The Mighty Gorga

Year Of Release: 1969
Running Time: 85 Minutes
DVD Released By: Something Weird Video
Directed By: David L. Hewitt
Writing Credits: David L. Hewitt, Jean Hewitt
Filming Location: Simi Valley, California

Starring: Anthony Eisley, Kent Taylor, Megan Timothy, Scott Brady, Gary Kent, Greydon Clark, Sheldon Lee, Lee Parrish, Bruce Kimball

Tagline: The greatest horror monster alive!

Alternate Titles:
I was unable to find any reference to alternate titles for this film.

Interesting Bits of Trivia:
David L. Hewitt himself played Gorga in this film. David was deeply involved in this film and was credited as the writer, producer, director, special effects artist, and as an actor, although his part as Gorga actually went uncredited.

Cast Of Characters
Mark Remington: Mark runs a circus or a carnival or something. He's in desperate need of a really great starring attraction, and he's willing to go all the way to Africa to get it. He's a good guy and an honest guy and he kinda looks like an old TV star that you just might recognize. Read on to find out just who that TV star is.

April Adams: Man, has she got an attitude on her. I guess I'd be pissy too if I was as bad at acting as she is. Her line delivery is just horrible. April is the daughter of Tonga Jack Adams and in his absence has been running their family business. She's a tough girl and she doesn't freak out too much, but her attitude gets real annoying after a while. She finally loses it about half way through the film, but up till then, she's the kind of person you wouldn't even really want to be in the same room with. Her and Mark eventually hook up and at the end when Mark basically tells her they're gonna get married. They only knew each other for about a week up to that point. Talk about your whirlwind romances.

Tonga Jack Adams: Ain't that a cool name? I wish I had a cool name like that. He's April's father and doesn't show up untill late in the movie. He's a pretty tough customer but doesn't seem overly bright. I mean, he's been trapped in the native village for six months and he had a plan to escape but never put it into play until Mark and April showed up. Watching what they did to get out of there, I don't think it wasn't anything he couldn't have done on his own.

The Witch Doctor / Mort The Clown: Man, don't ask me why he played both the witch doctor and Mort the clown because I have no freakin' clue. I will give this guy one thing though. He's got the whole cheeseball line delivery thing down pat. He's the witch doctor in the village and he's the one who's been sacrificing maidens to Mighty Gorga. He uses the maiden sacrifices to control the beast. Unfortunately, one of them must have given poor old Gorga indigestion or something, because he comes back to the village looking for the witch doctor and ends up laying the smackdown on him.

Dan Morgan: This guy is a real piece of work. Think about the biggest jerky scumbag you know and multiply that by ten and you got this guy. He's the perfect example of what happens when you don't raise your kids right. He used to be Jack's partner until Jack disappeared, and then he went off to open his own business to compete with Jack's daughter. He was using every trick in the book to shut her down, but fear not my friends, Gorga lays the smacketh down on this guy too.

The Mighty Gorga: He's the title character in the story, but as in so many of these movies, he's not in it very much. Then again he's not non-existent in it either. He's a big, hairy, wonky-eyed gorilla that stands taller than a villager's hut and probably smells like a three year old gym shoe. An act of kindness by April though turns him around and he changes from a bad, bad monkey, into a great big ol' cute and cuddly monkey. Isn't that sweet?

The Plot

A carnival owner who's been having financial difficulties and is about to lose his operation, flies off to Africa to capture a rare species of giant ape so that he can bring it back to the states and make it the main attraction of his show, thereby saving his show from bankruptcy. Along the way he meets a beautiful girl named April, gets captured by natives, fights off a Tyrannosaurus Rex hand puppet, rescues April's father, escapes from the natives, finds a treasure, and gets himself engaged. I don't know about you, but if I managed to fit all that stuff into about a week's worth of time, I'd be exhausted.

What The Hell???
1. To start this off let me say that Something Weird Video does an awesome job with their DVD's. The transfers are almost always great and the extras are just incredible. There's always great stuff, and on a lot of them there's usually like three extra short subjects as well. They cost more than a lot of B-Movie DVD's but they're more than worth it when you figure in quality and content. The opening menu on this DVD in particular is extremely good. The opening trailer montage showing scenes from a variety of Something Weird's DVD's just make you sit there and watch. It just so happens that I own a lot of their DVD's and I have seen it a million times, but I still can't help but watch it over and over again. The video clip that's playing behind the opening menu may just make it as the video clip in this review but I don't know yet because I haven't seen the movie. I can tell just from that one clip that it's gonna be a doozie though.
2. The movie opens with a really white looking native virgin girl in a bad wig tied up between two posts in the jungle. What could only be the Mighty Gorga comes out of the jungle to eat her alive. Now let me describe this terrifying beast for you just so you can all get a feel for the true horror in this scene. It's a guy in a bad gorilla wearing a solid mask with absolutely no mouth movement whatsoever. The mask in question has one buggy eye, and one beady eye that doesn't look like it's looking in the same direction as the buggy eye giving what basically amounts to a cross eyed looking gorilla effect. I was definitely right. This movie is gonna be a doozie. I'm still trying to figure out what the girl was screaming at. Was it the guy coming at her in the goofy looking gorilla costume, or could it have been the fact that she knew that her name was going to appear in the end credits of this goofball creation even though she was only in it for about twenty seconds?
3. The opening credits show us a carnival show where a guy is running around in a cage taming a bunch of lions. Once the credits are over, we see Mark Remington the owner of this carnival talking to Charlie the ticket guy. He collects the money from Charlie who tells him that they didn't have a very good day. After Mark leaves with the cash, some dopey lookin' clown comes over to Charlie and asks him how they did that day. Charlie flubs his line here and has to correct himself. That's what I love about B-Movies. If someone flubs a line, they just go with it! All of the greatest B-Movie directors to ever sit next to a camera with a megaphone in their hands, have all said at one point or another during their productions, "Keep the camera rolling!!! If we reshoot this scene we won't have enough film left to finish the movie!"
4. Charlie and the clown start talking about how some guy named Arnold Shye who's been going around buying up all the independent shows around the country. In the next scene, Shye is waiting in Mark's office and starts reiterating his offer to buy the show. Mark's brother Dan shows up and they have a big confrontation with Arnold the scumbag. Apparently Arnold bought up their $83,000 bank note and he's threatening to foreclose on it. Typical big business backdoor buying out scumbag. Mark tells him off though and says that they're gonna have the biggest main attraction the world has ever seen and that they're not going to have to file bankruptcy. Now I don't know if he's been smokin' something or eating some of them funny mushrooms, but I don't think a guy in a goofy lookin' cross-eyed gorilla suit is gonna be the attraction that he thinks it is. Hey, I could be wrong though. People were a lot more easily amused back then than they are now.

5. After Arnold leaves, Mark and Dan talk about how the guy they buy their wild animals from told him about an overgrown gorilla over in Africa. He hasn't captured it yet and he's been wanting Mark to finance an expedition over there to get it. Dan agrees to stay behind and run the show while Mark heads out to bag himself a gorilla. Now I don't know why he felt like he had to go all the way to Africa for that. All he needed was a bottle of scotch and a singles bar and he could have woke up with one in the morning.

6. Mark gets off the plane in Africa and calls his buddy on a really crappy looking payphone. After he's done talking, the scene changes to show us a bunch of zoo animals in the zoo. Now the first thing we see is an elephant, and I've just discovered something that I never knew. Elephants roar just like a lion. No kidding! And it must be true because I saw it right here on film. The elephant opened it's mouth and lifted up its trunk and roared just like a lion. Anyway, Mark meanders around in the zoo for a while and stops to watch a young gorilla playing around in it's little area. Sometimes I wonder if it's us in the zoo and the animals are actually watching us. I guess if I was reviewing an episode of The Twilight Zone that's probably how it would be. Anyway, Bill the zookeeper comes up to Mark and leads him off to where the jeep is parked, at which time we're treated to a few more animal scenes until Mark finally arrives at the park where the boss is.
7. Mark comes driving up to this black guy and starts trying to speak to him in some really broken African dialect. The guy doesn't understand him at all and it turns out that Mark just made a fool of himself because the guy speaks perfect English. How many times have we all seen that bit in a movie? Still, it was funny. So he asks the guy to see the boss and the guy says that the boss is with the water buffalo. Mark asks the guy where the water buffalo are and he says, they're in a pen. Then the guy asks Mark if he'd like to see the water buffalo and Mark says, "Well why don't I just see them both?" I swear, if someone messed with me like that while I was sitting in a truck parked next to him, I'd just pull a right turn Clyde, knock him on his can, and drive off to find the boss man myself. But that's me. Finally, the guy get's in the truck with Mark and they head off to find the boss...oh, and the water buffaloes.

8. The scene changes, and we see Tonga Jack Adams chasing after this girl named April trying to talk to her. April looks really ticked off and Tonga Jack looks like he just came back from an audition for the next Crocodile Hunter movie. I'd like to say at this point that I have no idea what Tonga Jack says here. He says, "Be reasonable April," and then he says a line that I've listened to a bunch of times now and I just can't hear it. It just sounds like a big muddy mumble because the audio isn't very clean. Apparently April runs a place that captures wild animals, and this guy was his partner that now wants to buy out April. I just discovered that April's father is the famous Tonga Jack Adams that Mark went there looking for, but no one's seen him for several months. Why do I suddenly feel like I'm watching a soap opera or something? April tells mark at this point that her father disappeared while out hunting for a rare species of giant gorilla.

9. FAKE FIRE SCENE! FAKE FIRE SCENE! While Mark and April are back at April's house chatting over some tea and crumpets, the dude that wanted to buy out April's compound set the cage with the water buffalo in it on fire. This scene is so fake looking as to be almost something like you'd see in a cartoon. It's a distance shot, but you see the guy take a swig from a jug that you just know had XXX written on it, and then he tosses it into the fire. Except the jug looks like green tissue paper and as it flies over the fire in the scene it just kinda fades out. Very bizarre.
10. I just happened to pause the movie on a head shot of Mark, and my wife Sharon looked over and said, "Hey, that looks like Mannix!" For those of you who don't know who Joe Mannix is, he was a private detective on an old TV show that was oddly enough called Mannix. Go figure...
11. April and Mark discuss the gorilla and how they first found out about it and the whole story behind her father's quest to find it. It's kind of a boring story so I won't get into it here, but I did notice something during this scene. April is a horrible actress and she never really looks at Mark while she talks. So basically she's either reading all of her poorly delivered dialogue, or she's kinda staring off into nowhere while she's trying to remember what to say next. She flubbed a line earlier too by the way, just like Charlie did. Why is it that every circus seems to have someone named Charlie in it?
12. George just came running up and got them yelling something about a big fire in the animal cage. We get to see the big fake fire again, and Mark holds April back from it. Back at the house, Mark and George come back and tell April that the fire's out and that they managed to keep it from spreading to the rest of the compound. Just then, Dan Morgan comes walking up. Man this guy's got some nerve. Now tell me something here. They're in the middle of Africa, and there's guns in the house. Would anyone really care if April and Mark just made this guy disappear? I mean first of all there's probably not any cops around, and secondly they have a perfect explanation. They can just say that a wild animal ate him or something and no one would think anything of it.
13. Mark, being the sweetheart of a guy he is, pays off April's $6,000 note and saves her compound. Now he and April are teaming up to go find the Mighty Gorga. If Mark was really feeling generous, he could have thrown in a couple extra thousand and bought April some acting lessons. Anyway, the next morning they pack up and head out on safari. April is throwing attitude to Mark about how they should have left an hour ago and how that on safari they do everything for themselves and that he should forget she's a woman. How ungrateful can you get? They stop off at a village along the way and George climbs up into one of the huts and starts arranging for a crew of natives to work the safari. I hope George has better luck than Toro did in The Bride and the Beast. At least George isn't calling Mark bwana. That's a start anyway. I just realized that this is the third movie I've reviewed now with a gorilla in it. I wonder if there's some sort of a pattern developing here.
14. George comes out of the hut with two guys. He says that no one else will come because they're all afraid of the green hell whatever that is. They also want double wages. April agrees but says that they'll have to do twice the work. It's a good thing there isn't some kind of a safari labor union or something, because if there was, April wouldn't be able to find any help at all. I'm trying to figure out where this attitude of her's is coming from. I hope Mighty Gorga gets to eat her, 'cause her attitude is wearing really thin.

15. After driving off into the jungle, they finally hit the end of the road. April, George and Mark all get out and take a look at the foliage blocking the road. They decide to unload the truck and head out on foot. The funny thing is, that in this scene, the two guys they hired to pack the stuff are no where to be seen. Did they fall out of the truck or something? Nope, I guess they didn't 'cause now they're packing the stuff. Well, they were packing the stuff until they came to this river where there was three skulls on sticks in front of them. At this point they just dropped the stuff and sat on it and refused to move any farther. The skull thing is kind of reminiscent of the skull in Death Curse of Tartu that kept popping up and scaring everybody. Anyway, at this point they decide to camp for the night. They hear jungle drums in the night and George interprets the drums for them. Apparently there's another group of white hunters in the jungle and it looks like it's Dan Morgan and his crew trying to get to the treasure first. Don't ask about the treasure, that just seems to be some kind of a side thing they picked up along the way.

16. They just showed three natives sitting around a campfire talking about how more white men have come to find the treasure and how this time they'll feel the wrath of Gorga. Now I gotta tell you, these are the WHITEST looking African natives I've ever seen. Why is that you may ask? Well, because all three of them are played by white guys with just a bit of a tan that probably came out of a bottle. They also speak way better English than your average cab driver in New York City. Why the heck are these guys speaking English anyway? Even the headhunters on Gilligan's Island managed to speak their own language. One of the natives, as mentioned above in the character section, is played by the same guy who played Mort the clown at the beginning of the movie. He must have been the producer's nephew or something to score a double role like that.
17. Oh sweet. One of the natives just went over and started banging on this big gong with his skull staff and called Gorga out of the jungle. Man, that is one seriously cross-eyed goofy lookin' gorilla.
18. One thing I don't get here. The two guys they hired wouldn't go any farther, and now they're talking about heading out in the morning. Where are they gonna go? Are they gonna pack their own stuff? What's goin' on here?
19. Now we're treated to the scene we saw at the beginning of Gorga getting his virgin sacrifice. Well, that was a short scene. They tied the girl up and Gorga came out and got her. Whoopie!!!
20. Well now I got my answer about the two guys they hired. They took off in the night and stole all the provisions and equipment. Now personally, I'd hunt them down and kill them and then feed them to the giant cross-eyed gorilla so that they would eventually end up as Gorga poop. But that's just me. What Mark, April and George did is set up a base camp and then Mark and April went off into the jungle looking for the gorilla and the treasure while George stayed behind to reprovision the camp and hide the trail from Morgan. I think my Gorga poop idea would have been the smarter way to go.
21. I don't know what's up with Gorga. He's really ticked about something and heads off into the village of the natives where he rips open the witch doctor's roof and gives him the wonky eye through the hole. The guy goes into this while speech that you'll hear down in the video clip that's just awesome. He tells Gorga that soon he can destroy the invaders and then they'll give him another human sacrifice. This seems to satisfy him and he wanders off. I keep expecting to see Gorga trying to eat a banana or something end ending up walking around with it stuck in his ear for the last half of the movie.
22. After a long, hard trek through the jungle where we're treated to such jungle scenes as ants walking on a tree branch and a gorilla sitting on a tree stump, Mark and April find themselves faced with climbing up a very steep cliff. April almost falls off and is rescued by Mark. Once they get up to the top, they find a nice spot by a creek and crash out for the night. They wake up and find themselves surrounded by fake looking prehistoric vegetation. While they were sleeping, we had another scene with the witch doctor talking to Gorga. I'm not sure what the point of that was, since he just got done talking to Gorga through the hole in his roof not too long ago.
23. Mark and April are cruising along now and happen upon her father's knife that he lost by the creek. Now we get treated to Mark reflecting upon all the prehistoric plant life and how this area got like this. At least I think that's what he was talking about. I couldn't hear him over my own snoring. Man, I swear, this movie is about fifteen to twenty minutes too long. Probably about eighty percent of this traveling through the jungle footage could have been left out.
24. Our two intrepid travelers finally find an area where there's a human skull and a nest with giant purple eggs in it. Mark feels the eggs and discovers that they're warm. He grabs his gun and just as they're about to get the hell out of Dodge, a tyrannosaurus rex hand puppet appears out of nowhere on one side of the screen. I mean seriously, this is about the cheesiest, most goofball thing I've ever seen in a B-Movie. It's literally a stupid looking hand puppet and you can even at one point see the guy's arm come into the shot for a second. It's on one side of the screen and Mark is shooting at it from a distance on the other side of the screen and it's not really doing anything except going roar and wiggling around a little. Oh my god, this is absolutely hilarious. Mark isn't even aiming at the thing because the background footage was shot separately from the foreground footage. Now I'm really torn about the video clip though. This has to be seen to be believed. Oh my god!!! Mark just ran out of bullets so he hucked one of the big eggs at it and cracked it in the head!!! This rules!!!
25. So Mark and April run off and Gorga and the Tyrannosaurus get into it. Gorga finally beats down the beast in a battle scene that has to be seen to be believed. Oh my god, the cheese value of this movie just went through the roof. After the battle, Mark comes into the scene behind Gorga. He's acting like he spotted something but this scene was shot like the other one with Gorga live in the foreground and Mark on pre-filmed footage in the background. Mark isn't even looking at Gorga at all. Gorga's like way in front of him and a bit to the left and Mark is looking completely to the left, so that even if they were in the same place at the same time, he wouldn't see him anyway, even though he's acting like he does.
26. I'm not sure why Gorga's standing there having what looks like an epileptic seizure, but Mark takes the opportunity to load up a pentathol cartridge in his gun. He tells April that there's enough pentathol in the cartridge to knock the beast out for an entire day. Unfortunately for mark, his gun jammed and he was unable to shoot. After a bit of unnecessary fidgeting around, he finally he got the gun to shoot and laid out Gorga quicker than a fat woman can suck down all the food at a Chinese buffet. We find out now why Gorga was standing there with his finger in his mouth, rocking back and forth like a great big dork. It turns out that he has a big ol' splinter in it. I'm not sure how he managed to get a splinter in his finger while fighting the dinosaur, but April takes pity on the poor beast and pulls it out for him. After she's done pulling out the the splinter, she takes out a red hankercheif (a clean one I hope), and wraps it around his finger like a bandage. At this point Gorga starts coming to, so April and Mark have to run for it. Man, that pentathol sure didn't keep him out for too long did it? Anyway, unfortunately for our intrepid heroes, they ran right into a group of natives who captured them almost instantly. I think that if I was Mark, I'd probably be thinking to myself, "Why the hell did I ever come here?"
27. Gorgo wakes up and looks at the red hanky wrapped around his finger and just sits there grunting at it incoherently. Meanwhile, back at the village, April's father comes walking into the hut where they're being held. I know you were all worried about him, but now we know he's just fine. Seems that he was captured by the natives on his second day out on the plateau and after he was taken to the village he discovered that one of the chief's wives was very sick. Naturally he had some medicine on him so he saved her life. Now he's an honorary villager and he's got some bodyguard following him around that won't let him out of his sight and it's prevented him from escaping for the last six months. I wonder what he's been eating, 'cause he looks really damn healthy and clean for a guy who's been living with natives in the jungle for the last half a year.
28. Oh, now I know why the natives speak English. Apparently Jack taught them. Now they must be really freakin' smart, because I've been married to an Israeli for over five years now and I still only speak just a tiny bit of Hebrew. Learning a new language is super hard and learning it in six months is damn near impossible unless that's all you do from morning till night.
29. Jack is telling Mark and April now about how there's an extinct volcano nearby that contains the lost treasure of King Solomon as well as an ancient burial ground. Jack has this big plan for them all to escape through the passage. Once the natives come into the hut and take Mark and Alice out, Gorga comes stompin' through the village and destroys the house of the witch doctor. Jack, Mark and April all run out of the village with Jack's bodyguard Kabula hot on their trail. They capture Kabula and force him to show them the way to the burial ground. They find the treasure, which looks like nothing more than gaudy costume jewelry and start filling their pockets with it. Kabula runs off, and I find myself thinking only one thing at this point. Why are there lit torches lining the walls of the cavern?
30. Woo Hoo!!! Another dinosaur. This time it's a stop motion one though, and for some reason, after they find this thing and shoot at it a couple times, the lava acts up in the volcano. I thought this volcano was extinct? Apparently it just erupted and killed everything on the other side of the cavern. Um, that doesn't make any sense. These three get out of the cavern, back above ground again through a cave opening, and yet on the other side, they're assuming everything is dead now just because the lava acted up? Somethin' just ain't right here.
31. Oh great, that's just what they needed. They finally get out and head back, and after meeting up with George, Dan Morgan shows up and takes everyone's guns and steals their treasure. This guy is a serious scumbag jerk. April's down on her knees in front of him emptying her pockets while he watches. One quick smack right to the ol' hangy sack would have put a stop to his shenanigans right quick. Anyway, after he shoots George and then turns on his own partner and shoots him too, Gorga comes out of the woods, kills Morgan, and then wanders back into the jungle, never to be seen again. I guess that was his way of repaying them for the kindness they showed him in fixing his finger and bandaging it up for him. Ok, that's the end of the movie. Pretty cool huh?

Best Quote
"Oh Mighty Gorga. I know your thirst for the blood of young maidens is great. But I pray you. Leave our village in peace! Soon, the invaders will be upon our plateau and you can destroy them! And then, once again, I will summon you to our Altar of Life and you can once again drink of the blood of the maiden!"


- The witch doctor talking to Gorga. - (Reviewer's Note: I'm still trying to figure out why all the African natives in this village were white. Anyway, I think it would be cool to have a giant gorilla to do your bidding for you. Seems a shame though to waste a perfectly good maiden. I bet the witch doctor's roofing bills were sky high too. He should have just put in a flip up door on his roof that Gorga could have opened when he came for a visit. That would have been the smart thing to do. Then again, anyone who sacrifices a perfectly good maiden to a big ugly gorilla probably isn't very smart to begin with.)

Video Clip
When prompted, enter bmovie for the username and central for the password.

The Mighty Gorga
The Mighty Gorga takes on a fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex. The only thing I can think of when I look at this thing is one of those dinosaur head on a stick thingies that when you pull the trigger at the bottom of the stick, the head flips up and the mouth opens and closes.

The Conclusion
I said at the beginning that this movie was going to be a doozie, and I was right. This movie was a cheesefest from start to finish and I had a great time watching it. There were a few elements in this movie that kept it from getting five bees though, and I'll discuss those before I get into the good points of the film.

First of all, this movie was too long. Now you'd think that a good movie being longer would just be more of a good thing, but that's not always the case. The problem with the extended running time of this movie is that the extended time came mainly from Mark and April walking around in the jungle with nothing really all that exciting going on. It got boring after a while and I found myself saying, "Ok let's just get on with this already."

Second, I don't think they used Gorga the way he should have been used. They made him basically just big, strong and stupid, and didn't really give him a very important role in the film. There were several plot lines running throughout this movie and none of them were overly strong, though they did all blend together nicely to contribute to the whole of the story.

One other thing that bothered me was the poor acting from April. Her line delivery was uneven and much of it sounded like she was reading it. She was good at throwing attitude around, but when it came to the times when she was supposed to show strong emotion, the way she did it seemed out of place or just somehow wrong. There was one point where she was yelling at Dan Morgan, and she just burst out with this one or two line emotional rant from out of nowhere, and then just as suddenly, shut back down again. Things got better with her as the movie progressed, but it was never really great.

Anyway, enough of that.  Let's move on to some of the good points of the film.

Gorga was hilarious looking and it was a joy to watch him every time he was on screen. The only real problem was that they didn't give him much to do when he was on camera. The Dinosaur hand puppet was absolutely hilarious and watching the two actually fight each other was just awesome. Mark's character was well acted, as was Dan's. The whole thing with the white natives and the funky line delivery and speech patterns was really funny as well, lending an added level of goofiness to an already goofy movie.

This film was just a whole lot of fun to watch, and even more fun to laugh at.  Unfortunately, I don't get to enjoy these movies as much as I'd like because I don't get to watch them as a whole. While I'm writing the reviews I have to keep stopping the movie to get screen shots or to type or whatever. It's really sad for me because most of the movies I review, I'm actually seeing for the first time when I review them. There's only been a few exceptions to that, but it really makes me wish I could just sit down and watch a movie as a whole once in a while. Unfortunately, I feel like I'm wasting my time if I watch a movie I haven't seen before and I don't review it because I know eventually I'm going to have to watch it again anyway. Well, this is one movie that I do plan on watching again at some point, just so I can experience it as a whole. This is a must have DVD from Something Weird Video, and definitely one that you should feature at your next b-movie party.

B-Movie Central's Rating: 4 Bees

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