Didn't try to help. Didn't try to see what happened. Nothin'. Finally Leslie comes running over and then Arnold steps in and tries to help. I'm seriously wondering how we ever made it out of the fifties with scientists like this.
10. We cut to a news announcer now reading the story on TV. He's saying that the object will strike North America, but that the chances of it hitting a large city are remote. Just then, there's a really loud rumbling and he says that it's being caused by the approaching asteroid. Blah, blah, blah... The object finally lands in the ocean off the coast of Mexico. I guess the aliens were cruisin' along and suddenly one alien said to the other, "Man I could really use a burrito right about now." And then the other alien said, "No way man, I'm not havin' you fartin' in a closed capsule all the way back home." Then the first alien just laughed and crashed down near Mexico since his sensors showed that there were lots of burritos there. See, fast food wasn't really the booming industry back then like it is now. Now if this movie had been made today, one alien would have looked at the other and said, "You Quierro Taco Bell," and then the other alien would have said, "Yo G, that's whack! I'm not gonna have you floatin' biscuits all the way back to the crib!" Then the first alien would bring the ship down in East L.A. and they'd grab some tacos or somethin'. There would definitely be some blatant product and logo placement as well. Now you see how annoying and stupid that would be? That's why I review the classics folks.
11. Leslie insists that he's going to go to Mexico to start the investigation on his own. He figures that if it's if it's an intelligent life form that they need to investigate now and not six months from now when the various expeditionary parties finally get their act together. I think Leslie was just lookin' for a free trip to Mexico personally, but that's just me. Anyway, so now Leslie and Arnold are down in Mexico, flying a helicopter over a beach, and then out over the water looking for clues. I wonder how it is that a scientist just happens to know how to fly a helicopter? But we'll let that got for now. They run short of gas and head back to the beach house where they're staying. I'm not sure who they're staying with , but it looks like the house belongs to a Mexican guy and his Mother. They're both sitting down to dinner, when Leslie decides to walk over to the bed to open up his case. He's complaining that Vera packed the photographic equipment but not the chemicals. Just then she comes walking in with the chemicals. I guess her mama didn't raise no fool. She just got a free trip to Mexico too. Comic moment here as well, when Arnold takes a bite of the food that mama brought out and just about died because it was so spicy. I wonder if they had Alka Seltzer down in Mexico back then? I have the feeling he's gonna need it.

12. Now we're back at the hospital where a doctor and a nurse are taking care of Dr. Eliot. He don't look so good, and he starts mumbling something that I couldn't quite make out. The doctor grabs the microphone of a tape recorder that just happens to be sitting there and records the whole thing. Wasn't it convenient that he just happened to have that recorder there?

13. Back down in Mexico now, and we find out that the Mexican guy they they're staying with is named Manuel. He wants Arnold and Leslie and Vera to all go clam digging with him. I swear I don't know how people eat them things. It's like suckin' down a big juicy loogie. ICK! Anyway, Leslie and Vera turn down the offer and Arnold takes off with Manuel. Oh nice. while Leslie was sitting there by the car being all philosophical, Vera was inside the car getting changed into a really unflattering swimsuit. She takes off and runs out into the ocean for a swim, and Leslie finally shuts the hell up and goes out to join her. I don't know what she sees in him. She'd have probably had more fun clam digging with Arnold and Manuel.

14. Back at the hospital, the doctor has hooked Dr. Eliot up to some monitoring machine. While the doctor's back is turned, Dr. Eliot opens his eyes, and suddenly the thing that landed in the ocean starts to glow. Dr. Eliot's brain activity goes through the roof, and the doctor orders up a sedative. He shoots Dr. Eliot up with it but it has no effect so the doctor asks the nurse to have Dr. Williams prepare the patient for shock treatment. I don't know if that would be the first thing I'd think of to do to a patient who was having overactive brain activity, but it fits with the story and things were a little more medieval back then.

15. Down in Mexico, Leslie and Vera come out of the water and start makin' out hard on the beach. Vera asks him to marry her and he makes some cutesy comment and they commence with the kissing again. Then Leslie asks her if she can cook. Then he asks her if she can respect a husband who's probably pulled the scientific boner of all time? After seeing them kiss, I don't think that's the only boner he's pulled. Oh, did I say that??? Pardon me. But it was too funny to pass up. Anyway, it's at this point that things start going ape...well you know. The winds pick up and out in the water there's a massive glow. Somehow, I think we're finally gonna get to see Kronos. It's about time too. We're like thirty six minutes into the movie already.

16. Back at the hospital, they finally got Dr. Eliot's brainwaves back to normal. He's awake and fighting them now. He's back to his senses and trying to explain what happened to them, but they drugged him before he could say anything. So it's not bad enough that people in B-Movies can't ever seem to take good advice. But now they have to drug the poor guy before he can even give it. Anyway, it's morning in Mexico now, and Manual just spotted Kronos standing outside the window near the beach. There's ton's of people that just ran up from out of nowhere and they're all looking at it and pointing. It's just sitting there looking like the big stupid thing that it is and not really doing anything except for wiggling one of it's antennas around.

17. At the hospital now in Doctor Stern's office, the doctor is listening to a tape of him interviewing Dr. Eliot. Dr. Eliot is talking about the moments that he can remember where he's himself, and the moments that he can't remember when "the other" takes over. Dr. Stern seems to think he's nuts. He starts recording a bunch of medical mumbo jumbo into his tape machine about Dr. Eliot. Apparently, Dr. Eliot has been telling him how these aliens subsist on electrical or atomic energy, and how they depleted their own supplies on their planet, so now they search the universe for fresh supplies to scourge. Gee, I hope they don't go to California looking for energy. From what I hear, they don't have enough as it is.

18. The two docs and Vera just flew all around Kronos in a helicopter and now they've landed on it and started taking pictures. Arnold's geiger counter starts going nuts and suddenly one of Kronos' antennae lights up and there's a big magnetic wave. Arnold's glasses come off and start shooting along the deck. He grabs them and then Kronos actually opens up revealing a control room of some kind. They all jump ship back to the helicopter and bail out of there fast. Now wouldn't you think that after all the trouble they went through to get there and with them being scientists and all that they would have wanted to at least hang out and have a look inside the thing?
19. Back in the doctor's office now, and we find him recording more about what Dr. Eliot told him. He's talking about how Kronos is a massive energy collector and what not. As he's talking, Dr. Eliot comes sneaking into the room. The doctor continues to record a bunch of medical mumbo jumbo into the recorder, and then as he finished, Dr. Eliot comes over and tells him to give him the tape. A fight ensues and then something happens that is just beyond belief. I'd believe Kronos was walking around in my back yard before I'd believe this one. Dr. Eliot choke slams the doctor against this electrical transformer something or other cage he has in his office and flips the switch, electrocuting the doctor to death. Now my big question here is not why Dr. Eliot didn't get electrocuted too even though he was holding the doctor up against the caging around this transformer. No no my kiddies, that would be too easy. The big question here is, why the hell does this doctor have what amounts to a mini electrical substation in his office with a switch on it that when flipped, can electrify the whole thing, fence and all? That one's gotta get the What the Hell??? of the month award.
20. Another new reporter now talking on TV about the monster that's emerged from the sea. They have a recorded phone message from Dr. Gaskell describing the monster. They play it from a phonograph record! How cool is that? He refers to the monster as Kronos which is apparently some monster from Greek mythology. I was wondering where that name came from. The reporter is smiling an awful lot and doesn't seem to be taking any of this seriously. He then goes on to another story about how Dr. Eliot was released from the hospital after the death of his attending physician from a faulty circuit in his office. Yeah, faulty I'm just gonna say it. That whole electrocution thing was stupid. There I said it. I feel better now.
21. Dr. Eliot is in his office now looking through a folder that lists various power plants and nuclear facilities. He gets that glow around his face again and then says something that I guess was supposed to be in the alien language or something, but actually ended up coming out sounding more like Latin. Basically, he was telling Kronos where to find the energy. Now that Kronos knows where to go, it starts walking along toward the power plant. The two docs and Vera are chasing it in the helicopter. There's something I need to mention about the helicopter here too. When you see them in the cockpit, you see the shadow of the propellers turning above them. But the problem is, they're turning real freakin' slow. As in, no way in hell that thing would be in the air if those blades were spinning that slow.
22. So Kronos gets to the power plant and starts suckin' it dry. But, look folks! It's the Mexican air force to the rescue!!! Now, first of all, I didn't know Mexico even had an air force, and secondly, they only seem to be equipped with machine guns. Now what the hell were they thinkin'??? Naturally, Kronos made quick work of them, destroyed the power plant, sucked out all the energy, and then tore up the entire countryside on it's way to the next one.
23. Leslie and Vera are back at Lab Central now. They're going down to some isolation chamber to see Dr. Eliot. The walls of the isolation chamber are four feet thick and made of lead and titanium. Apparently, Dr. Eliot has suggested to the military that they use an H-bomb on it and the military accepted the suggestion. Leslie is telling him that they can't do it because it will easily be able to withstand the blast. Dr. Eliot is intent on going ahead with the attack and totally blows off Leslie. A bit later, Dr. Eliot attacks Vera when he finds out that she had been talking to the people at the hospital. Leslie comes in and saves her. During the fight Dr. Eliot ends up touching some exposed high voltage contacts and gets himself electrocuted. Instead of killing him though, the shock brings him back to his senses and he tells them to listen to him because he doesn't know how much time he has. Now, in what is a completely brilliant move, Vera actually has the presence of mind to turn on a tape recorder and record everything he says. She's pretty smart for a B-Movie chick ain't she? Anyway, he's telling Leslie that humans have learned how to convert matter to energy, but that we have yet to learn the other half of the equation. The aliens have learned it and know how to convert energy to matter. He says that they've depleted their energy sources so they are sending out these energy collectors to gather the energy from new sources. He also says that if they succeed, that there will be more like Kronos that will come down and deplete the Earth of all it's resources. Leslie calls the Pentagon and has them call off the attack. Fortunately, they do call it off just in time. Unfortunately however, Kronos uses a magnetic field to pull the plane to itself. The bomb goes off as the plane impacts, and Kronos not only survives the impact, but it get's bigger. I know this was a long but of text, but going back for a moment here... Why the hell are there so many exposed circuits in this movie? I mean, that's twice now that people have been electrocuted on them.
24. Dr. Eliot made his way back down into the isolation chamber. He was trying to fight off the alien presence but it was too strong for him and he ended up passing out and hitting the floor. Some kind of a liquid started running out of his head and started sparking the base of the wall for some reason. Not sure what that was about. Back to Kronos now though. It just absorbed the entire H-bomb blast and it's back up on it's feet again. Back at the lab, the two docs and Vera are going over the tape they recorded of the doctor and trying to figure out a way to stop Kronos. They're trying to come up with a way to destroy the monster, and I think they may have just done it. Leslie is talking about flooding Kronos' antennae with omega particles and reversing the polarity, thereby turning it's own power to destroy against it. Sounds plausible to me. What do you think? Well apparently it doesn't matter what anyone thinks. They better get this thing done, because Kronos is headed for a nuclear weapons stockpile. I just hope that when they do start shooting those particles at Kronos, they remember one simple rule. Don't cross the streams!
25. Man, this is funny. I'm sitting here watching an animated Kronos walking along destroying everything in it's path. People are running and all hell is breaking loose. It looks very much like a Godzilla movie. Anyway, he finally makes it to Los Angeles, and there's a jet in the air that contains some kind of a rare element that I guess they're going to use on Kronos. Kronos starts sucking the energy out of Los Angeles just as the pilot spots it. The pilot gets instructions on how to approach and when to fire. He's going in now, but the wind just shifted and screwed the whole thing up. He's had to cancel his target run and circle around again. He's getting new instructions now. Will he do it??? Can he do it??? Oh the tension is just delicious isn't it folks? Bombs away now. It looks like a fishing sinker on a parachute and it explodes in a shower of sparks. Apparently, that did it, because Kronos is going nuts and sparking all over the place and his walls are cracking and there's fake animated lightning and...oh the humanity!!! Kronos just exploded in a massive explosion that the way it looked on screen probably would have taken out a huge part of Los Angeles.
26. Now that all that's over with, Arnold tells Leslie and Vera that he's going back to his computer, and they can finally go see that movie. And that my friends, is the end of this movie. Hope you had as much fun as I did.

Best Quote

Dr: Culver: "Like I always say, after you've seen one asteroid, you've seen them all."
Dr. Gaskell: "Sure, to you she's just a set of intercorrelated coordinates. What fun is that?"
Dr. Culver: "Yeah, she's a beauty all right. Have you named her yet?"
Dr. Gaskell: "Well I don't think I know her well enough to call her by name. After all, I haven't even computed her ecliptic yet."


- Dr. Culver and Dr. Gaskell discussing the newly discovered "asteroid" which is actually a UFO. - (Reviewer's Note: It must totally suck being a middle-aged virgin.)

Video Clip
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Kronos: Ravager of Planets
There wasn't really anything in the movie that was as exciting as what was going on in the trailer, so I thought I'd grab part of the trailer and put it here instead. It's pretty sweet.

The Conclusion

I'm not really sure what possessed me to buy this movie much less review it. Just looking at the front and back covers, you'd think this movie would suck harder than an open chest wound. Oddly enough however, it really didn't. This movie got four bees though instead of five for one real serious reason. Kronos was a boring, stupid looking creation that I really didn't find all that interesting. I mean watching it walk was kinda cool, but other than that, there really wasn't this big sense of threat that a movie monster should provide. I mean look at it. You can see it in the character section above. It's two boxes connected by a cylinder with four cylinders for feet and two stupid looking antennae. Whoopie! God, even a little kid would be bored with that if he had it for a toy. If they had only had an interesting creature or whatever that brought some sort of interest value to the film, this movie would have gotten five bee's instead of four.

But let's go ahead and set that aside and talk about what was good in this film. The plot of this film was credible, at least for a fifties sci-fi flick. It's pretty typical of the kind of subject matter that was popular in this time period, and the plot is actually laid out quite well and flows at a good pace. I think the only time I was getting bored during the movie was when they were preparing the rockets for the initial attack on what they thought was an asteroid. That segment ran too long for me and I found myself wishing they'd just launch the damn things instead of making me watch all the prep work. There was one other time at the end too where I was like, "Just get on with it already!" but that wasn't overly bad. It didn't bore me as much as it irritated me because I just wanted the movie to be over at that point so I could finish up this review. It was when the pilot was going to bomb Kronos and the wind changed and he had to circle around again. That was pretty unnecessary and time consuming, but I see why they did it. Basically it was used as a plot complication to build tension for when the pilot actually was able to launch the attack. At that point in the movie though, I think they could have done without that.

Now let's talk about the acting a bit. The acting was quite good in this movie, and the actors each brought an individual personality out of the characters they were portraying. It didn't just feel as though they were all just there reading lines as so many movies often end up feeling like. The dialogue was well written and well delivered by all of the actors involved in this project, and I think that if that had not been the case, then you would be reading a much different review right now. The actors saved this movie and made it what it was. If the acting had been bad and the lines poorly delivered, this movie probably would have ended up with one bee at best.

To tell you the honest truth, as I look back on it now, I'm not really sure why I liked this movie. It's one of those movies that as you watch it, it just kinda sucks you in and makes you like it. I think I would have to say though, that the trailer was better than any one thing in the movie, and if you get this DVD, you should definitely watch the trailer first. I had to use it as my video clip just because there was no one scene or sequence of events in the film that would have made a good clip to put in this review.

All in all, I wouldn't recommend this film if you're looking for something goofy to watch with your buddies on a Saturday night. It's not really a goofy kind of a movie. It is quite good however on the level that it does work at, and is a pleasant change from some of the other sci-fi movies you may have been used to watching from this era. All that said, I'm happy to award Kronos...

B-Movie Central's Rating: 4 Bees

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