The Brain From Planet Arous

Year Of Production: 1958
Running Time: 71 Minutes
DVD Released By: Image Entertainment
Directed By: Nathan Juran
Writing Credits: Ray Buffum
Filming Location: Bronson Caverns, Bronson Canyon, Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California

Starring: John Agar, Joyce Meadows, Robert Fuller, Thomas Browne Henry, Ken Terrell, Henry Travis, E. Leslie Thomas, Tim Graham

Tagline 1: It Will Steal Your Body And Damn Your Soul!

Tagline 2: Science-Fiction's most astounding story!

Tagline 3: Fantastic! Fearsome!

Tagline 4: The incredible space-brain invades a human body with its destructive evil power!

Alternate Titles:
I was unable to find any reference to alternate titles for this film.

Interesting Bits of Trivia:
The director, Nathan Juran, directed over thirty films during his career including, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, 20 Million Miles to Earth, and First Men in the Moon.
John Agar, a B-Movie staple, appeared in seventy films and numerous television shows throughout his career.  His marriage to Shirley Temple in 1940 started his film career which then continued long after their divorce in 1949.  John Agar died on April 7, 2002 from emphysema.

Cast Of Characters
Steve March: What's the matter Steve?  You look like you've just seen a giant floating brain with eyeballs on it or something.  Are you feeling ok?  Actually, Steve is some kind of a nuclear scientist, though it's never stated exactly what he is.  Gor uses his body like a puppet so that he can have physical form among the humans without drawing too much attention to himself.  Too bad Gor's so stupid that he can't seem to figure out how to be around anyone for more than ten seconds without them knowing that something's wrong.

Dan Murphy: He didn't make it too far into the movie, but he was Steve's buddy and partner.  He enjoyed a good barbeque and dressing up like he was in the French Foreign Legion.  It's sad that he didn't make it too far into the movie, because he was a lot more interesting than Steve.  Steve's just kinda irritating.

Sally Fallon: She's Steve's fiance and a pretty tough chick.  She handles the whole alien brain thing pretty well, and she's always got some good ol' fashioned barbeque ready when you're feeling a bit peckish.

John Fallon:  He's Sally's dad and I think he's some kind of a scientist or something but it's never really stated.  He's also a pretty tough cookie and helps Vol and Sally in their dealings with the Gor possessed Steve.  And what a snazzy dresser he is.  Just have a look at that snazzy shirt he wore to one of the many barbeques.  I wonder who his fashion consultant is?  Ray Charles maybe?

Gor & Vol: Yes folks, these are the infamous brains from planet Arous.  This is actually a shot of Gor but it doesn't matter because Gor and Vol look identical, which I'm sure saved some money during the filming.  Gor's the evil brain who's insane for power, while Vol is the good brain that was sent from planet Arous to bring him back.  I can't help but think how bad it would suck being a floating brain with eyes.  All you could do all day is float, think, and look around.  Woohoo!  Now that's livin'!  No wonder's Gor's so ticked off all the time.

The Plot
An evil alien brain from planet Arous crashes on Earth and takes over the body of a nuclear scientist named Steve March.  He uses this body to interact with the humans so that he can bring his evil plans of world domination to fruition.  One thing that Gor doesn't realize though, is that another brain named Vol followed him to Earth on a mission to capture him and bring him back home.  On their home world, Gor is an insane criminal, and Vol was sent to stop him.  Vol exposes himself to Steve's fiance and her father and gains their assistance in bringing the final confrontation with Gor to a head.  Will their plan to stop the evil Gor succeed?  Will Steve ever get rid of those headaches?  Will Sally have another barbeque?  And how does Ray Charles fit into all this?  Actually he doesn't, but it sounded funny.  The answers to all these questions, (except for the Ray Charles thing), and more are coming straight ahead...

What The Hell???
1. Before I even get into this, I find myself wondering where the hell they came up with the name Arous?  Why not Mars or Venus or something?  Those planets were big stuff in the movies back when this was made.  Ok, so I'm nitpicking already...sue me.  Anyway, the opening credits show us a lone mountain in the middle of the California desert with a UFO coming down in the background way off in the far distance while sinister sounding music plays.  I might as well mention right now too that my snack of choice for this movie is Pringles reduced fat chips.  If anyone from the Pringles company is reading this review, please tell your sales department that I want a commission for that plug.  Oh, and you Corn Nuts people out there who are reading this; I want a commission from the plug in the last review as well.  Now, what was I doing?  Oh right, a movie review.  I guess I should unpause the movie now and get past this opening title huh? 

2.  WOOHOO!  When the UFO crashed on the mountain at about a half-a-mile an hour, we get to see a little fireworks go off.  I suppose that was supposed to be the ship exploding.  Wow!!!  That was so exciting, I almost wet myself!

3. The next scene we're treated to is a guy, not sure who yet but I think it's probably Steve March, who's sitting at a workbench in a house examining some sort of an electronic do-dad.  Actually, he's examining a geiger counter saying that it checks out all right and that he doesn't understand it.  He walks over to his buddy Dan who's crashed out in an easy chair reading a science fiction short story magazine, grabs the magazine out of his hands, and then proceeds to tell him that the geiger counter's been going on and off all morning.  Now all of a sudden it's on again.  Dan tries to come up with some sort of an explanation, but Steve already knows where the radiation is coming from.  I hate to even tell you where it's coming from because it sounds so Scooby Doo-ish.  Are you ready for this?  The source of the radiation is...oh god I can't even say it.  Ok, breathe.....breathe....ok I'm ready now.  The radiation is coming from...Mystery Mountain!  There I said it.  You can cringe now.  I don't know much about geiger counters and radiation, but Steve just said that Mystery Mountain is thirty miles away.  Wouldn't that have to be some pretty severe radiation to register that hard, from that far away from the source?  Maybe they should start thinking about heading down to the ol' bomb shelter.  Or maybe it's one of them goofball dreams of a post apocalyptic alien takeover like they had in the movie Robot Monster.  I guess I'll never know unless I unpause the movie again and let it get past the three minute mark.  God writing these reviews takes a long time.  Just on a passing note before I move on, I just asked my wife Sharon to read this section and tell me if it worked or not.  She didn't even laugh or crack a smile or anything.  I guess it would have been a lot funnier if she had seen Scooby Doo more than once or twice in her life.  If she had, then maybe, just maybe, she might have even thought about maybe kinda-sorta smiling even just a little bit to preserve my fragile ego.  But since she didn't, and now that my ego's been totally shattered by my Corn Nut stealing wife, I guess I'll move on.
4. Some little bit of B-Movie fluff just wandered on in through the door without even knocking.  Why, it's Sally Fallon!!!  Can you believe it?  I know what you're asking yourself.  You're asking yourself, "Who the heck is Sally Fallon?"  Well, if you really must know, she's John Fallon's daughter.  Sharon was just saying that maybe it's his daughter and his wife.  Now that's just sick!  Anyway, her big part in this movie so far has been to drag these two radiation tracking Schmoes off to lunch before they head off to Mystery Mountain.  I'm sorry but that name still makes me cringe.  Don't ask me who John Fallon is because we haven't seen him yet.

5. Mmmmm, barbequed hamburgers for lunch.  Dan's trying to pick at the salad, but Sally smacked him with the salad tongs and told him to get the hell out of the kitchen so she can finish lunch.  Well, she didn't exactly say it like that, I'm just paraphrasing.  It was still funny though.

6. Hey, John's at the barbeque as well.  There's really nifty barbeque chatter a-plenty at this little lunchy-do.  Pretty much what you'd expect at a barbeque anyway.  The acting's not too bad in this thing so far.
7.  Steve and Dan head out into the desert now towards Mystery Mountain.  Once they get up in the hills, Steve manages to run the jeep up on some rocks, and they discover that they can't drive any farther.  So they get out of the jeep.  Now there's three funny things that happen here within the next minute.  First, I realize that Steve is wearing a pith helmet and looks like he's out on safari while Dan is wearing one of those French Foreign Legion lookin' hats and has his shirt unbuttoned like he's in the French Foreign Legion or somethin'.  The next funny thing that happens is that Dan takes a drink out of their canteen and promptly starts complaining that the water tastes like weak tea and that it's boiling.  Well now mister rocket scientist, you just drank water out of a metal canteen that's been exposed to the desert sun all day.  What did you expect?  You expected maybe a cherry flavored slushie or something?  Anyway, the third thing that's funny, is that Steve pulls out the binoculars and proceeds to look at a pile of rocks.  As he looks at the rocks, he gets all excited and tells Dan to have a look.  WOOHOO!!!  Rocks in a desert!!!  Who should we call first?  National Geographic?  The Smithsonian maybe?  How about the National Geological Survey?  Wow, what a find!!!

8.  Oh that was good.  They just walked off up the mountain, and left their canteen behind.  What turnip truck did these guys fall off of anyway?  Anyway, after much walking, they finally find a cave that was just recently blasted out.  They discuss where it came from and as they walk in Dan's all, "It's probably full of beer cans."  Oh god that was funny.  That wouldn't have even occurred to me.  That's what makes it so hilarious when he says it.

9.  So they're in the cave now and wandering around with a geiger counter.  They're both all sweaty and probably totally stinky.  The geiger counter was making an insane amount of noise, and then all of a sudden it went silent.  They see a light in a side cave and decide to go on in.  They walk into the mouth of the side cave with their guns out and tell whoever's there to come out.  Naturally they don't, so Steve and Dan head on in and suddenly, as they reach the end of the cave, the light goes out.  Then the geiger counter starts going nuts again.  The needle on the machine actually gets pinned.  Now I don't know about these two schmucks, but if you were going into a place where you knew there were high levels of radiation, wouldn't you have dressed more for the occasion?  Like maybe in a radiation suit or something?  Anyway, they turn around to leave and realize that there's something there.  It' I can't believe it.  Not this early in the movie anyway.  Oh my god it is!  It's the brain from planet Arous!!!!  Actually, it looks more like a ghost brain with a couple of eyes on it because you can actually see through it a bit.  It's pretty sweet lookin' though.
10. Dan's all, "What is it Steve?!?"  Now isn't that stupid?  There's a great part in a really great movie called There's Nothing Out There, where this girl is asking what the creature could be and where it came from.  The main character, Mike (Mike is THE MAN by the way.  He just totally rules) points out to her that at that particular moment it really didn't matter where it came from or what it's anthropological background was.  He was seriously right.  Why does everyone feel the need to analyze this sort of thing.  Analyze it during the autopsy after it's dead and laying cold on a slab.  I mean come on now...
11. Steve freaks out and starts shooting the thing which at this point is an actual brain creature bobbing up and down on a string rather than a layed in effect like in the previous shot.  Oh that was smart.  Steve just started shooting at it and running towards it.  Naturally that didn't work.  The light got really bright and he passed out.  Dan passed out too, and we see the brain creature getting smaller and fading into Dan in a very Star Treckesque effect.  Again, it was pretty cool, but I hope that's not all we're gonna see of the creature.  That would really bite if that's all we get to see until the end of the movie.
12.  Back at the house, Sally's talkin on the phone with her pappy.  Steve comes up to the window while she's on the phone and starts staring at her big time with this really creepy look.  After she hangs up, she looks around at the window and sees him there.  She runs out to see him and he's acting all normal.  He plants a big ol' kiss on her, and then a second one.  I think the only way to describe these kisses is that Steve is now very aware of what she had for lunch today.  In fact, he could probably tell you what her feet taste like.  And he laid two on her like that!  She all like, "You never kissed me like that before!"  I'm sitting here thinking about where that other brain probably ended up planting itself, and that it's doin' all the thinking for him from there now, which is a good thing really, because I don't think the brain that he had was doing a very good job.
13.  Sally just asked Steve where Dan is.  He made up some lame story about Dan being a playboy and needing to run off to Las Vegas after the expedition to wind down.  She says he seems different, and he denies that anything is wrong.  He was probably doing ok at convincing her of that until he doubled over in pain holding his head.  Then, he tells her it's just a tooth ache!  She's not convinced though.  She says he's acting different, and she mentions the way he kissed her.  So what does he do?  He plants another one on her big time and then says, "Like that?" and she says, "Makes my toes tingle."  I KNEW IT!!!!  What did I just say in the last section about him tasting her toes!  I must be psychic.  Man, this is sad.  I'm already on #13 and I'm only 16:49 into the movie.  This is gonna take forever.  It seems like every time I unpause, someone says or does something goofy and I have to pause and write about it again.  This is taking forever!  It is fun though.
14.  Another kiss and he's got her laid back on the patio chair now.  He's trying to rape her now and the family dog comes up and wants a piece of the action now too.  Man that's a big dog.  Anyway, turns out the dog didn't want a piece of the action after all.  He just wanted to protect Sally from Steve.  Steve chases the dog off without hurting it and then gets mad at Sally and drives away.  Back at his house, he's sitting in the ol' La-Z-Boy, when suddenly he gets a bad headache again and we see the ghostly looking transparent brain with the piercing eyes emerging from his skull and floating away across the room.  Whooooooooooo.....special effects!  Now it's just kinda hovering there in front of him.  He asks it, "Who are you?"  Now you wouldn't expect the thing to answer, but it actually does.  Actually, it says it's name is Gor.  Now the funny thing about this is that the voice it's using actually sounds like the voice they used in the old arcade game Gorf.  He says he needs to use Steve's body as a dwelling place while he's on Earth.  He says he needs Steve's body because he's a recognized nuclear scientist, and that he chose Steve's body very carefully, even before he knew about the Earth woman Sally.  A very exciting female.  Steve tells Gor to leave Sally out of this, and Gor says, "Why?  She appeals to me."  Now that's just sick.  Anyway, a little more witty banter from these two and Gor re-inserts himself back into Steve's body.  Again, that's just sick.

15.  Back at Sally's house, Sally's pop just came driving back in.  Sally's telling him about what happened with Steve.  He basically tells her that she's full of crap and that Steve probably just has something on his mind.  He goes over to Steve's house to talk to him, and Steve freaks out.  He grabs his head and doubles over in pain and starts yelling at John to get out.  The funny part about this is, he bends over in front of one of those water coolers with the big glass tank on top, so we get to see this freaky distorted shot of his face almost the whole time.  Finally when he does raise up, his eyes are all bizarre.  They used some kind of funky, brass looking contact lenses on him.  Man, I bet that hurt puttin' them things in.

16.  Back at Sally's house again, there's more barbeque afoot.  Sally and he father are eating outside while they talk about what's happened to Steve, and she starts telling him about what Steve said about Dan and about how she doesn't believe him because Dan's not like that.  John doesn't seem overly concerned about any of it, even though Steve freaked out on him.  Sally finally convinces him to go out to Mystery Mountain to look around and see if they can figure out what happened to Dan and Steve.  I wonder if they're gonna take Scooby with them?

17.  So they drive up to Mystery Mountain and end up at the same dead end that Steve and Dan did.  They even found Dan's canteen sitting there.  Sally picks it up and says, "Look!  It's Dan's canteen."  Isn't she brilliant?  I can see where she gets it too, 'cause her dad just said, "They must have walked down the mountain from here."  Well no kiddin' Sherlock.  Really?  They walked down the mountain?  Ya Think?  Well Johnny, I don't think so. They didn't walk down the mountain John, they rolled down the freakin' mountain after Tor Johnson came out in his Beast From Yucca Flats outfit and tossed them down personally.  I'm still wondering how Sally managed to pick up that metal canteen that had been sitting out in the desert heat for a week without burning the ever living hell out of her hands.  Then again, I'm sure if she did burn her hands, she'd do something brilliant, like open the canteen and pour the water on her hands to cool them off.

18.  John and Sally, oh god I can't take this anymore.  I'm dyin' over here.  John and Sally just climbed over the two big rocks that were in the way of the car.  They were only about as tall as the windshield wipers on the car, and Sally had a hard time getting over them.  John helped her and she finally made it.  The stupid thing is, you can clearly see in the shot that they could have easily just walked around them.  There was no reason at all to climb over them.  Man, I swear I gotta stop this movie every five or ten seconds to type stuff.  I'm never gonna finish this review.  This movie is ridiculous.
19.  They walk around on the mountain for a while in the 120 degree heat and finally they have to stop and look for some shade.  They find the cave that Steve and Dan encountered the brain creature in, and Sally says she knows that that cave wasn't there before.  John agrees with her and deduces that the cave was blasted out not two weeks ago from the outside.  So they wander on in and look around.  Sally spots the side passage they went down.  Sally sees a couple flashes of light and freaks out, and then they find Steve's equipment that they left there.  Then they find Dan's body laying on the ground nearby.  John kneels down and picks up Dan's arm and Sally's all, "He's dead isn't he?"  Oh man, what a brainchild this girl is.  They find Dan's corpse after it's been cooking in a hot cave for over a week and she makes the brilliant deduction that he's dead.  I don't even know what to say anymore.
20.  Just then, another brain from planet Arous named Vol appears to them and tells them not to be afraid.  Vol tells them that he was sent there to retrieve the criminal Gor and that he knows that Gor has invaded Steve's body.  Vol tells them that he needs their help to capture Gor and that he will meet them at their house at eight o'clock to discuss the plan.  Vol fades away at that point, and Sally and John stand there looking like they've just seen a giant floating brain with eyeballs or something.  Now where have I heard that before?
21.  Back at Steve's lab, Steve's calling a Colonel Frogley at the Atomic Energy Headquarters at Indian Springs.  No, I didn't make up that name.  His name is actually Colonel Frogley.  Steve's telling him that he wants to observe the atomic tests they're going to be performing on Friday.  Gor pops out to antagonize Steve for a while, saying that he's got a surprise for them and that he's going to give them a little demonstration.  Yeah Gor cool, I mean, you know...wonk wonk wonk, you sound like Charlie Brown's friggin' teacher already.  Just shut up and do something already.  I mean jeez, it's already 32:13 into the movie and all you've done so far is kill Dan, molest Sally, and antagonize Steve.  Oh, wait a minute.  I guess you have been busy.  Forget I said anything.
22.  Vol showed up at the house on time and explained to John and Sally that Gor was insane for power and that he would have to take control of one of their bodies in order to stop him.  They decide that he should actually take over the dog's body because the dog is around them all the time and would be completely inconspicuous.  Hell, if I had my choice, I'd take over the dog anyway.  How cool would it be to be able to never mind.
23.  Gor wants to take the young female for a ride in Steve's car tonight.  He says that she gives him a very strange and very new elation.  Yeah, I guess being a floating head could get rather frustrating.  Girls would probably tend not to want to go out with you.  Then again, he'd probably have better luck scoring with chicks than I do.
24.  So Steve/Gor's driving along in the car, and he stops out in the middle of nowhere.  he pops out of his snazzy convertible just long enough for us to see a close up of him looking at an airplane.  We see that he's got them brass lookin' contacts in again.  He stares at the plane long and hard and suddenly it explodes in midair.  He laughs, gets back in the car, and takes off again.  I'm not sure what the point to this was except to show that he's eeeeeviiilllllllllll....eeeeeeeviiiiilllllllllll I tell you, mwa ha ha ha ha....
25.  Back at John and Sally's house, John is asking Vol how long this must go on.  Vol tells him that it only needs to go on long enough for Vol to be able to capture Gor outside of Steve's body and that he has powers that equal and surpass the powers of Gor.  Steve comes in acting all friendly, like he's everyone's buddy.  Everyone plays it cool and off they go.  Steve and Sally end up at some lookout point where Steve starts gettin' frisky.  Sally pushes him away and says that he's turned into a regular caveman.  She gets out and walks away and he follows her saying that he's gonna show everyone how different he is next friday when he goes and watches the atomic energy tests.  He's gonna introduce them to his discovery that will make the atomic bomb look like a firecracker.  He says that he's discovered a power that's going to make him the most feared man on Earth.  Sally tries to drag his discovery out of him but he just tries to rape her again.  She gets away and he calms down.  Back in the car, they hear about the plane that exploded in midair earlier that evening.  Man Gor's been a busy little beaver in this movie.
26.  Steve and Sally go to the plane crash site to see if they can help.  While there, they meet up with a scientist named professor Tate, who also by the way did the voices of Gor & Vol.  Turns out all the victims from the crash had flash radiation burns, but the radiation left no contamination on anything.  Sally comes over and Steve says that if the professor was right, that it was caused by a power not from this world.  He got this psycho look on his face and said that such a creature could rule the Earth.  After that, he brought Sally back home.  Back at the house, Vol is telling them that Gor can only be killed or captured in his natural physical form.  He says that Gor must return to his physical form once every twenty-four hours to assimilate enough oxygen to survive.  There's a place on his body that, if stuck hard enough, could kill him while he's in this form.  Well that's good to know Vol.  Mind telling us why you were keeping this little do-dad of information such a secret?  That should have been one of the first things you told them.
27.  Back at Steve's house, Sheriff Wiley just showed up.  He's questioning Steve about Dan's body, saying that the radiation burns were the same as the burns the people in the plane crash had, and that the autopsy showed that he died on the same day that he was out there with him.  Steve is answering all the questions with his back to the sheriff and a big grin on his face the whole time.  The sheriff tells Steve that he's in a lot of trouble, and Steve says that he's not in trouble, but the sheriff is.  Then he admits to killing Dan and the people on the plane and then he proceeds to kill the sheriff the same way he killed dan.  He's got the brass contacts in again and a wild look on his face.  There's a close up of Steve's face here, and I just noticed that he's got pretty nice teeth.  Anyway, you'd think that an advanced intelligence like Gor would have more brains than to walk around killing people all over the place and drawing attention to himself.
28.  Over at some government building, professor Tate is showing some generals and other high up military types a part of the plane that was twisted and melted, but with no radiation residue.  So what does the general conclude?  That we've been invaded from outer space.  They determine that the aliens are probably somewhere around Indian Springs where the atomic tests were planned.  They decide to go ahead with the tests anyway on the chance that it would draw the aliens out into the open.  Now wouldn't caution dictate that you wouldn't go head with the tests on the chance that the aliens might interfere somehow and cause something really bad to happen?  I swear, military people in B-Movies aren't too bright.
29.  Steve shows up now at John and Sally's house.  Sally puts on a good face and her and John act as if nothing bad has happened.  Steve brought their dog back who came to visit him last night and almost ate him out of house and home.  They're having barbeque again...what a shock.  Sally goes to make lunch and Steve tells John that tomorrow, he's gonna give a demonstration tomorrow that will create as much excitement as the bombing of Hiroshima.  After lunch, John heads off to his den and Steve is telling Sally that once their married, they'll be rich and live in Washington DC and have servants and money and what not.  It's weird how he keeps sweet talking her one second and then being rough with her and getting all tough the next.  Again, you'd think an intelligence like Gor would be able to control himself to avoid suspicion.
30.  The next day, Steve is over at the atomic energy tests, and he gathers all the generals and everybody for a sit down conference.  He tells them that he can explain the plane crash and Dan's death, if they'll just give him a few minutes.  They tell him he's got three minutes, and he directs them to the monitor that is showing the feed from the test grounds.  We see buildings and cars and stuff set out along a long stretch of road for the test.  he tells them to watch the screen, and then he walks over to the window and stares outside.  He's got the brass contacts in again, and he caused an atomic explosion that not only destroyed the test area but shook the building they were standing in.  He tells them that he can't be destroyed and that any attempt to do so, will cause reprisals that will shake the whole world.  The colonel pops back in and tries to shoot him, but he kills the colonel the same way he killed everyone else.  He tells them that he wants representatives from all the major nations of the world there at eight o'clock tonight for a meeting, and if they aren't there, he'll destroy their capitol cities.
31.  Back at Sally's house, Steve is crashing out in a lawn chair.  He's really tired because Gor hasn't had a chance to leave the body to re-assimilate oxygen in over twenty-four hours.  Vol tells sally that this is the reason he's tired and that he'll have to leave Steve's body soon to do the assimilation.  Sally goes out and wakes Steve up and sends him off to his meeting.  He's still really tired.  At the meeting, he seems fine, and he tells the world leaders that if they need a demonstration of his power, he'll give them one.  He has them look out the window, and he destroys another plane.  That seems to have done the trick.  He wants to turn the world into slaves and create a massive invasion force so that he can return to planet Arous with them under his command and take over the planet.  After they have done this, he will let them go on their merry way to live out their miserable existence. Nothing funny to write here, that was just some filler until we get to the next part.
32.  Back at Steve's house, Sally shows up before he comes back and leaves a page out of the encyclopedia with a diagram of the brain and a note telling Steve where Gor's vulnerable spot was.  Well, Steve just came back and plopped down in the ol' La-Z-Boy and Sally went and hid around the corner in the lab area where the dead sheriff was.  Gor leaves Steve's body and starts yacking at him about how tomorrow there's gonna be a new world and how people have small minds and what not.  Steve spots the note and notices there's an axe in the firewood nearby.  Sally spots the dead sheriff around the corner and screams.  This grabs Gor's attention and Steve grabs for the axe.  Gor floats over to Sally and Steve runs up behind him and starts whacking away with the axe in the spot that Sally pointed out in the diagram.  He finally beats him down to nothing and Gor is dead.  The funny part about this and the part you'll see in the video clip, is that the whole time the brain is floating around, you can totally see the strings holding it up.  I mean it's blatant too.  They didn't even try to hide them.  There's like lighting you can use and what not to hide stuff like that, but these are clearly visible.  It's awesome!!!  That's the kinda stuff that makes B-Movies great!

33.  The dog with Vol's brain comes peekin' in the window just as Steve kills Gor.  Vol, seeing that Gor is dead, leaves the dog's body and floats off into wherever disembodied brains float off to when they're done licking themselves.  Sally tells him about Vol and about how Vol told her about the vulnerable spot and how he took over the dog's body.  She opens the door and calls the dog inside.  Vol had left the dog's body by this time and George, the dog, was just plain ol' George again.  She tries to question the dog thinking it's still Vol, but the dog doesn't answer.  Steve basically acts like she's nuts, but then he grabs her and kisses her and the movie's over.  Now wouldn't you think that after what Steve just went through, that he'd believe her?  I mean come on now...  Anyway, the movie's over now finally, and I can at last finish up this long delayed review and get it posted for your viewing pleasure.

Best Quote

Steve: "Take a look at this.  A little more than half way down, and to the left.  What do you see?"
Dan: "A pile of rocks."


- Steve showing Dan a pile of rocks on Mystery Mountain. - (Reviewer's Note: If I was Dan, I would have followed up that comment by shoving the binoculars right up Steve's bum for getting me to stand there like an idiot looking at a pile of rocks in the middle of an insanely hot desert.  In fact, I would have taken the jeep and left Steve standing there with the binoculars up his rear end while I headed back to the house where Sally would be waiting for me with a great big cheeseburger, some fresh tossed salad, and a nice big glass of cold lemonade.  Maybe, after Steve managed to limp his way through the desert and back to the house, I'd let him lick the sweat off the outside of my lemonade glass, but only if he was nice.  I just realized something.  It's a good thing for Steve that Dan is nothing like me.)

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The Brain From Planet Arous
Steve finally gets to be the one who gives Gor a headache.

The Conclusion
I know I've been too long in getting this review done but other things have been occupying my time.  I've actually spent three days working on this thing and now I've finally reached the conclusion.  Why did it take me three days?  Well, this was probably one of the longest reviews, time wise, that I've ever done.  This movie was so full of goofball stuff that I'd watch like a twenty second segment of it and then have to pause it and type another whole What The Hell??? section entry that would take about three to seven minutes.  This movie was just that kind of a movie, and that's not a bad thing, it's a good thing.  In fact, there really wasn't much to complain about in this movie at all.

The acting in this film was great, the lead female wasn't annoying at all and there were floating alien brains from another planet.  What more could you ask for?  I think the only little problem I had, was with John Agar who played Steve March.  He was believable in the character, but there was something that just didn't sit right with me about John Agar playing this role.  I wish I could put my finger on why, but I just can't.  Everyone else was cast perfectly, and the acting was first rate.  Even the witty banter at the first barbeque was very natural sounding and made you feel like you were just watching an average group of people having a barbeque.

Now what about the brains?  Well the brains were very well done.  The physical state of the brains was really cool looking, and they did a great job on the look of them.  The only problem, and I don't consider this a problem really because it's actually quite cool and funny, is that you can see the strings holding up the brains when they appear in physical form.  They even move around and bob up and down like they're on strings.  When Steve attacks Gor at the end with the axe, it almost looks like he's hitting a brain shaped pinata rather than chopping up a real, alien brain creature.  This adds quite a bit of fun to the final product and makes the whole thing an enjoyable experience.

Sally Fallon, played by Joyce Meadows, does a great job in her role.  She manages to be helpful and cool under pressure and basically, as you watch the film, you're glad she's in it.  This is kind of a rare thing in these types of movies, as the female leads usually tend to be annoying, hysterical victims more than anything else.  Steve's friend Dan wasn't in the movie too long.  He was played by Robert Fuller, who acted the part so naturally, that you'd think he was just being himself.  John, Sally's father, was played by Thomas Browne Henry.  He came off as the kind of a father you'd see on some kind of a 50's TV show.  He was strong and caring and cool under pressure, but I think in the final conclusion, he was a bit too cool.  He was there to lend support during the main portion of the film, but when it came to the final showdown, he wasn't there at all.  I'm not sure where he disappeared to, but Sally was the one helping out when it all came to a head.  (Ouch, bad pun.  Sorry folks!)

All in all, even though I had to endure days of viewing, pausing and typing, I really enjoyed this movie.  There's a lot of fun to be had here, the acting is great, the effects are seriously fun, and I think the only thing that could have made it a little better would have been more scenes with the brains and a final showdown that had Vol taking on Gor rather than Steve doing it.  In the end, Vol didn't really do anything except to provide them with a little information.  That was kind of disappointing considering that Vol's mission there was to re-capture Gor and take him back home.  In the final analysis, I have to knock off a half-a-bee for that, but overall the movie was awesome, and I'm very happy to be able to give it...

B-Movie Central's Rating: 4½ Bees

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