The People That Time Forgot

Year Of Release: 1977
Running Time: 91 Minutes
DVD Released By: MGM: Midnite Movies
Directed By: Kevin Connor
Writing Credits: Edgar Rice Burroughs (novel), Patrick Tilley
Filming Location: The exterior shots were filmed on the Canary Islands in Spain

Starring: Patrick Wayne, Doug McClure, Sarah Douglas, Dana Gillespie, Thorley Walters, Shane Rimmer, Tony Britton, John Hallam, David Prowse

Tagline: A fantastic incredible world of savage mystery...

Alternate Titles:
I was unable to find any reference to alternate titles for this film.

Interesting Bits of Trivia:
Doug McClure made sixty film appearances between 1956 and 1995. He also had a large number of notable television roles, but is probably best known as the mayor/sheriff on the show Out of this World. Doug always seemed to have an eternal youthfulness, and played twentiesh roles well into his late forties. Doug was married several times, had two children, and continued to work during the last couple years of his life even though he was fighting lung cancer. Sadly, Doug died on February 5, 1995 in Sherman Oaks, California.

Cast Of Characters
Major Ben McBride: He's an American major being taken by a British naval ship to Antarctica where he hopes to find and rescue his friend Tyler who became trapped there at the end of the first movie. Didn't this guy show up in a Sinbad movie sometime that same year?

Lady Charlotte Cunningham: To say she's annoying and aggravating would be an understatement of colossal proportions. Her only saving grace is that at the end of the movie, she actually looks really damn hot. She's a reporter who's family's newspaper is funding this rescue operation, so they were forced to take her along.

Dr. Edwin Norfolk: Good ol' Eddie. Man this guy can seriously fight. He seems to be the premier expert on the stone age and caveman and dinosaur stuff. He likes a good stiff drink as well. All in all, he's a nice fellow.

Hogan: I'm not sure how to describe this guy. He takes care of the maintenance on the plane, and he can shoot a pterodactyl out of the sky with one shot from a rifle, but other than that he's pretty useless.

Captain Lawton: He's the commander of the British ship that takes the expedition down to Antarctica. He's seen at the beginning, a tiny bit in the middle, and then again at the end. He probably didn't get paid much for this film.

Bowen Tyler: All's I can say is... It's Doug McClure! He's the guy they came all this way to rescue. The way he fights, I don't see why he needed it. He's a damn good shot too. He could use a shave and a nice hot bath though. Calgon, take me away...

Ajor: Righteous cave girl babe with big fake B-Movie boobies and a Bowie Knife. She even speaks English kinda. What more could you possibly ask for?

Sabbala: He's the head of all the bad cave dudes. He looks like Tor Johnson, and has about the same verbalizations that Tor did in Night of the Ghouls. He doesn't do much but grunt and order people around. He's not in the movie as long as you'd think he'd be. Ajor teaches him to keep his grubby hands off her.

The Plot

Major Ben McBride leads an expedition to Antarctica in an effort to find his lost friend Bowen Tyler who became trapped there along with his companion Lisa at the end of the first film, The Land That Time Forgot. After they arrive in Antarctica, they take off in an amphibious plane to search the area for Tyler. But when their plane crashes and they're forced to head out on foot, they encounter cave men, dinosaurs, and other fearsome dangers along the way. Will they be able to find Tyler? Will they ever make it out alive?

What The Hell???
1. In the opening scene, Lady Charlotte has the Princess Leia hairstyle. What's up with that? This movie and Star Wars both came out in the same year. Now I seriously doubt that either production knew that the other was using that hairstyle so that's a seriously major coincidence.
2. So four of them all pile into this amphibious plane and cruise along the water trying to take off. This would be all fine and well if they weren't in the Antarctic. It was showing them taking off and water splashing in their faces. Now that had to be insanely cold and most likely just freakin' painful, especially when you factor in wind chill on water that's already ice cold. Makes me wanna go climb into a nice warm bed and turn on a heater.
3. Hogan's flying the plane. (I'm sorry but all I can think of when I hear his name is Colonel Klink in Hogan's Heroes saying "Hogaaaaaan") Anyway, as he's flying the plane, he's like downin' shots from his flask. Now seriously, I would not want to be in a crate of a plane flying around the Antarctic with a pilot who's three sheets to the wind. To be honest, I'd rather stab myself in the eyeball with a fork.
4. So they're flying along and all of a sudden they got this pterodactyl flying after them. For a big movie bird flying around on wires, he sure gives our intrepid adventurers a hard time. So Hogan's shooting at the pterodactyl with the machine gun mounted on the plane. Why does the guy who'd been drinking and probably has the worst aim of all of them have the gun? So he shoots and he shoots and nothing stops the pterodactyl, until the pterodactyl puts his beak in the propeller and gets it all hacked up that is. The bird drops like a rock, but unfortunately, so does the plane. Fortunately, they land in the thawed out region of Antarctica where they can meet cavemen and dinosaurs and just generally give us another hour and fifteen minutes of movie to watch.
5. So Charlotte has her camera set up a ways away from the plane. She spots some spiked dinosaur something or other poking through the rocks on a nearby hill. So does she warn the others about it? No! She sends Ben on over to sit there and get his picture taken, and then has a good laugh when the thing pokes through the rocks again and scares the hell out of him. Now, Ben's got a gun in his hands. That's not exactly the way you wanna treat a guy who's just been in a plane crash and has a gun in his hands. I don't think he's exactly in the mood for jokes. Especially jokes that could get him killed. I'd have put a bullet in her head for something like that to be perfectly honest. I hope she dies later on in the movie. Unfortunately, since she's the main female character, she probably wont. By the way, it turned out to be a stegosaurus tail.
6. So now Charlotte has the brilliant friggin' idea to tie a rope to the stegosaurus' tail and use it to pull the plane out of the ditch it made when it crashed. Oh we'll just tie the rope to it's tail and then make it run away she says. Just brilliant. I have the movie paused right now while I write this, but I can seriously see them scaring away the stegosaurus, it running off dragging the plane along behind it, and then one of two things happening. Either they'll never see the plane or the stegosaurus again, or the plane will get destroyed as it's dragged along the ground mercilessly by the frightened stegosaurus. Let's un-pause the movie now and see if I'm right. If I am, then Major Ben seriously need's to put a bullet in this woman's head, and then one in his own for going along with such a stupid idea.

7. The stegosaurus is way the hell away from the plane. How the hell did they just happen to have enough rope to reach it all the way over to the stegosaurus' tail?

8. So the plane is tied to the stegosaurus now and Major Ben starts shooting his gun in the air and shouting wildly. The stegosaurus doesn't even pay attention. So Charlotte, her brilliance already an established fact, comes walking in from the side, flipping her hands and going "shoo...shoo." With a brain like that, what's she doing taking pictures? She should be a rocket scientist or something.
9. Hogan's in the plane while the dinosaur's pulling it along. What was he thinking he was gonna do? Steer? Maybe drop the floorboard and apply the Flintstone brakes? What??? Somebody please just tell me what the hell he was doing in the plane so I can sleep tonight. Please!!!
10. Then after the stegosaurus takes off, dragging the plane along behind him, Major Ben asks the absolutely brilliant question, "Now how we gonna stop it?" You know a little forethought is a good thing. It's not a bad thing. It's a good thing. Really. At least he had enough sense to grab a machete and cut the rope before the plane hit the rocks.
11. Now Charlotte's wasting ammo shooting cans off a bush. If I was trapped in a land filled with dinosaurs, I'd want every bullet I could get. Come on now, there's GOT to be a hungry dinosaur SOMEWHERE nearby looking for a snack.
12. I notice they say "God damn it" a lot in this movie, and the way they say it, it just doesn't sound right in the dialogue. It's almost like they were trying to break new ground in what could be said in films and they just threw it in there to have it there.
13. The first cave woman we see, Ajor, is not only a hot auburn haired babe with big fake boobies, but she whips out this big friggin' bowie knife that looks like it was bought at a Wal Mart. Where the hell did she get that? Actually, she was running away from a big ol' dinosaur, but when she saw Major Ben, she whipped out the knife and was using it to keep him away. Now seriously, if I had a big ol' dinosaur chasin' after me, I sure as hell wouldn't even pay attention to anyone I passed as I was beatin' my feet the hell out of there.

14. So Ben shoots his rifle into the air like ten times trying to scare the two dinosaurs away that were chasing the cave girl. Now wouldn't it have made more sense to shoot the dinosaurs? It probably wouldn't have done much but at least it would have done something more than shooting it in the air did. So after he runs out of bullets, Dr. Norfolk tosses him a smoke grenade which he then lobs at the dinosaurs. A bunch of B-Movie smoky goodness ensues, and the dinosaurs go away.

15. Damn, this cave girl is way hot, and not only that, she speaks English. They're acknowledging now that it's a Bowie knife. Apparently she got it from Tyler and he taught her to speak English as well. At least that explains a few things. In most of these movies, people like this speak English for no good reason when they never should have known it in the first place. Come to think of it, it's that way in Star Trek as well.
16. Ajor needs to learn how to hold a knife. She's holding it flipped over the wrong way.
17. They show Ajor a picture of Doug mean Tyler, and she gets all sad. Apparently she loved him and now he's gone, at least as far as she knows. I have a feeling he'll be turning up sooner or later.
18. Now they cut to a scene of Hogan working on the plane. He's actually sawing something off the end of the prop for whatever reason. Suddenly he hears a pterodactyl flying overhead, and he says, "God damn it another one. I told ya. I told ya what I was gonna do." and then he proceeds to shoot it out of the sky with one shot from his rifle! He emptied one cylinder from the machine gun in the plane and part of another cylinder as well at the one that made them crash, and he couldn't hit squat with it. Now he's pickin' 'em out of the air with one shot from his rifle!?!?! After he knocks the pterodactyl out of the sky, he walks over to the side of the plane and pulls aside a cloth. Beneath the cloth is a chalk drawing of a pterodactyl with a bunch of hash marks below it. He marks off another one. So why the hell couldn't he hit the first one with the machine gun? He could have saved them a lot of trouble. Maybe if he hadn't been DRUNK, he could have aimed a little better.
19. Ok, they just shot off a flare for some reason. I can't figure out why since they're way inland and no one would see it anyway. That's a good way to start a brush fire.
20. This bunch of nasty cavemen are chasing two of what's left of Ajor's tribe out of the woods. Ben fires his flare gun over his heads in an effort to scare them away. Now these guys should have had a hemorrhage seeing something like that, but they didn't. They took the time to shoot the two guys they were chasing in the backs with arrows, and then kinda meandered around a bit before they reacted much at all to the exploding flares. It took four flares for them to finally get scared enough to run away, and even then they didn't really run.
21. So they're walking along towards the Naga's village when they get captured by a bunch of Naga. (Nasty cavemen.) They're tied to the ground and left as sacrifices ain't gonna believe this. It's the hippo beast that Doug McClure fought in At The Earth's Core!!! How cool is that?!?!? Ajor rescues them and they run away. Damn, Ajor's really hot.
22. Hahahahah, I was just wondering to myself, "Where the hell is Hogan?" Just as I thought that, they cut to a scene of him. Well...I thought it was funny.
23. Why the hell does Ben keep shooting flares in front of them? Hasn't this guy ever heard of keeping a low profile? Why don't you just pack around a bull horn and scream into it as your walking along?
24. A quick cut scene back to Hogan shows him getting upset with the plane's engine and putting his foot through the wing. Yeah buddy, holes in the wing are a sure-fire way to get that plane flyin' again. That's good thinkin' sport.
25. The leader of the Naga has a bodyguard that looks more like a pro wrestler than anything else. He himself looks a lot like Tor Johnson. I must say that I enjoy Ed Wood movies more than I'm enjoying this one. Although this one is not too awful bad.
26. They found Tyler!!! And he looks just like Doug McClure!!!! Wait a is Doug McClure!!!! Can you feel the McClurey goodness???
27. Doug McClure kicks caveman butt!!!!! Go Doug go! Go Doug...oh wait...I mean, Go Tyler go! Go Tyler go!
28. The executioner who is going to sacrifice Ajor by cutting off her head with a sword, really needs to learn how to use a sword. He had it upside down. That seems to be a recurring theme in this movie.
29. For a middle aged doctor, Dr. Norfolk sure can fight. He's kickin' caveman butt right along with Patrick Wayne and Doug mean Ben and Tyler.
30. Charlotte is actually really hot with her hair down. It looks much better than those stupid Princess Leia buns.
31. Doug McClure just did a thumbs up to Patrick Wayne just like he did to Peter Cushing in At The Earth's Core. I love consistency.
32. Oh man, Tyler just died from two arrow wounds. Ben said, "God damn it," again. I whoever wrote the script for this movie really had something about that phrase because it's been used about eight times now.
33. I can't help but notice that the dinosaurs in this movie don't move very fast. No wonder they died out. Naturally, this last dinosaur had to chew up the pack that had the all the Dr.'s notes in it. Heaven forbid they be allowed to leave with any evidence.
34. I'm not sure why, but the ground is exploding all over the place for no apparent reason.
35. Another "God damn it," from Hogan. I haven't counted all these, I should have.
36. Ben and Dr. Norfolk both stop to take a few swigs of Hogan's "nerve tonic" before they all hop in the plane and take off. I personally would have done that later on after we got away. But that's just me.
37. They had to throw Charlottes camera out of the plane on the way out in order to gain enough altitude to make it over the mountains. There goes the last of their evidence. Note to self: If I ever go to the Antarctic, I'm going to make damn sure I don't take a plane with me that's a total piece of crap. I'll also take a Polaroid camera so I can keep the evidence even if I do have to dump the camera.
38. Damn, Charlotte is actually way damn hot. Too bad we had to wait till the end to find that out.

Best Quote

"Hey! Charly! Get the hell out of the way god damn it!!!"


- Major Ben yelling at Charlotte to get away from the stegosaurus right before it hauled the plane out of the ditch. - (Reviewer's Note: Not only did she deserve to be spoken to like this, but she deserved a good bitch slap to go along with it. Man this woman is irritating. As I watch this, I find myself hoping seriously that a dinosaur will eat her...soon.)

Video Clip
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The People That Time Forgot
Sabbala is about to sacrifice Ajor to the volcano god. But wait! It's Patrick Wayne and Doug McClure to the rescue!

The Conclusion
There were three movies that were produced by Samuel Z. Arkoff that particularly stand out in b-movie history. These movies are, The Land That Time Forgot, The People That Time Forgot, and At The Earth's Core. Naturally it's easy to make comparisons between these three films because they all had Doug McClure in them and they all had a similar look and theme. This particular movie is the sequel to The Land That Time Forgot, while At The Earth's Core was simply it's own film and had nothing to do with the other two. At The Earth's Core was a superior movie to this one in more ways than I can count, and yet this one had a goofy appeal to it that makes it stand on it's own.

The number of times the phrase "God damn it!" is used in this movie almost becomes a joke after a while. It really sounds out of place every time it's said and I'm not sure why they felt the need to force it into the script so many times. Maybe that was as close as they could get to swearing, so they figured they might as well go nuts with it.  In general though, the dialogue was just fine, and the acting wasn't overly cheesy, although I do think that, had the acting been more cheesy, it would have made this a better film and added an extra level of cheesy fun to it.

The dinosaurs were done about as well as you would expect and some of them actually looked pretty cool. I was kind of surprised to see the hippo beast from At The Earth's Core show up in the scene where they were tied down and left to be eaten by it. It was kinda' cool to see that particular beastie in this film, as it made that little connection to the other film for those who had seen both.

I did find Charlotte's character to be incredibly annoying for the first three-quarters of the film.  Thankfully though, she did become a lot more tolerable towards the end of the film. Ajor was a babe and was actually helpful to the rest of the party and not just some liability they picked up just because she looked good. Dr. Norfolk really added something to this movie as well with his highly skilled fighting and dialogue that was not overdone or out of place.

All in all this was a good movie. Not a great one, but a good one. If you had the chance to see this movie or At The Earth's Core and you could only see one, choose the latter. If however you ended up with this one, you won't be disappointed at all with it. It's a fun movie and it's got babes, dinosaurs, and Doug McClure. What more could you ask for?

B-Movie Central's Rating: 3 Bees

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