Sting of Death

Year Of Release: 1965
Running Time: 80 Minutes
DVD Released By: Something Weird Video
Directed By: William Grefe
Writing Credits: Al Dempsey
Filming Location: Everglades National Park, Florida, Rainbow Springs, Dunnellen, Florida, The Everglades, Florida

Starring: Joe Morrison, Valerie Hawkins, John Vella, Jack Nagle, Sandy Lee Kane, Deanna Lund, Lois Etelman, Blanche Devereaux, Doug Hobart

Tagline: "Special singing star Neil Sedaka!"

Alternate Titles:

I was unable to find any reference to alternate titles for this film.

Interesting Bits of Trivia:
This was the only film that Sandy Lee Kane, who played Karen's friend Louise, ever appeared in. She has however had starring roles in several fantasies of mine...but I won't go into them here. Yes I know that's kinda thin, but I really couldn't find anything interesting trivia-wise to say about this movie.

Cast Of Characters
Dr. John Hoyt: Dr. Richardson's assistant. He's the handsome hero and new love interest of Dr. Richardson's daughter Karen.

Dr. Richardson: A Biologist who's involved in studying the Portuguese Man-O-War. He and Dr. Hoyt are working out of his house on an island.

Karen: Dr. Richardson's pretty daughter. She's about the only female in this movie with any class. Her friends are all cold-hearted worthless idiots.

Egon: The resident creep in the movie. He has a messed up eye and some facial marks. He's secretly in love with Karen, but he has other secrets as well.

Louise: Karen's best friend. This girl is an absolutely super hot redhead, but she's also a major airhead and pretty cold-blooded as well. She makes Egon feel bad and hurts his feelings. Don't worry though, she eventually learns that it's not nice to hurt Egon's feelings..

The Plot
Dr. Richardson and his assistant Dr. John Hoyt are biologists who are living at Dr. Richardson's island home doing research on the Portuguese Man-O-War jellyfish. Dr. Richardson's daughter Karen show's up with three of her friends for a visit and after her friends meet the Dr.'s assistant Egon, Karen's friends offend him rudely. That was their first mistake. Karen has known Egon for years however and defends him. She likes him very much but Egon's desires for Karen go far beyond friendship. Although no one ever takes him seriously, Egon has been working on a way to breed a giant Portuguese Man-O-War in captivity, and his experiments have gone way beyond the breeding process. He has discovered a way to merge with the giant jellyfish, and become a half-man half-jellyfish creature who exacts his revenge on Karen's friends and all who have wronged him.

What The Hell???
1. The opening scene is of a girl laying in the sun by the water listening to the radio. For a transistor radio, that thing sounds awfully damn good.
2. The girl in the opening scene is pulled into the water by the jellyfish creature and killed. We're then treated to scenes of her dead body being dragged through the water by the jellyfish creature all the time that the opening credits are showing. She had nothing to do with any of the rest of the movie. The funny thing about the opening credits though is the music. It sounds like something you'd hear in an old black and white feel-good comedy from the 40's.
3. When the girls arrive at the island and they're being helped off the boat by Dr. Hoyt, I noticed that all of the girls were wearing white gloves, but one of the girls only had one glove on. I guess she buys all her gloves at half-off sales.
4. When the sheriff shows up with a dead body and shows it to the Dr. to get his opinion on what could have killed him, the Dr. says it looks like the Portuguese Man-O-War. How the hell does he know? The guy was all messed up. It could have been anything!
5. The girls are all standing by the pool and looking down at the shore to see when the rest of the college kids from the local college are going to show up for her party that he father arranged for her. The stupid thing is, they're supposedly looking at the shore, but in the direction they're looking, it's like a big wall of plants and trees. They couldn't have seen anything through that.
6. When the college kids arrive, they jump off the boat onto the dock and immediately begin go-go dancing. Again, as in the Death Curse of Tartu, there's butt shots a-plenty. Egon is watching them from a short distance away, wishing that people didn't think he was a freak and that he could be a part of the fun as well. The head jerk in the group of college kids spots him and leads the college kids in chasing him down and making fun of him in a horrible fashion. Karen screams at them to stop but they dont. Finally Egon manages to run away. Now here's the what the hell part. What the hell would possess anyone with even the slightest bit of humanity to treat someone like that just because they were different. And especially college kids you'd think wouldn't be that immature. They all deserved what they got later on. You figure it out. The only ones that stood up for Egon were Karen and Dr. Hoyt. After they got done tormenting Egon, they all formed a conga line and conga'd their way up to the house to get some food.
7. At the house, they all start dancing by the pool to the really nifty Neil Sedaka tune, "Do The Jellyfish". After the dancing is over, they all go to rest but Karen's friend Louise decides she's going to get in the pool for a swim. She goes in alone but little did she know, that Egon, the jellyfish monster, was hiding in the pool, just waiting to kill those who tormented him. Now why didn't anyone notice he was in the pool? I mean it's not like the water was murky, or massively deep or anything, so why didn't anyone see a man-sized jellyfish dude with a giant bulbous head hanging out in the water? Louise even swam all the way across and all the way back once before he got her on the second trip across. Louise was absolutely just pretty as hell, but she deserved what she got.
8. After Louise gets it in the pool, the jellyfish creature comes out and attacks another one of the college kids before running off. Louise was still alive and not as hurt as the boy he attacked, so Dr. Richardson sends all the college kids with the boy back to the mainland to get help. Naturally, their radio equipment was shorted out by the jellyfish creature before he attacked the kids so they couldn't just call for help. So Dr. Richardson sends the kids back on the boat but he keeps Karen and her friends on the island with him! What kind of a father is that??? If my daughter was in danger I sure as hell would have done whatever I could to get her to safety. The really smart thing to do would have been for all of them to get off the island together and bring back help. Then again, the boat sank and the college kids all get killed by a bunch of jellyfish that had surrounded the boat, so I guess that wasn't such a good idea after all.
9. The jellyfish that surrounded the boat were all plastic bags that were full of blue and red colorful something. I have no idea what they were filled with but they looked less like a jellyfish than your average Buick.
10. Back at the house, Dr. Richardson gives Dr. Hoyt a gun. He says to take it because he has another one in his room that he'll carry, just in case. Dr. Hoyt holds the gun in his hands and looks at it like he just got handed a Dirty Harry .44 magnum. Actually, it looked more like a cap gun from the local 7-11. You know the ones. They come on the card with the plastic billy club, plastic handcuffs, and plastic sheriff's badge.
11. After Egon goes back to his underwater grotto, they show him transforming from the jellyfish creature, back into a man. When he brings his head up out of the jellyfish tank, they show him like it's some big shock that the jellyfish creature is actually Egon.
12. The two doctors and the girls all go to Egon's house to find him because he still hadn't come back after the college students tormented him. They thought he was in as much danger as they were. They didn't find him at his house, but they did just come right in and make themselves to home like they owned the place. One of Karen's friends, Donna, realized she left her cigarettes out in the boat, so she goes out alone to get them. Didn't anyone ever tell her that smoking will kill you? I guess she found out.
13. After hearing Donna's screams, one of Karen's friends and the two doctors go out looking for her, while Karen and another friend stay at Egon's house to take care of Louise.. They didn't find her so they hop in the boat and start cruising around looking for her. (Like she could have really gone all that far.) After going for a while, they see bubbles coming up out of the water. They assume it's her and they stop to dive and look for her. Now this is stupid on so many levels, I don't even know where to begin. Just because they see bubbles coming up out of the water, what makes them think it's a person? With the kind of waters they were in it could have been a gator or something. Then after they see bubbles coming up and stop to look for her under the water, they actually take the time to put their scuba gear on before they go down looking for her! No she won't drown down there or nothing while you people are putting on your scuba gear. I mean come on. This whole thing was just stupid.
14. Back at Egon's house, Karen is all distraught, and her friend goes upstairs to the bedroom to take a shower. I'm still trying to figure out why she felt like she needed to take a shower with everything that was going on. The jellyfish creature shows up. You can figure out the rest. He finishes off Louise as well. Now here's my question. How the hell did he get in the house without Karen hearing something? I mean, you'd think she'd notice something like that creeping around the house. The place wasn't that big. The really stupid thing is, he got out without being seen as well.
15. Egon transforms himself back into a man and shows up at the house. Karen's father and Dr. Hoyt had returned and they explained what was going on to Egon. They were going back to look for Donna and Karen's other friend, so they asked Egon to keep an eye on Karen and to protect her. Dr. Hoyt gave Egon his gun so that he could protect Karen. Brilliant! I wonder how long he had to study to get that smart. If there was a monster creeping around and I was probably going to run into it and I had a gun in my hands, you wouldn't have been able to pry that gun away from me with a crowbar.
16. Dr. Richardson and Dr. Hoyt try to fix the radio equipment back at Dr. Richardson's house. My question is, why didn't they do that before?
17. Egon kidnaps Karen and takes her to his underwater grotto. Dr. Hoyd goes diving to look for her. The entrance to the grotto is not only very small but it's not obvious when you look at it either. So how the hell did Dr. Hoyt find it? He didn't even know what he was looking for when he went down.
19. At the end of the movie, Dr. Hoyt fights with the jellyfish creature. Now earlier in the movie, all the creature had to do was to touch someone, and it was like they were being stung over and over, and yet Dr. Hoyt fights very physically with him and he's not getting stung or anything. This made absolutely no sense. It also makes no sense that the whole underground grotto exploded at the end for whatever reason.
18. As a final note, I would just like to mention that much of the dialogue in this movie, sounded like the narration from a school science film in the 50's. This doesn't exactly lend itself to creating an air of suspense.

Best Quote

"Well I can tell, this man died in agony."

- Dr. Richardson examining the corpse of a dead fisherman who had been killed by the jellyfish creature. - (Reviewer's Note: Well duh!)

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Sting of Death
Dr. Hoyt has a very slow and boring battle with Egon, the amazing jellyfish man!

The Conclusion

This movie, much like the other feature on this DVD, Death Curse of Tartu, this movie was boring, but it wasn't anywhere near as boring as Death Curse was. All of the college kids in this movie except Karen were cold-blooded and immature and deserved to die. You actually wanted to applaud when you saw these people get killed. Egon, "the bad guy," wasn't actually really bad. He was more like an outcast because he had a bad eye and everyone thought he was creepy. Inside, he just wanted to be accepted and loved, like anyone else, but no one would ever give him that. Karen was nice to him and treated him like a friend, and Dr. Hoyt and Dr. Richardson were nice enough to him as well, even though they never took him really seriously. But no one else in his life, ever treated him like a human being. Sure he killed people, but he never really killed anyone who didn't deserve it. There's a psychological aspect to his character that didn't really come out in the writing, but more came out in how the actor, John Vella, acted the part.

I think one of my biggest problems with this film was the final fight scene where John is confronting the transformed Egon in the underwater grotto. I realize it had to be hard to do much in an outfit like that, but they could have at least tried to make this final confrontation a little bit exciting. Instead, all we really get is the two of them circling each other for what feels like an eternity.

This movie has enough redeeming qualities to score it a two bee rating, but it's not as fun to watch as you'd think a movie about a man with a jellyfish for a head would be. Some people probably wouldn't mind watching this movie more than once as there is some level of goof value to it, but it will probably be a long time between watchings.

B-Movie Central's Rating: 2 Bees

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