The Land That Time Forgot

Year Of Release: 1975
Running Time: 91 Minutes
DVD Released By: MGM
Directed By: Kevin Connor
Writing Credits: Edgar Rice Burroughs (novel), James Cawthorn, Michael Moorcock
Filming Locations:
La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain
Skye, Highlands, Scotland, UK

Starring: Doug McClure (Bowen Tyler), John McEnery (Captain Von Schoenvorts), Susan Penhaligon (Lisa Clayton), Keith Barron (Bradley), Anthony Ainley (Dietz), Godfrey James (Borg), Bobby Parr (Ahm), Declan Mulholland (Olson), Colin Farrell (Whiteley), Ben Howard (Benson), Roy Holder (Plesser), Andrew McCulloch (Sinclair), Ron Pember (Jones), Grahame Mallard (Deusett), Andrew Lodge (Reuther)

Tagline: Journey to a savage world where time is extinct!

Alternate Titles: I was unable to locate any alternate titles for this film.

Interesting Bits of Trivia:
John McEnery's voice was dubbed over by German actor Anton Diffring supposedly because the producers felt that McEnery had used a silly voice for the part. This film is considered to have spawned three sequels even though the last two aren't really sequels at all. The only real sequel to this film is The People That Time Forgot. The two subsequent films after that, are both similar movies made by the same director and both star Doug McClure, but they're unrelated stories and have Doug starring as different characters in each. While they are not actually sequels, they do create a series of similarly styled films from the same director.

Cast Of Characters
Bowen Tyler: He's tough, he's mean, he's the baddest mofo on the screen! Yes, it's Doug McClure! When you need someone to deliver the cheese, just call Doug 'cause he aims to please. In this case, he's Bowen Tyler. What's so special about Bowen Tyler? Well he just happens to be the son of a big time submarine engineer, which came in real handy when he and the other survivors of the civilian passenger ship they were on end up taking over the German submarine that blew their ship out from under them. Wasn't that convenient?

Captain Von Schoenvorts: This guy started out as a real schmuck, but then turned out to be a really decent guy. Basically he's just loyal to his country and kills the enemy because they would kill his people rather than doing it out of malice as so many other Germans would have. He's inquisitive and likes doing biological research as a hobby, which allows him a form of kinship with Lisa. Unfortunately for him, his first mate Dietz didn't have the honor that this guy had, and unfortunately for the ol' captain here, he didn't realize it until it was too late.

Lisa Clayton: She's pretty, she's smart, and she actually helps out when there's a crisis. She's basically everything your average b-movie girl isn't, which was a nice change really. Lisa is a research biologist, and they never really tell us why she was on the ship or where she was going, but she sure was nice to look at amongst that group of big, stinky, greasy, hairy men. Kinda like a flower growing out of a cow pie if you will.

Bradley: This guy was the captain of the ship that got blown up by the Germans. He's a good captain and a good reliable guy as well, but other than that there's really not much else to say about him, so I guess I should move on. What's that? You don't want me to move on? You want to know more about this guy? Well, since he was a fictional character and his whole persona was made up, I guess I can make up some more stuff. Let's see... Ok, he's got a wife and three little piglets at home, he likes fish and chips with a little malt vinegar, he's got a dog named Rusty and he's a regular down at Madame Floozy's House of Pleasure where his favorite girl Babs wears a slinky little outfit made from rubber and ostrich feathers especially for him because he's a good customer and it gives him happy pants. There, ya happy now?

Dietz: This guy is a total schmuck and he has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Unfortunately for everyone, he's Captain Von Shoenvorts' first mate, so he's in a position of power where he can actually get away with being a schmoe to everyone. Despite his best efforts though, the film actually did have a semi-happy ending. He died. Oddly enough, no one cared. Well, only Bowen and Lisa were actually still alive at the end, but still, I'm sure this guy's death didn't exactly break their hearts.

Ahm: This is Ahm, and he was the crew's little fuzzy buddy. He hung out with them and helped out until it was time for him to ascend to the next level of evolution, at which time he left them and joined up with the tribe that was higher on the evolutionary scale than his previous one. If this guy really wants to evolve, I can help him out with that. All it would take is a razor, a bar of soap, and some deodorant. Hell, just the soap and the deodorant alone would put him two steps above the French on the evolutionary scale.

Screen Shots
"Now she's taking off her shoes. Now she's taking off her socks. Oh man, this is hot stuff!"

Hey! This caveman is checkin' out the crew and fingering his club. Somebody better warn them, because if he gets a hold of 'em... Oh well, they're sailors. They're probably used to that sort of thing.

"Hey Ralph, over here! I found a whole buffet line of these little pink things. Hurry up man, before Ethel gets over here and eats 'em all!"

Oh come now, the movie's not that boring...

Is your breath fresh enough to get this close?

Best Quote

Plesser: "Ahhhhhhh!!!!! Dooohhh!!!! Booooaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!"

- Plesser was one of the sailors and the first guy to get eaten by a dinosaur. - (Reviewer's Note: Oh, that had to hurt. I guess you can't really expect someone to make overly coherent statements while they're being munched on by some big ol' dinosaur though now can you?)

Video Clip
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The Land That Time Forgot
The crew has one of those, "Oh crap!" moments when they come across two dinosaurs that aren't too awful happy to see them.

Summary and Conclusion

I admit it. I'm a sucker for these movies. I just love Doug McClure and big monsters and cavemen and all that sort of stuff. I mean how can you not like that kind of stuff? It's awesome! What makes it even better is when it's all combined into one great film. Such is the case with The Land That Time Forgot.

What's funny about this series of movies is that I actually watched and reviewed them in reverse order because they came out on DVD in reverse order. At the Earth's Core was just an incredible adventure and to this day remains one of my favorite movies. The People That Time Forgot wasn't bad, but it wasn't as good as At the Earth's Core or this first movie, The Land That Time Forgot. Unfortunately, the fourth movie in the series, Warlords of Atlantis, which also stars Doug McClure, hasn't seen a DVD release yet as of this writing. I really hope it does see a release soon though because these movies are all just flat out fun. They're adventure movies, and whether it be big monsters, sea battles, cavemen, sword fighting, earthquakes, volcanoes, or you name it, they really deliver on the entertainment.

This first film in the series takes place in 1916. A german submarine sinks a British transport ship, leaving the survivors floating in leaky rowboats out on a cold and foggy sea. The fog turned out to be their salvation however, because the Germans didn't see the survivors floating around in their two boats, and as a result, surfaced. The survivors made their way over to the submarine and managed to take control of it. After a back and forth with the Germans, they ended up getting lost thanks to Dietz messing with the compass. With no idea where they were, and running low on food, they decided to put aside their differences and work together for the sake of their own survival.

They eventually located a huge island that Captain Von Schoenvorts identified as a lost continent that an explorer discovered some two hundred years earlier. That explorer had been unable to land there, but because our crew was in a submarine, they were able to follow an underwater cave and make it through the mountainous barrier.

To their surprise they found a world where all stages of evolution seemed to have merged, from dinosaurs to various evolutionary stages of cavemen. They also found something that was fortunate for them. Thanks to a caveman named Ahm that they captured and befriended, they located a large pool of crude oil, which they were able to refine into fuel for their submarine. Unfortunately, in their efforts to secure the fuel they needed to get back home, they had to deal with dinosaurs, attacks by cavemen, and even strife amongst their own people, which was pretty much exclusively caused by the ever acerbic Dietz.

As a whole, this movie was great. Every aspect of storytelling, characterization, creatures, and location all led to one highly entertaining experience. But then, if you think about it, how could it not? It's got Doug McClure! He's one of those special actors that just makes anything he touches golden. Buster Crabbe is the same way. When you see one of these guys in a movie, even if the movie sucks, you can't help but enjoy yourself, and you're always guaranteed to have a great time.

I highly recommend seeing all the films in this series. Each one is a gem and will take you back to those adventure pictures you remember watching on Sunday afternoons when you were a kid. They're just a blast to watch, and no matter how old you are, you'll never outgrow them.

B-Movie Central's Rating: 5 Bees!

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