Night of the Blood Beast

Year Of Production: 1958
Running Time: 65 Minutes
DVD Released By: Retromedia Entertainment Inc.
Directed By: Bernard L. Kowalski
Writing Credits: Gene Corman, Martin Varno
Filming Location: Bronson Caverns, Bronson Canyon, Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California

Starring: John Baer, Angela Greene, Ed Nelson, Georgianna Carter, Michael Emmet, Tyler McVey, Ross Sturlin

Tagline: No girl was safe as long as this head hunting thing roamed the land.

Alternate Titles:
The Creature from Galaxy 27
The Monster from Galaxy 27

Interesting Bits of Trivia:
Angela Greene, who played Dr. Julie Benson in this film, was one of Jack Kennedy's girlfriends during the early 40's.

Cast Of Characters
Steve Dunlap: Steve is kinda the hero in this whole thing, along with his buddy Dan. He's about as bright as a three watt light bulb though and comes off as being pretty ignorant.

Dave Randal: Dan is keeping the ACME corporation in business I swear to god. Everything this guy touches either breaks or doesn't work. Now you'd think a guy who supposedly works for the space program would be a lot more intelligent than he actually is, but in truth, he's running on about two watts less than Steve.

Dr. Julie Benson: She's supposed to be a doctor, and yet she seems pretty much worthless. She was engaged to John before he went up into space, and now that he's back and full of little alien fetuses, she can have the family she's always wanted without having to pack that damn thirty pound belly around for nine months. If I had to make a judgment call on this one, I'd say she's running on about two watts.

Donna Bisby: This girl is as dumb as she is pretty. She's absolutely beautiful, but they gave her the stupidest things to say in this movie, which you'll read more about soon. Her main function in this movie is to be a photographer, but after the first ten minutes of the film where she's actually performing that function, she never does it again. Basically she's relegated to just being the eye candy for the rest of the movie. She did give me some great material to work with though.

Major John Corcoran: Now this guy is seriously whack. He comes back from space, infested with a bunch of alien fetuses, and all of a sudden he's Mr. Ambassador for the aliens. He keeps trying to get everyone to just give the aliens a chance and to hear them out. Now personally, if it was me, I'd have killed him as soon as I saw all those alien fetuses floating around inside him. But that's just me. His character was pretty irritating anyway.

Dr. Alex Wyman: For a doctor, this guy is pretty stupid. He says a lot of dumb things, and gets himself killed about a third of the way into the film. He's the only actual victim of the blood beast, and that was only because the blood beast needed to assimilate his brain so that he could communicate with the other humans. The really sad part is, that as stupid as this guy was, he was the smartest one of the bunch.

The Blood Beast: This is the creature. I know the picture makes it look exciting, but it really isn't. Some creatures in these movies kill with their teeth. Others kill with their claws. This particular creature's specialty however, seems to be boring people to death.

The Plot
An astronaut crash lands back on Earth and apparently dies in the wreckage. His body does not deteriorate however, as he is being used as a breeding ground for an alien race of creatures who's ultimate goal is to assimilate our minds into theirs by killing us, eating our brains, and assimilating all the knowledge and experiences and personality contained therein into themselves. The alien creature thinks that he's going to save humanity and give us immortality by doing this, but our heroes have other ideas. Will they be able to stop the creatures plan before it managed to create enough offspring to wipe out the whole human race? Let's watch and see...

What The Hell???
1. Ok, this movie starts out with some really goofy looking titles that look like they came straight off a 1950's sci-fi TV show. An animated rocket ship hurtles through space. Once the dramatic music and cheesy title sequence are over with, we find ourselves in the cockpit of the rocket ship where things are totally going haywire. There's smoke and the astronaut is pulling levers which don't seem to do anything except give him something to do while his rocket ship crashes. So the rocket ship crashes, which we don't get to see because of an obviously limited budget, and it's found by this guy and a chick in a jeep. I think they're from the space agency. I'm fighting the urge to pause the movie right here, because of this chick with the camera. She is an absolute babe! I don't know who she is yet, but I sure hope she doesn't get killed off right away. Anyway, the guy and the girl check the astronauts body through a hole in the side of the ship and discover that he's dead. Now I don't know what this guy does at the space agency, but he's obviously not a rocket scientist if he actually had to feel this guys pulse to find out if he's dead. I mean duh! If he's that dumb, he's probably one of those people that have take their shoes and pants off just to count to 21. Come to that, I'm thinking about how that girl counts to 22 now. Must fight urges... Must unpause movie and continue review... Will strong...body weak...

2. So the guy is back at the jeep now, which has a torn drivers seat by the way. Man, those springs poking into his butt must me murder while he's driving around on those mountain roads. I wonder how that hole got there? Maybe that jeep isn't the only thing that has exhaust problems. Anyway, he calls to these three people in a big truck who are also out searching for the downed rocket and tells them that he's found it and where it is. Oh, and now we see the guy in the truck that he's talking to is a rocket scientist too. He just asked the first guy, "How bad is he?" No wonder this thing malfunctioned and crashed if these are the kind of people working in the space program. The first guy tells the guy in the truck that the astronaut bought it all the way. Now get this. The guy in the truck actually asks him, "Are you certain?" WHAT??? Ok dude seriously, you really need a good bitch slappin' for askin' a question like that. Then again, you're probably too stupid to feel it. It's like the old saying, "No feel." Then the first guy tells the guy in the truck that the rocket came down pretty hard. No gee, really? Did it? You mean to tell me that something with no wings and no way of slowing itself down, actually came all the way through the Earth's atmosphere and fell thousands of miles to the ground below and it didn't land like a poofy feather falling from the back end of some exotic jungle bird? Ok, I'd like to see the monster pop out and kill these two guys now please. Leave the women though because they're nice to look at. There's a different woman in the truck with the two guys by the way which I'll mention now since I didn't mention it before. I don't know who any of these people are yet at this point, but girl number two isn't anywhere near as hot as girl number one. She's not bad though, and she looks familiar for some reason. I'm wondering now if I've seen her in some other Corman film and I'm just not placing the face.

3. We find out now that the girl with the camera is Donna Bisby. This girl seriously should be in front of a camera, not behind one. Anyway, the people in the truck are all upset over finding out that the astronaut is dead, like it was really some big surprise or somethin'. So now we go back to Donna and Dave. Yes he actually has a name, isn't that cool? He's all upset now and he's telling Donna how he was the one who designed the jettison mechanism on the rocket, and it didn't work. Now I just have one thing to say about that. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! Gee Einstein, your freakin' jettison mechanism didn't work. Oh my god, hahahahahahahahaha!!!! Well, I guess you won't be buying any more used blueprints from Wile E. Coyote now will you? I'm surprised the astronaut didn't come shooting out of the rocket after it hit the ground. Where's the roadrunner at. I just know he's gonna be popping in here somewhere.

4. Ok, now I know why the girl in the truck was so upset. I think that was Dr. Julie Benson, and she was engaged to the astronaut who's name was Major John Corcoran. Donna and Dave start scouting the area, and just after they walk away, some mysterious creature emerges from the rocket ship and makes his way into the water nearby. Would have been funnier if the monster had made his way into an open septic tank instead, but let's not be picky here. As long as the monster is cool lookin' and cheesier than a pizza, I'm happy. Mmmmm pizza. I wish I had some right now. Nothing like pizza and root beer to make a good ol' classic B-Movie more enjoyable.

5. So now they're all five of them at the crash site together. Dave and Donna are back from searching around, and Dave and this guy from the truck are standing next to the rocket where the hole is ripped in the side. Dave's all, "That's funny. This rip was smaller when we first got here." Well gee Dave, maybe the ejector seat finally worked and blew an even bigger hole in the side of the rocket on it's way out. Either that, or the roadrunner stopped by while you were away and dropped one of them ACME bombs in there. Oh here's another theory. You know how dead bodies belch and fart? Well maybe the astronaut's last meal was a tube of Mexican food paste and can figure it out.

6. The old guy from the truck now who I'm assuming now is Dr. Wyman, just climbed into the ship to examine the body before they bring it out. He has Dr. Benson bring in his bag, and he discovers that the body's dead for hours but there's still no sign of rigor mortis. Basically, it's like he's not dead, but he is. They pack up the body and take it back to the lab, where I'm sure something really cool is gonna come popping out of it at any time. You know, that's why the classics are so much better than the modern movies. Alien was just too slick. I'd rather see a goofy monster pop out of a dead body than some slick looking high budget alien. Anyway, back at the lab, they got the guy on the table and Dr. Wyman is saying that he's clinically dead, and yet his body is showing none of the normal signs of death. While all this is going on, Dave is trying to reach someone in the outside world, but the radio is not able to get through to anyone. See, this lab they're at is some smaller out of the way place where it's just the five of them and the dead body apparently. Oh how many times have we seen that plot device? Anyway, they just found a hole in the dead guy's arm. Not sure where that came from, but it was pretty gnarly looking. They just checked his blood pressure and it was normal for a living human. Isn't he supposed to be dead? Oooohhhh, the fun begins...

7. Dave goes out to check the radio antenna and finds the ladder to the antenna tower moving. He stops the ladder from moving and then goes into the electrical shed to check on things there. While he's in there, the base power goes completely out. Now this has got to be some kind of a joke. Nothing goes right for this guy does it? Anyway, as he comes out of the gate in front of the electrical shed, he hears something in the bushes. He calls to Steve thinking that it's probably him, but then discovers that it is in fact not Steve out there in the bushes, but something far more sinister known only as the dreaded "plot complication". Oh that's good. The beast comes out of the bushes at Dave and Dave pulls his gun on it. Now it's funny that with all this goofy stuff goin' on, that Dave couldn't figure out that this was all just a movie. And anyone who's seen even one of these movies knows that shooting these monsters never does any good. Why doesn't it do any good you may ask? Well, it's because in the movies, the prop guys always load the guns with blanks. Again, Dave's not too bright and can't seem to figure this out and shoots at the creature several times before finally turning to run back through the gate of the electrical shed. What does this accomplish? Well, I'm glad you asked that question too, because after he ran back through the gate, he promptly cold cocked himself by running right into the closed door of the electrical shed. Again...Wile E. Coyote would be proud.

8. The rest of the gang come out now to see what's going on, and hearing the commotion, they all run over to the electrical shed. They find Dave on the ground, and after they pick him up and he brushes himself off, he tells them that something big, like a bear, came at him from out of the bushes and that he managed to put a couple of rounds in it before he went down. Oh poor deluded Dave. He just thinks he put a couple of rounds in it. I'm wondering at this point too why the monster didn't just kill him while he was down? I mean, if the thing's the size of a bear and it's not hurt by bullets, then what does it have to fear from a group of people who's collective IQ score might just give you enough brain power to blow your nose? Hell, that thing could have just killed them all right there and saved me the trouble of typing up the rest of this review. But alas, it was not to be.

9. Dr. Wyman says that a wounded animal at large isn't a good thing. He asks Steve how well they're armed and Steve tells him that besides the pistols, they have a couple of rifles. Yeah, like that's gonna do them any good. Anyway, at this point they hear the sound of a window breaking in the lab, and they all go piling back in there and head for the locker where the guns are stored. So they grab the guns and head back into the room where the body is. They find the window all busted out, but the body is still laying there undisturbed. So...oh man, I can't even hardly type this because I'm sitting here in total disbelief. They're all standing there in complete darkness with only their flashlights allowing them to see anything, and Donna pipes up and asks, "Is the power out completely?" OH MY GOD!!! No Donna, it's not out. They just thought it'd be fun to turn all the lights off and run around in the dark looking for some big scary monster. Jeez, I can actually feel my own intelligence being sucked out by these people.
10. Now Dave, being the brainchild that he is, leaves to go look at the wiring and the fuses again to see if he can figure out why the power is out. Donna goes with him this time to help out. Steve and Dr. Wyman hang out in the lab with the body and continue the examination. Julie is checking out the blood sample from the body and we get to see some animated cells wiggling around in a microscope view. They realize that something bizarre is going on and Julie starts explaining that there's an extra set of cells in his blood stream that are totally alien to anything they've seen before. They send Steve to the nearest town to call for help and get some equipment, but somehow, I have a feeling he's not going to get very far. In fact, I was just proven right in that since the jeep and the truck are both on the fritz now for some reason. Gee, I wonder if Dave worked on them or something? That sounds like something he'd do.
11. Dave walks back into the lab and discovers that all their watches are stopped and figures out that they're right in the middle of a massive magnetic field and that's why none of the power or anything is working. Now Donna adds her two cents worth and shows them one of the pictures she took of the rocket when they first got there and then shows them a second picture that was taken later on where the mud that was on the rocket is gone and the hole in the rocket is bigger. They're all realizing that something bizarre is going on now and they decide to all stay in the same room for safety reasons. So they hang out a bit and Julie starts falling apart. Dr. Wyman finally calms her down and she goes to bed. Now it's just Dr. Wyman in the front of the lab with the dead body visible through the window behind him. They just showed the monster creeping around outside though. Well, it was outside that is, until it came in and killed Dr. Wyman. They found him hanging upside down with half his head gone dripping blood all over the place and the body that was in the examination room gone. At least that's inventive. I'll have to give them bonus points for that one. I guess the monster ate the doctor's brains first because he didn't think that any of the other people's brains would have made much of a meal.
12. So while Dave and Steve are getting the doctor's body down, we see a hand appear in the examination room window. The astronaut, who we'll call John since that's his name, stands up and looks through the window. Donna turns around and sees him there and throws a really sweet freak out. John staggers into the doorway and Steve comes over and helps him to the table. Julie comes over and asks him if he's ok and he says that he thinks he is. Then John asks them where Dr. Wyman is. They tell him that Dr. Wyman is dead and they all start lookin' at him like he did it. Now that's a fine how do ya do isn't it? The guy wakes up from the dead and they accuse him of murdering someone. John says he doesn't remember much after he hit the ground except the feeling of floating in a warm, black mist. They notice at this point that he's got the same wound on his neck as he does on his arm. They explain to him what state he's been in and all of a sudden he pops out with this big string of fancy words explaining what he thinks caused it. They say that it sounds like the sort of diagnosis they'd expect from Dr. Wyman, not from him. He says that he feels like Dr. Wyman is influencing him, and like the doctor is a part of him now. Then be breaks down and begs them to help him. So now this has got me thinkin' here, because that's just the sort of person I am. If Julie is engaged to John and Dr. Wyman is a part of John now and Julie and John get married. Wouldn't that be like polygamy? And if they got divorced, would John have to send her two alimony checks every month?

13. John comes back to his senses and then all of a sudden starts saying how he's not afraid and how they didn't come here to destroy us. Julie just took another blood sample and looked at it under the microscope. The alien cells have completely disappeared now. John has a look and she tells him that just four hours ago, his blood was completely populated with them. So John says that he wants them to have a look at him through the floroscope. For those of you who don't know what a floroscope is, here's the definition out of the dictionary.

Floroscope: A device equipped with a fluorescent screen on which the internal structures of an optically opaque object, such as the human body, may be continuously viewed as shadowy images formed by the differential transmission of x-rays through the object. Also called roentgenoscope.

Ok cool, so now you know what a floroscope is. That's not the funny part. The funny part is when Donna chimes in and says, "How will it work with the power out?" Isn't she a treasure? Now mind you, this the same girl who was standing in a dark room and wondering if the electricity was completely out? Anyway, it turns out the thing will work because it uses a radium cathode tube, whatever that is.

14. So John stands behind this screen and we see his ribs with a whole bunch of funky, chameleon looking fetus shadows floating around inside him. That's enough to give you the creeps right there. They figure out that the creatures are using his body for a breeding ground and then John says, "You're not going to hurt them are you?" Well gee John, we thought we'd just let them all hatch so they can destroy mankind. Yeah, that's the freakin' moron.

15. They all want to do something to destroy the creatures, but John tells them that if they destroy them, they'll destroy him as well. He tells them they can't destroy the creature and when Steve asks him why not, he looks at the door and says, "That's why not." Just then, the creature comes busting in. Steve starts shooting at it and John screams at him to stop and says that the creature won't hurt them, but Steve just keeps shooting. Finally they get it in the corner and throw an oil lamp at it which starts the wall on fire but does nothing to the creature. Finally the creature runs out of the room and escapes with Dave and his trusty rifle full of blanks hot on it's trail. He comes back quickly though and says that it's gotten away. They figure out that bullets can't hurt it, but fire can. Well of course it can you idiots. Fire is one of the few things they don't usually fake in movies. John starts rambling on about how the creature came in peace and how it could have killed all of them by now if it had wanted to. Man, he's really starting to get annoying. They should put a bullet in his head and burn the body right now before they get a whole lot of them little ankle biters runnin' around killing people. Apparently it has to keep coming back to John so that it can nourish it's young.

16. Steve comes up with the idea to use a flare gun on the creature. John keeps freaking out about how they can't kill it but then he gets all weak and they have to take him back into the examination room and lay him down. Steve tells Julie to drug him up real good while they're gone and keep him quiet. She says she'll use sodium amatol, whatever that is, and that under normal circumstances it should keep him out for about twelve hours. Dan comes in with the flare guns and Steve gives one to Julie to protect herself should the need arise. So she goes to shoot him up with the smack, and the scene changes what the hell is this?

17. We're outside now, and sweet music is playing like you'd hear in some romantic comedy. Steve and Dan and Donna are all out walking around through mountains that look very similar to the ones they had in Robot Monster. They just realized that their watches are all working again and that the magnetic field they've been under has dissipated. They didn't actually use the word dissipated since none of them probably knows what it means. So anyway, they all end up at some point that looks like a bunch of strewn out wreckage from the rocket. They think the creature might have ended up there. Steve and Dan circle around this one big cylinder thingy and then run up to it and blow a flare inside. They thought the creature was in there. Naturally, with their record so far in this movie, they were completely wrong. The creature comes up from behind and grabs Donna who's still waiting for them over by this bridge a short distance away. I really hope the creature doesn't hurt her 'cause man she's cute.

18. Steve and Dan, realizing what a couple of idiots they've been, go running after them. The creature is dragging Donna up the mountain, but when they catch up with the creature, the thing drops Donna, and then dives very comically into some bushes and escapes. Now tell me how something that big could just dive into some bushes and get away? Come on now guys. If you can't even track something that big and clumsy, then you deserve what you get.
19. Back in the lab now, and we see a very dumpy looking John, with no shirt on and now wide awake, grab the flare gun and approach Julie from behind. He unloads the flare gun which finally gets her attention. He starts sweet talking her and trying to convince her that they should give the creature a chance. What is this guy? Some kind of a hippie or somethin'?
20. Everyone's back in the lab now, and John is trying to convince them all that it doesn't want to kill for the sake of killing. He's telling them that they should let him lead them to the creature so that they can attempt to communicate with it. They reluctantly agree and decide to put the plan into effect come daybreak. During the night though, Steve and Dan decide to make up a bunch of molotov cocktails and have them ready just in case. A long segment of boring conversation about molotov cocktails and the plan in general ensues and then John comes walking in because he wants to see Dr. Wyman's body and how he died. The creature is peeking in the window at them while they're talking. Now it's funny how John keeps insisting that the creature won't hurt them, yet it not only killed Dr. Wyman by biting off the top of his head, but then it hung him upside down just to add insult to injury. Some people are just so gullible. Speaking of stupid people, Steve and Dan walk out and leave John there in the lab alone. They also left the rest of the jug of gasoline in there. Now they know that John has some kind of a link to the creature. Wouldn't it have made just a little sense to make sure they didn't leave any indication of what they were planning laying around for John to find? Well he found it, and he knows what they're up to. Unfortunately, so does the creature now most likely. I swear it should be illegal for stupid people to breed. All it does is lead to situations like this.
21. So it's the next day now, and out into the hills they go like a bunch of kids on a field trip. John leads them to some cave and Julie is wondering how he even knew about it since he hadn't ever been there before. Um, Julie...I know it's a B-Movie and you're not getting paid much but please try to keep up with the story here. He's got a freaking telepathic link with the creature! Ok honey? You got that straight now? Good, now let's shoot the next scene. I haven't seen the script, but I sure hope it's the scene where the monster eats you.
22. John figures out that they're not planning on giving the creature any chance at all and pulls a knife on them. He escapes and runs down to the cave where the creature is. He goes up to the creature and the creature starts talking to him. It tells him that through assimilation, a form of photosynthesis, he has gained the knowledge of how we communicate, how we think, our way of life, blah blah blah... What is this thing anyway? He looks like a beast, but talks like a freakin' Borg. You will be assimilated! Anyway, he says that through Dr. Wyman's sacrifice, he can now communicate with them and he wants to make them understand that he can offer them a better way of life. Like I said, you will be assimilated.
23. John and the creature come out of the cave, and start talking to the rest of the group who are still up on the ridge. He tells them to not be afraid and it turns out that he's speaking with Dr. Wyman's voice. They all come running down and stand opposite the creature a ways away. The creature says that Dr. Wyman isn't dead and that he's the first of humankind to achieve immortality. Steve tells the creature that we aren't interested in that kind of immortality, at which point the creature starts going into this long story about how his people used to live on a planet much like Earth and how they discovered the ultimate power, just as we were about to do, and how hatred, greed and prejudice caused them to misuse that power and brought about their own destruction. Basically here folks, he's saying that they nuked themselves and destroyed their world, which was the basic theme of more movies of this era than you can shake a doodie covered stick at. The creature says that within the hour it's offspring will be born and the assimilation will be begin. Basically, the creature wants to kill everyone and assimilate their minds all into one body. The creature grabs John and begs them not to kill him because he's the only hope for mankind. John comes to his senses and stabs himself and the rest of them throw the molotov cocktails at the creature and fire the flare gun at it, killing it in a whirlwind of flames. The creature dies saying how we are not ready yet, but that we will send up more satellites, and they will be there. And wherever there are bad movie scripts and stupid characters, they will most certainly be there. But they won't be there anytime soon since the movie's over now.

Best Quote

"A hypometabolistic state. A type of suspended animation, brought on by the contraction of the mezzentary blood vessels, in the pressure change of landing."


- John explaining to the others what he thinks caused his previous state of physical inactivity. - (Reviewer's Note: Um, yeah. Just go back to sleep John.)

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Night of the Blood Beast
Here we see stupid people fighting a stupid monster. There's really not much more to say.

The Conclusion

I know this movie is listed as being a Roger Corman flick, but I personally don't consider any movie a Corman flick unless he actually directed it. This movie was written by his brother Gene and directed by a man named Bernard Kowalski who oddly enough also directed the movie Attack Of The Giant Leeches, which was not even in the same league with this one.

I'm trying to think of where I should begin here, and I think I'll begin with the story. This story had a very interesting aspect to it, in that we're left wondering if the creature really is evil, or if it's actually benevolent and just misunderstood. In most of these flicks, we're usually just presented with some bizarre looking creature who's only desire in the world is to kill humans. In this movie however, that was not the case, and it really did make the creature, who was in and of itself not very interesting, at least a little more so because of that aspect to it's character.

One thing I did notice in this film about the characters, is that there wasn't a real main character written into the script. Steve and Dan and John all kinda stepped into those shoes at various points in the script, but there wasn't really any one of them that stood out as a main focal character. Julie and Donna were more like filler characters than anything else, with nothing really important to do except scream, faint and say stupid things. Dr. Wyman, even though he was only in it for about a third of the movie, was actually a decent character, but unfortunately, he was given lines that were on the same intellectual level with the rest of them. The stupid things that the characters in this movie were given to say were just mind boggling, but they gave me an endless amount of material to work with that made the movie fun to watch and fun to review. The acting in this movie was actually quite good despite the script and I think the only real weak point for me would have to be the creature.

Now I mentioned the aspect of his character that made it interesting, and on a certain level it did. However, the problem lies in the fact that this creature is supposed to be the focal point of this movie, and yet we see it only sparingly until about the last quarter of the movie, and it really doesn't do much of anything because it's not some brainless creature who's just out to kill. At least if it had been, the movie would have been a lot more exciting. I think that when a writer tries to get intellectual with a creature like this in a movie, it kinda ruins the whole reason we wanted to watch the movie in the first place. We want to see the creature killing people off one by one. We want to see the heroes have a heroic battle with the creature in a magnificent final showdown. But when the writers get intellectual with the creatures, we don't really get that. I mean sure, the creature in this movie died in flames, but he wasn't really struggling or fighting back or doing anything. He was just rambling on about how they would still be there and about how humans weren't ready yet. It was a major let down for me because I really think this movie could have gotten a higher rating than I'm actually going to give it.

This was a good movie, and it's definitely one that any B-Movie fan should check out, but don't expect a strong monster character because it's just not there. I really wanted to give this movie four bees, but simply based on the reasons that I just mentioned, I'm only going to be able to give it three and a half.

B-Movie Central's Rating: 3½ Bees

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