The Conqueror of Atlantis

Year Of Release: 1965
Running Time: 90 Minutes
DVD Released By: Something Weird Video
Directed By: Alfonso Brescia
Writing Credits: Alfonso Brescia, Franco Cobianchi
Filming Location: Italy

Starring: Kirk Morris, Hélène Chanel, Mahmoud El-Sabbaa, Luciana Gilli, Livia Rossetti, Andrea Scotti, Mohammed Tawfik, Caterina Trentini

Tagline: I was unable to locate any taglines for this film.

Alternate Titles:
Il Conquistatore di Atlantide (1965) (Italy)
The Conqueror of Atlantis (1965) (USA)
Kingdom in the Sand (1965) (UK)

Interesting Bits of Trivia:
Piero Lulli who played Ramir in this film, appeared in one hundred and seven films during his career which spanned from the 1940's through the 1970's.  Piero Lulli died in Rome, Italy on June 23, 1991.  He was sometimes credited as Peter Carter, Piero Lulli Carter, or Peter Lull.

Cast Of Characters
* Description provided by the prince.  I couldn't have written better descriptions myself.
Heracles: Our hero.  He's on his way back to Greece from god knows where, when he gets shipwrecked in an Arab land and ends up falling in love with a princess and helping one band of Arabs fight against another band of Arabs.  Then to top it all off he gets to fight against the Atlantians in order to help both groups of Arabs who have by that time banded together to help him.  Now I can personally think of a lot better vacation spots myself.  Maybe next time he should try Scotland.  They wear skirts there too, so he should fit right in.

Assur: He is the real chief of the bandits, even though he would never admit to it.  He's the undisputed master of the desert.  He commands a force of highly trained warriors and enormous wealth.  He's a cruel and pitiless man whose only feeling is for his daughter Vierna.*

Princess Vierna: Her beauty is unbelievable.  She is honey and milk, and the nomads of the desert sing of her incomparable gracefulness.*

Prince Karr: Assur's bandits have robbed him blind.  Somehow, he manages to sucker Heracles into helping him.  He gets beat up a lot.

Ramir: Atlantian scientist, kung-fu movie bad guy wannabe, and an all around evil scientist type dude.  He's the guy pumping out all those gold people who've been creeping around all over the place.

The Plot

Heracles is shipwrecked in an Arab land, where he finds himself recruited by a king and a prince to save the king's daughter from the Atlantians who are known to the desert people only as "phantoms".  High adventure ensues, as Heracles and his newfound friend Prince Karr, make their way through the desert to the home of the phantoms in order to rescue the beautiful princess Vierna.

What The Hell???
1. During the opening credits, a bunch of guys are riding in and out of the scene on camels and horses.  It looks like they're all the same guys just riding in circles around the camera to make it look like there's more of them.
2. Why are the opening credits in widescreen but the movie is in full screen?
3. The horrible and obvious dubbing is truly worthy of a bad kung-fu movie.
4. Heracles is rescued from off the beach by a traveling princess and her caravan.  First off, if he's such a hero, what was he doing collapsed on the beach?  Secondly, the dude looks like Elvis.  What's up with that?
5. After the princess leaves, Heracles is walking on the beach and finds a ring either she or her caravan dropped.  He didn't even have a metal detector or anything!  Good eye Heracles!
6. So the prince's caravan is attacked by bandits.  They're circling the caravan like Indians circling a wagon train.  Heracles runs down a sand dune, picks up a bow that's laying on the ground, and proceeds to start picking off the bandits.  The funny thing is that he picks off like 3 of them before anyone even notices him.  They just keep riding around in circles.  Then he picks up a big log and starts beating people with it.
7. Ok now, this dude Heracles looks seriously like Elvis.
8. When Assur's men attack the prince's camp, it totally looks like an Arab Wu Tang kung-fu movie.  I mean, how funny is it when one bandit stabs one of the princes men, and then a group of five of the princes men all run up in tight formations with spears and stab the bandit.  Can you say...overkill?
9. I wonder where a Greek strongman and a bunch of Arabs all learned to speak such good English?
10. Assur's lackey is extremely gay.  Somehow I don't think a gay Arab back in this time would have survived very long.
11.  Elvis, um...I mean Heracles, Assur, and Vierna are watching a decent looking woman dancing for their entertainment.  They didn't look like they were enjoying it very much though.  I think Heracles would have had more fun playing the guitar and singing Clambake.
12.  Every time the phantoms are around, they make a really weird noise like you'd hear in a bad 60's sci-fi TV show.
13.  Just as a side note, Goliath was more buffed than Heracles.  He was apparently a lot stronger as well.  He pulled down a whole city, while all Heracles could manage to pull down was a tent pole.

14.  Oh man, it's a dream come true.  Heracles and Karr fall down a chute into the Palace, and they're instantly surrounded by a bunch of tough looking and quite hot warrior women. They take them to the laboratory of Ramir and now all of a sudden it turns into a Japanese sci-fi movie, complete with an insane scientist and gold faced guys in blue jumpsuits.  This is seriously worthy of the Flash Gordon movie.

15.  Heracles and Karr are placed in a cell in the palace together after being ordered there by the queen-to-be who is actually a brainwashed Vierna.  Fortunately, they were removed from the cell by Ramir before they had a chance to play "slippery soap in the shower".
16.  Heracles and Karr are shown by Ramir the process by which he makes his golden men.  Why didn't they just snap his neck while they were standing there next to him?
17.  Turns out the phantom people are all Atlantians who moved to the Arab lands after they lost their continent.
18.  They have a generator that powers the whole city that is powered by one of the gold men spinning a wheel.  The funny thing is, that when he stops turning the wheel, all the lights go out.  There's another guy pulling levers and passing gas too but I really didn't get what that was all about.
19.  These two handmaiden-guard type chicks drug everyone in the room just so they can get Heracles and Karr away from the Queen so they can "experience the love of a man".  Unfortunately for them, everyone woke up, found them, and the two chicks were killed by the Queen.
20.  Heracles escapes the cell and makes it to Vierna.  He tells her that he wants to take her back to his father but she's brainwashed so she refuses.  Heracles gives her a bitch-slap that would have made Ike Turner proud, and packs her out of the chamber.  He returns her to Ramir's lab and somehow manages to figure out how to use the machine that can restore her will.  After a brainwashed Karr attacks him, he manages to restore his will as well.
21.  After Heracles runs into the Queen, he manages to get her laser weapon away from her which he then uses to kill her and several of the gold men.  So now not only is he a scientist, he's a weapons expert with really good aim.
22.  Ok now that's just cool.  Heracles monkey flips 4 of the gold men all at once!  Maybe when he's done with this movie, they could use him in Cirque du Soleil!
23.  How come Heracles can manage to fight off about twenty of the gold men now, but back in the tent when there was only about six of them, three guys together couldn't fight them off?
24.  While the Arabs are fighting the gold men with these weapons that are actually two big metal balls connected by a chain, if you watch closely, one of them, while swinging the ball around, actually cracks one of his fellow Arabs in the head.  It was just an accident but if you catch it, it looks quite painful.
25.  Why are all the gold men wearing blue jumpsuits with a diaper on the outside.  I guess when they lost their will, they lost their ability to know when it's time to go potty as well.
26.  After Heracles destroys the palace, all the gold men choke to death.  Not only that, all the gold men turn back to normal.  Dead, but normal.  These guys were dipped in gold and stuff, so how did they just turn back to normal?



Best Quote

"The peoples of the desert will certainly get together one day, and then they are going to make you pay a heavy price, for all the misery that you have brought down upon their heads.  You'll never escape them."


- Heracles talking to Ramir after being shown the process by which he creates the gold men. - (Reviewer's Note: Well, aren't we fierce?)

Video Clip
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The Conqueror of Atlantis
Heracles and Karr are taken to Ramir's laboratory where they meet up with his gold faced troopers.

The Conclusion
The Conqueror of Atlantis is the second feature on the "Goliath and the Dragon" DVD.  It's quite a different movie from the latter however, in that the cheese factor is on a totally different level, and once they find the Atlantians, it becomes more of a Flash Gordonesque type movie than a sword and sandal movie.

This movie, like Goliath, is an Italian film and as such, just so we can understand what's going on, it's dubbed in English.  Towards the beginning of the movie, some of the fight scenes are more reminiscent of a bad kung fu movie than anything else, and the dubbed voices really add to that image.  Comparing this movie to Goliath though would be unfair, as it has a whole life of it's own and has a totally different look and feel than the Goliath film.

In many ways, because of the Arab factor, it almost comes off like a very early Sinbad movie that Ray Harryhausen wasn't hired to do the effects for. The characters and the acting overall were what you'd expect to see in a 1965 sword and sandal film, although Heracles' resemblance to Elvis was more than a little distracting.  One other minor distraction in this film, is that there is an SWV logo on the screen at all times.  This DVD was released by Something Weird Video but for the life of me I can't figure out why the SWV logo is on the screen during the film.  It's a bit distracting at first, but once you get used to it, you pretty much don't even notice it anymore.

The film itself is not the best transfer in the world and there are some obvious problems with it that could have been fixed during the mastering process, but it's not real bad, so I guess Something Weird just didn't feel like it was worth it to fix the problems.  I'm Glad they released this as the second feature on this DVD.  The movie, in and of itself however, is more than good enough to have been released on it's own, rather than piggybacked with Goliath.

I really had a lot of fun with this one, and I would highly recommend it if you're looking for an evening of fun and adventure.  Oh, and be sure to watch in that one scene for the guy getting cracked in the head with that "iron" ball.  It was hilarious!

B-Movie Central's Rating: 3½ Bees

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Please note that The Conqueror of Atlantis is a bonus
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Please note that The Conqueror of Atlantis is a bonus
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